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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Classic BattleTech: 20 Year Update PDF


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The year is 3050:

The Fourth Succession War has been over for 20 years.

The Rasalhague Military District broke with the Draconis Combine, forming the Free Rasalhague Republic.

Houses Steiner and Davion gradually merge to form the Federated Commonwealth.

In an unexpected show of strength, the Combine military, under Theodore Kurita, stops the Federated Commonwealth invasion of 3039 cold.

ComStar unveils a huge 'Mech army to garrison its thousands of installations throughout the Inner Sphere.

Romano Liao fends off a Canopus-Andurien invasion and rebuilds the Capellan Confederation from the ashes left by her demented father.

Don't think of your character as being twenty years older... think of his son as being ready for battle.

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