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Dragon Issue #319 PDF

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Cover Date May 2004 Shipped to Subscribers 30 Mar 2004 Appeared on Newsstands 20 Apr 2004

Dark Sun

Dark Sun Player’s Handbook
by David Noonan
Dark Sun comes alive for 3.5 with the update to the setting provided by both Dragon and Dungeon. Dragon features everything players need with Dark Sun races, equipment, feats, and more!

The Erudite
by Bruce R. Cordell
Exclusive to Dragon: The author of the Expanded Psionics Handbook presents a 20-level psionic class that can steal the thoughts right from your mind!

Countdown to Eberron
by Mat Smith
The ultimate countdown column presents an in depth look into the magic of the Eberron campaign, including previews of new spells, domains, the magewright NPC class, and the living spell template.

Greyhawk Regional Feats, Part 2
by Erik Mona
The editor of Dungeon and the creator of the Living Greyhawk campaign provides us with even more regional and racial feats for the Greyhawk world.

I Scry
by Jonathan M. Richards and Matthew Sernett
There’s more to divination than crystal balls and scrying pools. Use the items in this article to stay ahead of the enemy and at the top of your game.

New Fiction: The Altar of Duzares
by Thomas Harlan
The final story in the “Chalice of Life” series—don’t miss the incredible ending!

Plus, “DM’s Toolbox,” “Dungeoncraft,” “Under Command,” “Silicon Sorcery” “Sage Advice,” and more!

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