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Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds PDF


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Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds is a collection of locations and adventures for Fantasy Hero, each focusing on a place you can use repeatedly in your campaign. You can run the scenarios individually, or as part of a single story arc. Do your heroes have what it takes to survive:

  • A Night Out Of The Rain, when taking refuge at a lonely roadside inn proves more dangerous than braving the storm outside
  • From Out Of The Depths, in which a search for missing miners leads to a confrontation with a strange alien horror, and
  • Eisburk-Beyond-The-Shoals, where they must help an isolated castel fend off a siege by a large army of orcs and goblins

Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds also features eight more locations suitable for any campaign: an abbey; a manor house; an ifrit's bottle; a tavern; an alchemist's shop; a prison; a farmhouse; and a wizard's tower. Each location comes with detailed maps, NPCs, and plot seeds.

No matter how powerful your heroes, Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds has adventures they'll enjoy!

Uses monsters from The HERO System Bestiary and Monsters, Minions And Maurauders.

128 pages
Author: Allen Thomas and Jason Walters
Artists: Keith Curtis (cover), various (interior)>

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