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Complete Guide to Werewolves (OGL) PDF

***** (based on 1 rating)

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One shapechanger stands above them all as the ultimate source of fear and cunning. For centuries, werewolves have been staples of folklore worldwide, spreading terror in the night while hiding amongst mankind in the day. Now the Complete Guide to Werewolves brings this historical monster into your d20 game. Grounded in folklore from multiple cultures, this thorough and imaginative sourcebook gives you everything you need to engage the world's most dangerous shapeshifter.

The Complete Guide to Werewolves takes a comprehensive view of its legendary subject. With material based on mythology, it offers new options for werewolf characters, including not just the usual assortment of feats and prestige classes, but also rules for breeds, lunar influence, and weaknesses or "thorns." Every aspect of the lycanthropic process is examined, from life stages to mindset to new lyncathropic diseases, and the book includes a selection of powerful NPCs and new monsters ready to be inserted into any campaign.

The Complete Guide to Werewolves is 100% world-neutral and stand- alone, and can be easily integrated into any campaign.


  • A believable approach to werewolves grounded in traditional folklore from many cultures
  • Rules for all aspects of a werewolf campaign, including birth moons, life stages, werewolf breeds, lunar influences, deities and domains, different kinds of transformations, and more
  • Almost three dozen new feats, allowing you to customize werewolves however you'd like (whether PC or NPC), as well as a new system of "thorns" or weaknesses that balance out feats
  • New prestige classes: the benandanto (good-aligned werewolves dedicated to slaying the forces of supernatural evil), alpha lukos (high priests of the cult of Lycaeon), alpha lucerus (priests of the wolf-god Lupercus), lupicinus (a wolf charmer), lupis venator (the werewolf's most hated enemy), Ulfhednir (werewolves dedicated to slaughter), and Varga Mor (wolf witches)
  • New monsters relating to werewolves, new spells, new cleric domains, and new magic items
  • A selection of iconic NPCs ready to be inserted into your campaign
  • And much more, all of it compatible with the 3.5 revision!

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Diversifies your werewolves


For an old out of print book, made several years before Pathfinder, its very good. 72 pages long, it goes into much detail on how werewolves live, fight, hide, coexist and terrorize different settings. It even comes with some real world history on the subject.

Good coverage of hybrid and wolf forms. The prestige classes and breeds should make every werewolf unique. On top of that, pages of feats, thorns and special spells will make any werewolf you want. The moon phases and the month of the year can also play a bigger part of the story. Lots of detail devoted to werewolf deities, different kinds of transformations, and the mindset of the werewolf. The premade werewolf NPCs (witch, nobleman, mercenary and hound archon) are intriguing. At the start of every chapter there is a little story. The art is good and obviously from different artists.

The book is just full of ways one can spruce up a werewolf for any story. Gift Certificates
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