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Kinsmen of the Grail

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When the hard-fighting Gawin of Rhos rides into the wilderness of North Wales, bringing the justice of King Arthur's court, his mission leads him to a beautiful widow with whom he falls in love; to her unworldly but formidable son, Perceval, whose trail he must desperately follow throughout the realm; and eventually to her various kinsfolk, hereditary guardians of the mysterious Grail. It is this legend-shrouded artifact that draws Gawin's world-weary soul, even as treason and intrigue in the City of Legions threaten all that Arthur has achieved. Gawin must decide whether to complete his quest or to turn aside, with the Grail tantalizingly within his grasp, in order to help Arthur in his hour of greatest need.

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1. Kinsmen of the Grail

List Price: $14.95

Our Price: $1.00

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