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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Merriest Knight

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Noted Canadian author and poet Theodore Goodridge Roberts was fascinated with Sir Dinadan, perhaps the most practical of the Knights of the Round Table. Roberts expressed his affection for the character Malory dubbed "the merriest knight" through a cycle of bright and witty tales published throughout the 1950s in the popular magazine Blue Book. Toward the end of his life, Roberts created a final Dinadan adventure and set about collecting the stories into a single volume, but he died before that book saw publication

Under the guidance of editor Mike Ashley, The Merriest Knight gathers for the first time all of Roberts' tales of Sir Dinadan- including the previously unpublished "Quest's End"-and several other long lost Arthurian works by this master of the stylish adventure yarn and the historical romance. Within these pages, readers will find a collection of Arthurian tales that are sometimes poignant, often humorous, and always ingenious, as well as a Camelot made fresh by the wry and often scathing eye of Sir Dinadan, who never rushes into battle without first being certain of the need to fight at all.

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