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Champions: Villainy Amok PDF


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Among the thousands of adventures Champions GMs run, a few favorite types classics from the worlds of comic books and the movies stand out. They get run in nearly every campaign, and sometimes multiple times within a single campaign. But if you don't watch out, these beloved classics can become stale and routine.

Enter Villainy Amok! This book looks at several of the most exciting "classic" types of scenarios and provides suggestions, options, and resources for using them in your campaign. That way you can keep them fresh and exciting even after repeated use.

Your heroes won't know what hit them when they encouter these fiendish schemes:

the bank robbery, everyone's favorite beginner and fill-in adventure

the "prelude to alien invasion" attack

the wonder drug that gives ordinary people superhuman powers... but with horrific side effects

the burning building, filled with threats and opportunities for heroic action

the scientific experiment gone awry or perverted for evil ends

"Honey, I Shrunk The Superheroes," in which the heroes must shrink down to microscopic size to enter someone's body, or some other unusual location, to save a life or resolve a problem

"My Big Fat Caped Wedding," in which two superheroes try to get married and many problems (ranging from the humorous to the deadly) ensue

Last but not least, Villainy Amok has The Plot Gallery, an enormous collection of plot seeds and adventure suggestions organized by theme. So let the adventure begin! Let the villains run amok and test the powers, skill, and bravery of the heroes at every turn!

Uses characters from Champions Universe and Conquerors, Killers, And Crooks.

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