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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

HEROglyphs, Vol. 1 PDF


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HEROglyphs, Vol. 1 contains the first 25 columns by Steve Long as published in Digital Hero.

The articles included in this collection are:

  • Plans, So Many Plans
  • ZAP! - Creating A Magic Missile Using the HERO System
  • The Casual Approach - "Casual" Characteristics Other Than STR
  • A Lucky Break - Probability Alteration In The HERO System
  • Now I've Gotcha! - Creating Hard-To-Escape Entangles
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before - Revising Extra-Dimensional Movement
  • Out Of Thin Air - A New Power For Creating Objects
  • Stop! In The Name Of Time - Building A "Time Stop" Power
  • Forward To The Past! - Manipulating Time In The HERO System
  • An Earth-Shattering Ka-Boom - Creating Nuclear Weapons Using The HERO System 5th Edition
  • Trigger Happy - Expanded Rules For Trigger
  • The Need For Speed - Variant SPD Chart Rules
  • Getting To The Point - Additional And Alternate Rules For Armor Piercing
  • Machine Powers-Activate! - A New Power For Activating Devices
  • Broken-Down DEX - Variant Rules For Dexterity
  • Charge! - Expanded Rules For Charges
  • A Proportional Response - Rules For Proportional Powers
  • Save Versus Rules Conversion - Building Avoidance Rules Into Powers
  • Layers Upon Layers Upon Layers - Dealing With "Layered" Defenses
  • Down The Drain - Applying Adjustment Powers To Characteristics Bought As Powers
  • Because It's There - Advanced Rules For The Climbing Skill
  • Scrambled! - Encrypted Communications In The HERO System
  • Lookin' Good - Advanced Rules For Comeliness
  • Movin' Out - Some Options For Movement Powers
  • Handi-Capable - Expanding Physical Limitation

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