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Kevin & Kell RPG


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When Kevin Kindle and Kell Dewclaw met online, it was instant romance. Only when they met in person did they discover the horrible truth: Kevin was a rabbit, while Kell was a wolf! And wolves eat rabbits! But in this case love is stronger than instinct, and not only did love bloom but it led to marriage. Add Kevin's adopted hedgehog daughter Lindesfarne, Kell's angst-ridden son Rudy, and their infant Coney (a carnivorous rabbit) and you have the makings of a functional family in a dysfunctional world. Where predation is big business, can the attraction of opposites survive? The Dewclaws' marriage may seem unlikely, but it may be their world's best hope for the future!

Since 1995, Bill Holbrook's online comic Kevin & Kell has fascinated and amused thousands of fans with its combination of tech-savvy humor, biting commentary (sometimes literally), and sharply-drawn characterization. Now the world of the Dewclaws comes to life on your tabletop! The Kevin & Kell Role-playing Game from ComStar Media is a complete tabletop RPG that lets you play the Dewclaws, their friends and rivals, or any character from the alien yet strangely familiar world of Domain. Whether stalking prey in the Wild for HerdThinners Inc., taking on such dangers as the terrorist group Rabbit's Revenge, or struggling to make your way in a world that wants to have you for supper, you'll find endless opportunities for adventure in Domain—with equally endless opportunities for the trials of the heart and soul—all with the trademark wit and gentle humor that has made Kevin & Kell the most enduring online comic strip ever created.

The Kevin & Kell Role-playing Game contains over 25 of your favorite characters from the world of Domain, plus complete rules to create your own character of any species you can imagine. Characters are endlessly customizable—no species templates required! All the important people and places of the comic are covered, from the rabbit warrens to Caliban Academy. You'll also get a unique glimpse of the history of the Dewclaws' world, shaped by animal instinct, universal intellect, and the influence of the secretive Great Bird Conspiracy.

Designed by HeartQuest RPG project director Michael Hopcroft, the Kevin & Kell Roleplaying Game is illustrated throughout with actual strips from nine years of Kevin & Kell, with original art and a new full-color cover by Bill Holbrook himself. This is the only role-playing game to be made with Mr. Holbrook's full approval and cooperation.

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