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Fudge Treats Volume 1: Aptitudes, Specialties, Culture and Backgrounds (Fudge) PDF


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Fudge Treats Volume 1: Aptitudes, Specialties, Culture and Background presents a new paradigm in Fudge System character creation and advancement. Unlike baseline Fudge rules, a character created under this system does not possess Attributes and Skills. Instead, a character is assigned Aptitudes, Specialties, Cultures and Backgrounds to determine what it can or cannot do, as well as how well it can do it.

Aptitudes are general areas of expertise possessed by a character. A Specialty is a specific area of expertise a character possesses within an Aptitude. Culture describes—in broad strokes—the civilizations from which a character originated or to which a character has been exposed. Background is a character's training or education within a particular culture.

For example, meet Fred Pennington-Smythe:
Culture: 19th Century English
Background: Mathematician
Aptitudes and Specialties:

Fudge Treats Volume 1: Aptitudes, Specialties, Culture and Background easily integrates with the Fudge System and other Fudge System products.

24 pages. Designed by Ken Hood

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