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GameMastery Item Cards: Item Pack One Deck

****( ) (based on 27 ratings)

Our Price: $9.95

Out of print

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Item Pack One contains 54 non-random playing-card–sized cards to help GMs track important treasures. Each card features a beautiful full-color illustration of an item (weapon, armor, wondrous item, etc.) on one side, with a text description and room for notes on the opposite side. A GM can hand these out the next time their PCs get treasure and watch as players learn to love managing their booty. A code on each card helps GMs track which card corresponds to which treasure.

Useable by experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master's arsenal.

Sample cards. Click to enlarge.

Illustrations by Vincent Dutrait.

Card List for Item Pack 1:

01 Breastplate
02 Chainmail
03 Chainmail
04 Leather Suit
05 Platemail
06 Platemail
07 Steel Shield
08 Steel Shield
09 Wooden Shield
10 Axe
11 Arrows
12 Arrows
13 Crossbow
14 Dagger
15 Dagger
16 Double Sword
17 Longbow
18 Longbow
19 Longsword
20 Longsword
21 Longsword
22 Mace
23 Shortbow
24 Shortsword
25 Spear
26 Potion
27 Potion
28 Potion
29 Potion
30 Ring
31 Ring
32 Ring
33 Scroll
34 Scroll
35 Scroll
36 Scroll
37 Rod
38 Staff
39 Staff
40 Wand
41 Wand
42 Wand
43 Amulet
44 Amulet
45 Bag
46 Belt
47 Boots
48 Bracers
49 Cloak
50 Cloak
51 Gemstone
52 Gloves
53 Headband
54 Necklace

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Cards Subscription.

Product Availability

This product is out of print.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 27 ratings)

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More and more useful!

****( )

At first I got these cards as something of a lark - just to see the art, and maybe use on some special occasion.

Now I hand out just about all magic item item treasure as an item card (and masterwork items early on too).

While particularly useful combined with the item packs for the Pathfinder Adventure Paths, these packs contain enough cards to do the job for most items in most games, homebrew or not.

Planning is Essential


The cards themselves are absolutely fantastic in regards to art and cloudy wonderment of what - if anything - these items might actually do for a PC or NPC BBEG. I have found added benefit for my players by a little extra planning using pre-made adventures. I look over the module for any specific equipment or treasure, and place those related cards in a binder for reference. I also gave my 1st level PCs a simple folder with a customized character sheet, graph paper, and a plastic card sheet for up to nine cards (and one class or race specific item card as a nifty bonus to introduce them to my treasure allotment scheme). It has been a very fruitful experience.

Great idea on paper, just didn't really end up as useful as it seemed...

**( )( )( )

I loved the idea of these...hand players an card for each item they find, they keep a master list of the items properties, etc. However, in practice this required so many cards in such variety that I quickly returned to my old index-card based system. Not really a fault of Paizo's execution, I just didn't find these all that useful. (**---)

Almost useless

**( )( )( )

I bought a pack at the local gaming store thinking they might be like the old D&D magic item cards. One side of the card has a decient picture. On the back there is a physical description of the item on the front. Thats it. No game stats for quick reference. There is a small space for notes. Didn't care for them at all.

A great idea with very good application


Bought a pack at the local hobby store after I had gotten a freebie pack with an earlier order with Paizo. Absolutely wonderful, I will need to get another pack for myself later at some point. Keep them coming!

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