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Babylon 5 Ship Plans: G'Quan (d20)

Our Price: $19.95


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There are those that say the Centauri taught us how to wage war. This is simply a lie. We have always known how to fight. We have always known that when one is wronged, there is nothing more important than to address that wrong. We will do anything to accomplish this, including using the tools of our enemies to bring them low. That is the lesson of the G'Quan. Face us in battle and you will learn it well.
     —War Leader G'Vesh, Black Fleet; September 19, 2257

This booklet and map set is part of the Babylon 5 Ship Plans series. Each set in this line picks a specific vessel and examines it carefully, offering the reader all the answers one might have regarding layout, design and areas of specific interest.

The G'Quan heavy cruiser is a crucial vessel in the Narn fleet, named after one of their most beloved and revered historical leaders.. Together, the booklet and map form a comprehensive guide to the G'Quan. The G'Quan Ship Plan provides details and images useful to both Games Masters and Players alike, bringing the subject matter alive during the course of a campaign and remaining a valuable resource between gaming sessions.

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