WW II Infantry Tactics


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World War II Infantry Tactics Company and Battalion (Elite 122)

Author: Stephen Bull Illustrator: Peter Dennis

Paperback; February 5 2005; 64 pages

World War II is often seen as a confrontation of technology tanks and aircraft, artillery and engineering. But at the heart of the battlefield was the struggle between infantrymen, and the technology was there to enable them to capture ground or hold it. This second of two books on the organization and tactics of the German, US and British infantry in Europe focuses on national differences in the development of company and battalion tactics including those of motorized units and the confrontation and co-operation between infantry and tanks. Contemporary photos and diagrams and vivid colour plates illustrate what tactical theories actually meant on the ground at human scale.


  • The battalion and its support weapons what jobs were they supposed to do?
  • Differences in organisation US, British, German
  • Changes between 1939 and 1945 new weapons, new scales of issue, new tactics
  • Infantry co-operation with other arms artillery and tank support aircraft
  • Command and control

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