Kalka River 1223


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Kalka River 1223 Genghiz Khan's Mongols invade Russia (Campaign 98)

Authors: David Nicolle, Viacheslav Shpakovsky Illustrator: Victor Korolkov

Paperback; November 25 2001; 96 pages

In 1221, Genghiz, Great Khan of the Mongols, ordered an armed reconnaissance expedition into Russia commanded by S bodei Bahadur and Jebei Noyon 'The Arrow'. The consequences for the history of Europe were incalculable. The decisive Mongol victory at Kalka River, opened up vast regions of Russia and Eastern Europe to Mongol conquest. Genghiz ordered his victorious army to return eastwards, delaying the final cataclysm by a few years. Genghiz died in 1227, but within 10 years his son ... gedei ordered a return to Russia to complete the conquest. This title details the events of the dramatic Kalka River campaign.


  • Origins of the Campaign
  • Chronology
  • Opposing Commanders
  • Opposing armies
  • Opposing plans
  • Reconaissance in force
  • The Battle
  • Aftermath
  • bibliography
  • The Battlefield Today
  • Index

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