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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

PS238 Volume 1: With Liberty & Recess for All


Our Price: $15.99


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Welcome to the first public school for metaprodigy children . . . With great power comes great potential for property damage. Founded with the future in mind, ps238 is a unique learning institution specially designed to educate the next generation of metahumans. Students attend classes aboveground with their normal peers, as well as traveling three miles underground to a facility that helps them learn how to use their "unique gifts" effectively and in a safe environment. While their parents do battle with the forces of evil, ps238's students face the perils of offworld field trips, the fear of flying, class elections, and even (gasp!) gym class! So grab your lead-lined lunchbox and an extra set of spandex, because you won't want to miss a day of school. See what critics and comic-book fans everywhere have been raving about!

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Discontinued This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer or is no longer being carried by our distributor.

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