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Dungeon Issue #112

***** (based on 2 ratings)
Dungeon 112 Cover

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30 years in the making! Dungeon provides the very best in official Dungeons & Dragons adventures every single month! Issue #112 features:

By Robert J. Kuntz & Gary Gygax
Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons by delving deep into one of the classic dungeons that started it all! Pierce the Unopenable Doors to discover the ruins of Maure Castle, last bastion of a twisted family of warlocks. Will you brave the caverns of the guardian demon Kerzit to ponder the pages of the Tome of the Black Heart? How will your party survive an encounter with the fiend-handed wizard Eli Tomorast? With a new “undiscovered” level designed by original author Robert J. Kuntz, this adventure updates a First Edition classic to the current D&D rules and serves as the launching point for a major dungeon delving campaign! A massive D&D adventure for 12th-level characters.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Ditto What Bill Said!


I can't say it any better than the reviewer before me said it.
I wish I had kept mine in a little better condition or maybe bought one for running the adventure and one for admiring (in a nice protective pouch). This baby'll be worth a pretty penny some day soon.

Possibly the best issue of the magazine, ever.


Many, many pages of Dungeon have rolled out over the decades with miles of the titular adventure locales printed in, for every edition of D&D in existence. There have been adventures that run the gamut in quality, that defined each issue's overall worth. But there's nothing like Dungeon #112. Father of all RPGs, Gary Gygax, with input from Rob Kuntz, took WG54 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure and injected it with nitro. Working from their old campaign notes, they made a "curiosity" type module into a full-blown dungeon crawl par excellence.

The real wizards weren't on any coast, but in Lake Geneva, WI and at the offices of Paizo publications. Thanks guys. Gift Certificates
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