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DM's Idea Pipeline: 2004 Collection PDF (d20)


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This 74-page PDF collects the entire 2004 run of Ronin Arts' DM's Idea Pipeline subscription service. Packed with new feats, spells, rumors, treasures, NPCs, and more, the DM's Idea Pipeline is a constant stream of new material for use in fantasy campaigns. Inside this collection you'll find:

• Over two dozen feats.

• Specialty priests and new prestige classes.

• Over a dozen spells.

• Almost twenty pages of treasures, including weapons and armor.

• Nine rumors. Each one's an adventure waiting to happen.

• Over a dozen NPCs, each including stats and enough information to slot them into your campaign.

• Over a dozen locations and campaign events.

• A dozen new monsters and hazards.

Written by Michael Hammes and Philip Reed, this collection of material is designed to spark the DM's imagination and to present him with a host of adventure ideas.

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