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Prestige Class Optimizer: Way of the Arcane Archer PDF (d20)


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The Way of the Arcane Archer is the first in Ronin Arts’ new Prestige Class Optimizer series, sourcebooks designed to guide you along the steps to mastery of an individual prestige class. Each book in this series will analyze and break down one of the prestige classes presented in the DMG, guiding you through the creation of a truly effective specialist adventurer.

In addition to guidance, each sourcebook also includes new feats and options specifically designed for the prestige class it covers, to help you take your character to the next level. Each sourcebook also contains a new prestige class intended to build upon the original – these new support prestige classes are constructed so as to maximize the abilities of the prestige class they compliment, heightening strengths, and compensating for existing weaknesses.

18 pages. Written by Patrick Younts.

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