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Cavalier's Handbook (d20)

****½ (based on 3 ratings)

Our Price: $19.95


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The Cavalier's Handbook heralds the return of classic chivalric warrior of 1st edition, a class relegated to a mere footnote in the subsequent editions of the world's most popular roleplaying game. More than just a mounted warrior, the cavalier represents excellence in arms, unsurpassed horsemanship, and a devotion to the code of chivalry.

The Cavalier's Handbook includes not only a core class for this knight par excellence, but also prestige classes like holy crusader and knight of infamy, rules for social class and family history, details on tournaments and rules for jousting, over 40 new feats, rules for retainers and steeds, and a chapter on knightly orders that includes rules for creating your own chivalric organizations.

Blackguards beware! The cavalier is back!

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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Great book!

****( )

Great book that delivers a solid version of the cavalier, in both fantasy and D20 modern formats, plus loads of extras that are useful to characters of all classes, e.g. lots of mounted combat and leadership based stuff. Awesome book. Loses a star due to numerous references to other related products.

For the iconic knight


This book is probably the best tome covering the iconic Western European knight without delving into paladin territory. It does suggest bringing in several other Green Ronin books, but none of them are necessary to use this one. It combines both crunch and fluff while staying world-neutral, and has some amazing art to boot.

Besides, look at that price! You really won't regret buying this book.

A perfect book on this iconic role


This is the book for players who want to have a knight as a character. Far more custom-fit than a fighter and much more flexible than the Paladin.

The core class is interesting and effective and works well with Pathfinder classes and other 3.75 core classes.

The prestige classes are terrific and much better for the need than the Pious Templar, Hospitaler, and Blackguard prestige classes from WOTC.

The new mounts are interesting and effective and the description of quality on steeds is great.

In the arena of innovation, the book includes rules for making commoners and other followers into retainers where they will be useful for your knight without being unbalanced.

A great book all around, especially for the price. Gift Certificates
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