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How to Host a Murder: Saturday Night Cleaver


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In How To Host A Murder , the world's best-selling mystery dinner party game, you and your guests assume the roles of humorous suspects each with a motive and opportunity to commit the crime in a light-hearted murder mystery.

How To Host A Murder provides everything you need to bring a murder mystery to life from detailed player guides, maps, and secret clues to costume suggestions and recipes tailored to the era featured in each episode. Contents include a comprehensive Host Guide; eight invitations and envelopes; name tags; an CD, which sets the scene and details the crime; and a diagram of the crime scene.

SATURDAY NIGHT CLEAVER: It's March of 1977 in the world-famous ""Flunkytown"" disco, Wolfman is cranking out the tunes, and the club is boogying when the lights go out. When the lights come back on, the club's owner Stan A. Live is lying right in the middle of the dance floor with a meat cleaver in his back. The suspects are: Vinny V. DiVichi, the white-suited gold-chained stud; Angina Palpatori, well-endowed beauty and Vinny's latest disco partner; Brady Bunsch, new to 'da Bronx from his sheltered split-level life in California; rich Lawn Guylind girl Polly Esther Stuffincupp; bartender Knight Feevah; celebrity crooner Manny Baritone; formidable and intimidating business partner (and Stan's wife) Belle Badham; and Chaka Moon, the mysterious, silver-shaded, seductive chick that arrives each night at Flunkytown in her white Lincoln limo with a stud on each arm. You and your guests will find out who's be

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