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How to Host a Murder: Tragical Mystery Tour


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In How To Host A Murder , the world's best-selling mystery dinner party game, you and your guests assume the roles of humorous suspects each with a motive and opportunity to commit the crime in a light-hearted murder mystery.

How To Host A Murder provides everything you need to bring a murder mystery to life from detailed player guides, maps, and secret clues to costume suggestions and recipes tailored to the era featured in each episode. Contents include a comprehensive Host Guide; eight invitations and envelopes; name tags; an audio cassette or CD, which sets the scene and details the crime; and a diagram of the crime scene.

TRAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR: Since you happen to be among the tuned-in, turned-on crowd, you've been invited on a cross-country road trip to Beefstock with one of he hippest rock singers of all time. While you're hanging out at her "love pad", an explosion rocks the house. The psychedelic bus has been turned to dust with someone on board. You will assume the role of one of these color characters (Philip Mabong the record producer, Jamaica Bomblast the Rastafarian party girl, Timothy Bleary the spiritual guru, Enya Goodard- Daveeda the beauty pageant runner up with a dark side, Juan Stepford Mann the astronaut, Reina Terra the consummate groupie, Nate Ashbury the college student body president and activist, and Burnette DeBrah the crusader for women). You and your dinner guests enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue! All you need is a sense of humor and a light-hearted approach toward deceit, larceny, sex and murder.

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