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GameMastery Spell Templates: Spell Radius Package

****½ (based on 11 ratings)
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These are steel wire templates to outline a spell's radius. (They're designed using the popular 1 inch=5 foot scale.)

Template Benefits

  • Do not waste precious battlemat space
  • Outlines area of effect and does not interfere with miniatures in play
  • Packaged in a plastic storage folder that fits into an 8.5" x 11" book space
  • Constructed with .092" galvanized steel wire for durability

  • This package contains 10', 20' & 40' templates.
  • Product Availability

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    Average product rating:

    ****½ (based on 11 ratings)

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    Time Savers


    I have been using these for years and have come to rely on them for keeping my games flowing. Durable, easy to use, and easy to store (thanks to the included sleeves).

    Absolutely worth it.


    The next time the party druid casts Entangle (with its lengthy duration) on the small cadre of soldiers charging at the group and you want to know how to place the spell so that it targets enemies and not allies, and if the center of the spell is within range, and how far does an enemy have to travel to escape the effect, and can the spell be placed so that it affects an enemy but not the two adjacent allies -- then you'll know this product is worth the money. It's great for spells with more than a one round duration. You can easily drop it in place and that's that. No stopping to draw the radius on the battle mat or moving every mini to slide a paper template underneath, or holding a paper template over the minis while each NPC & PC moves. It's quick, easy, and effective.

    Completely worth it.


    I got this and the 2 cone templates. My groups combats have sped up considerably since I've received them! Completely takes the headache out of figuring out who is within an AoE. Between the 3 sets I got, most commonly used spell radius' are covered!

    Extreme useful but too expensive

    ***( )( )

    This is an excellent product that makes it quick and easy to determine effects on a combat map but not good value for money.

    You can not knock the quality or the role this product serves. Most spell/effect templates are cardboard or clear transparenacies that require your to lift up up map pieces or to guess by holding over the map. It just slips right onto the map over pieces no problem. It also supplies a wide variety of shapes for different effects which make it useful. I also have to report that the packaging of this product is a highlight as you can store the pieces in a resealable plastic insert that is punch with holes for a 3 ring binder.

    My biggest concern is cost. It most certainly is very over priced. You could attempt make this yourself with time and patience - out of cloth-hanger wire. But I do have to say that Steel Sqwire does an excellent job of craftmanship and choice of colours. The colours allow multiple effects to be laid on top of one another. A good idea if you can afford it.

    If you have the cash I would recommend you get this item and to look around as retailers and online shops have these items on special. I tried to get the steel one but was unable and ended up with the Black Template. Black is excellent and really sends out on the battle map.

    Spell Templates Save Characters!


    Just last night I used the Gamemastery Spell Template: Spell Radius Package in my home game. An evil fiendish gnoll master wearing a necklass of fireballs spelled certain doom for the party. That's when the wizard aimed a spell directly at the necklass. When the item failed its save, all the fireballs exploded. As a DM, I reached for the template. With ease and excitement I placed it down, revealing the wizard PC was just outside the range. 10d6 was quickly avoided without missing a beat of the excitement using the red Gamemastery spell radius template. I give the product 5 stars!

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