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Amazing Stories Issue #609 PDF

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The Devil’s in the Details
By Joel Meadows
Comic-book fans are expecting the worst with Hollywood promising the best. Well-known comic scribes and director Francis Lawrence tell us what’s wrong—and right—with Constantine, the movie adaptation of the long-running Hellblazer comic.

Redefining “Renaissance Man”
By Therese Littleton
The man who gave the world Hellraiser and Candyman is creating a series of all-ages adventures. Not only is Clive Barker writing it, he’s crafting all the illustrations, too.

Big Little Epic
By Dave Gross
Jeff Smith has recently concluded his decades-spanning Bone storyline. Find out what the future holds for this innovative comic-book storyteller.

Time Flies and Butterflies
By John Strysik
Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” finally thunders onto the silver screen. Will it change the course of cinematic history, or is it simply a Jurassic Park wannabe?

Th-, Th-, That’s Not All, Folks!
By Kevin Dilmore
Director Lawrence Guterman has big shoes—or rather, a big mask—to fill in Son of the Mask.


After the Sabines
By Sarah A. Hoyt

Piker’s Peek
By Ben Bova

A Piano Full of Dead Spiders
By George Zebrowski

1,000 Words:
Conversation on Mars
By Robert Sheckley


The Observatory
Editor-in-chief Jeff Berkwits on the pause that refreshes.

Letters from readers and what Lucius Shepard is reading.

Let’s all go to the movies!

Things to Come
News flash—motion pictures soon to be adapted from comics, books, and television shows. Shocking!

Time Machine
March 1933: Nazis and a giant ape vie for the world’s attention.

Lucius Shepard With the publication of four books within the past year, the celebrated author returns to form.


2009: Lost Memories
Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
Black Jack: Mutation
Fahrenheit 451
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Time of the Wolf
Ultimate Matrix Collection
Woman in the Moon

All the Rage This Year
Anonymous Rex/Casual Rex
ßehemoth: Seppuku
Best of the Best
Cleopatra 7.2
Coyote Rising
The Dark Lord
Homeward Bound
Hunter’s Moon
Old Man’s War
One for Sorrow, Two for Joy
Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume Two A
The Soul Weaver

Bizarro World
JLA Classified #1
John Constantine, Hellblazer: All His Engines
Toe Tags #1 and #2
Will Eisner Companion

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