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How to Host a Murder: Barbecue With The Vampire


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A companion to the leading How To Host A Murder series, How To Host A Teen Mystery is a mysterious and entertaining whodunit party game designed for players ages 12 to 17. Each of the Teen Mystery episodes sharpens young players' problem-solving abilities within a framework of light-hearted competition, leading to a fun surprise solution. All you need is a sense of humor and a light-hearted approach toward blackmail, deceit and conspiracy. Contents include a comprehensive Host Guide; 8 invitations and envelopes; name tags; an audio cassette, which sets the scene and details the crime; and a diagram of the crime scene.

BARBECUE WITH THE VAMPIRE: In the quiet town of Jugular Springs things are not what they seem. A vampire has been turning the helpless citizens into bats. Is it the strange rock star on the hill, the brilliant teen surgeon, the mysterious prince or one of the other guests? One thing's for sure, one guest at this barbecue prefers his or her steak extra rare. Characters include Jacquelyn Hyde, Anita Lotta Tai-Pei, Howie Bledsoe, Robin O'Positive, and Killian Killagan.

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