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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Dragon Annual #4


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Campaign Holidays by Andy Miller
Celebrations in your campaign world can mean anything from local color to new adventures in the GREYHAWK setting or your own campaign.

Speaking in Tongues by Thomas M. Costa
Beyond the Common Tongue, a linguistic atlas of the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting.

The Gods of Krynn by Stephen Kenson
For the first time since the dawn of the Fifth Age, the deities of the DRAGONLANCE campaign.

Dungeon Adventures Bonus Module—The Kindness of Stranger by Christopher Perkins
When a mission goes awry, the agents of the Hoffmann Institute must rely on the help of some good old boys.

Mastering the Mystic Arts by Stephen Kenson
Whether your hero is a dabbler or the next sorcerer supreme, here's how to make your Marvel campaign magical.

Dragons of a Spring Cleaning by Aaron Williams
Nodwick and the gang rewrite the DRAGONLANCE chronicles. Here's what really happened...


50 Years of D&D Gaming
Gary Gygax peers into his crystal ball

DARK•MATTER Fast-Play Game
Complete Fast-Play Rules and Adventure


The Wyrm's Turn

Nods of the Shop Table

Arcane Lore by Lloyd Brown III
Be careful where you step when delving into "The Secrets of the Slime Wizard."

Bazaar of the Bizarre by Jeremy Johannesen
Most adventurers spend more time on the road than in the dungeon, so here are "The Bare Necessities" of travel.

Dragon's Bestiary by Troy Denning
Only creatures as powerful as "The Ghazneths" could threaten the Kingdom of Cormyr.

Dungeon Mastery by Stephen Kenson
Learn a few tricks from "Comic Book Campaigns"

Dragon Ecologies by Stephen Kenson
Shandrilla and her gnome companions learn a little more than they wanted to know about "The Ecology of the Gray Ooze."

Rogues Gallery by Troy Denning
Cormyr produces another royal hero in "Beyond the High Road."


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