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Cartoon Action Hour RPG: Darkness Unleashed


Our Price: $16.95


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Darkness Unleashed is the Series Book devoted to the 'Dark Brigade' series. The Dark Brigade is a military outfit whose archenemy is the Brotherhood of Death - a group comprised of vampires, werewolves, ghouls, zombies, and other monsters. Their goal is to make slaves of humanity. There are other groups that show up from time to time to shake things up. EVE X is a group of miliant women who mostly help the Dark Brigade, but sometimes gets in the way. For the baddies, the Order of Charr dukes it out with both the Dark Brigade and the Brotherhood of Death. The Order consists of evil sorcerers, mummies, and other esoteric creatures of the undead world.

This book is packed with hero and villain stats, modern weapon stats (as well as those weapons and gear unique to the series), vehicles, description of the main groups, an episode guide, new SAs, and even the starting adventure "The Eye of the Nile" (run at Origins 2003)!

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