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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Inherit the Earth


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Take Back the Night Unknown to most humans, the world is ruled by supernatural forces. Werewolves once corralled people like cattle. Vampires still refer to humanity as their herd. And there are mages who, though mortal themselves, utterly dismiss the unenlightened masses. But now a force turns its attention to the world and imbues a select few humans, not only with knowledge of the evil, but with the power to fight back. This anthology collects stories of these imbued, these hunters, and is based on the Hunter: The Reckoning Storyteller game. About the Editor Stewart Wieck is also the editor of World of Darkness anthologies concerning vampires (The Beast Within), werewolves (When Will You Rage?) and mages (Truth Until Paradox). U.S.Page Count: 288, Editor: Stewart Wieck

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