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Road to Science Fiction V5

Our Price: $14.99


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Science Fiction with an Accent The first four volumes of The Road to Science Fiction trace the development of the SF genre in America, from its inception through the 1980s. This new, never-before-published volume completes the portrait of science fiction in the English language by introducing British SF, which has a history and feel all of its own. The Road to Science Fiction #5: The British Way includes 34 stories dating from 1871 to 1986, along with a substantial introduction and extensive headnotes to each story. This volume takes the reader on a journey through a fascinating array of tales and puts contemporary science fiction in context for the avid fan and student of the genre.The Road to Science Fiction [is] surely the best-exampled history of science fiction Ive ever seen.- Fritz Leiber, Locus About the Author James Gunn is an educator, editor and writer. He retired from teaching college in 1993 to turn his full attention to his writing career. Among his best- known novels are The Joy Makers, The Immortals (adapted as a television movie and then as a series, The Immortal), The Listeners, Kampus and The Dreamers. He is also a well-known scholar and winner of the SFRA Pilgrim Award. James Gunn lives in Lawrence, Kansas.

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