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Trinity—Field Report: Alien Races


Our Price: $4.95


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We Are Not Alone It was only a matter of time after humans ventured to the stars that we would encounter other sentient life. We knew it would happen; we anticipated feared who or what we would meet. We had no idea.In the 22nd century, humanity has made contact with three spacefaring alien races: the Qin, the Chromatics and the Coalition. Everyone knows them by reputation apparent friends, hostile crusaders and encroaching enigmas but what are their true natures, their true faces and their true intentions? The on Trinity knows. Aliens Are Among Us The second Trinity Field Report, Alien Races is a full-color setting dossier from on for all orders and psions. It updates you on everything the Trinity has recorded about the officious Qin, the fanatical Chromatics and the violative Coalition. Finally, the secrets of the alien races are revealed! This update is ideal for Trinity players and Storytellers. Original price $4.95

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