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M2: Maze of Zayene—Dimensions of Flight (d20)




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A Search for Four Keys

Having escaped from the maze, our heroes now flee for their lives up mountainous peaks not of this world, to a land of blue ice and deadly elemental forces,through ancient deserts where the winds whisper of death,and to the not-so-Happy Hunting Grounds where their ultimate challenge awaits!

Hang on for the Ride

Dimensions of Flight is the second in the four-part Maze of Zayene series by award-winning game designer Robert J.Kuntz. It describes Zayene's dimensional realms and many new magics and monsters that await to defeat unwary adventurers. Four highly detailed magical and elemental realms are included,as is a king's ransom in new monsters and magic! A fantasy adventure for 4 to 6 characters of 8th to 12th level.

48 Pages. Written by: Robert J.Kuntz. Artists: John Mass and Brian LeBlanc.

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