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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game


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The official rules for the acclaimed "Steam Powered Miniatures Combat" system, WARMACHINE: PRIME thrusts you headlong into the full blown conflict in the Iron Kingdoms. Within these pages are unfurled the history and background on the four major WARMACHINE factions and a complete army of rosters with details and statistics on dozens of characters, units, and warjacks. Build any army you desire—assemble tactical forces to clash in tight quarters or build major forces in order to wage war on an apocalyptic scale! WARMACHINE: PRIME includes a 16-page color section with dioramas and a painting and modeling guide.

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Pretty fun and cool

****( )

"Jump in a machine and stomp on meat!" That was the impression I first got when I saw the ad for WarMarchine in Dungeon magazine about a year and a half ago. So a year ago, while visiting Denver on a trip to have surgery, I stop by a local hobby shop (there are not many where I was living), and pick up a copy of WarMachine. I read it, like it and buy it. Along with the starter set for Khador. A little easier to understand than Warhammer; point cost is at a level where a 1,000 point conflict is pretty much 1 warlock with four Warjacks on each side. To build up to the scale of Warhammer, one would need a 5,000 point army at least (I don't have the money, but I'm working on it). Variations are definite, use light Warjacks, Heavy, Medium, Infantry (including pistoleers, rifles, mortars, halbardiers, pikemen, etc) and different aspects of magic. To get really fun, use it with Hordes. Gift Certificates
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