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Rifts World Book 16: Federation of Magic


Softcover Unavailable

Non-Mint Unavailable

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Rifts® Federation of Magic™ delves into the legendary Magic Zone and explores the many factions, faces and magicks of the Federation of Magic. Since the Rifts Book of Magic contains all spells, we saw no reason to reprint the spells that originally appeared in this book. We are replacing it with data, people and places in the magic city of Dweomer.

•  The movers and shakers of the Federation of Magic, both good and evil - destroyers and nurturers.

•  Over 30 pages of new source material on the city of Dweomer!

•  Magic items, artifacts and more.

•  New magical O.C.C.s, disciplines and powers.

•  Key figures in the Federation.

•  Aliens, D-Bees, gods and strange beings.

•  The CS campaign to destroy the Federation.

•  The Federation's plans to destroy the CS.

•  Maps and world information.

•  Written by Siembieda & Murphy.

•  Cover by Keith Parkinson.

•  Art by Perez, Dubisch, Johnson & others.

Product Availability

Softcover: Unavailable

Non-Mint: Unavailable This product is non-mint. Refunds are not available for non-mint products. The standard version of this product can be found here.

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