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Rifts World Book 5: Triax & the NGR


Our Price: $24.95


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A spectacular 224 page book of robots, power armor, weapons and the creations of Triax™ and the New German Republic (NGR); the most powerful human kingdom on Earth! Also see Rifts Sourcebook 3: Mindwerks. Highlights Include:

•  Over 60 high-tech Triax™ creations, including body armor, power armor, giant robots, cyborgs, androids, combat vehicles, tanks, fighter jets, and others.

•  Over 30 new weapons, including grenades, rifles, and handguns, plus special ammunition and new cybernetic implants!

•  Over 20 new Occupational Character Classes including NGR soldiers, the Euro-Juicer, gypsies, and gargoyles.

•  The Gargoyle Empire, with their own giant robots, power armor, and weapons.

•  The New German Republic, its history, allies and enemies.

•  Written by Kevin Siembieda.

•  Art and designs by Kevin Long, with additional art by Newton Ewell and Kevin Siembieda.

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