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RECON Modern Combat RPG

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A complete role-playing game

RECON Modern Combat RPG may be the most requested Palladium role-playing game in the last decade and is in the final stages of production.

It is a new role-playing game using Palladium's familiar game system set in our modern world of international intrigue, spies, terrorism, crime and political unrest. Gamers play the men and women responsible for national security, fighting crime and keeping the homeland safe. The player characters are operatives on the front-line ferreting out and putting an end to threats and evildoers around the world.

Personally, I think this could be the hit of the summer.

The RECON Modern Combat RPG will present the foundation for playing military and law enforcement agencies in their war against terrorism, drugs and crime, as well as espionage and national security operations and limited military conflicts. Military combat, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Criminal and Civilian operatives will all be presented with corresponding skills.

  • Military: Various special units in the military such as Rangers, Seals, Commandos, etc. as well as mercenaries, rebels/guerillas/militias, warlords, terrorists, assassins, saboteurs and bandits and pirates.

    •  Intelligence: Case officer, tech officer, intelligence officer, field operative, and black Ops. Law Enforcement: Special agents/FBI/CIA, SWAT, tech expert, criminal investigator, detective, patrol cop, private eye, bounty hunter, security consultant, and security systems expert.

    •  Criminal: Crime boss, cleaners/assassins, enforcers, thug, thief, smuggler, dealer, fence, and handlers.

    •  Civilian: Freelance Journalists, professional adventurers, ex-patriots, and burnouts.

    •  Future sourcebooks will go into much more detail on specific agencies, operatives and parts of the world, but this complete game will present everything one needs to play.

    •  Creation rules for anti-terrorism, espionage, intelligence and Special Ops characters.

    •  Our modern world and its defense and law agencies.

    •  Organization and special agency resources.

    •  Basic weapons, equipment and vehicles.

    •  Global overview, hot spots, adventure ideas and more.

    •  A complete game with everything one needs to get started.

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