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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pound-o'-Dice (Assorted)

****½ (based on 22 ratings)

List Price: $34.98

Our Price: $31.48

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Contains opaque, speckled, translucent, marbleized and rainbow pearl dice. Now contains one random complete set of 7 dice along with the usual assortment of random dice.

Product Availability

Ships from our warehouse in 1 to 7 business days.

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Product Reviews (23)
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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 22 ratings)

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got two bags

****( )

I got a couple of bags a couple of years ago and loved the jump up of dice. So getting a couple of more is just as nice.
Bag 1

Bag 2

The "set" with both bags was a white with red specks. Though I admit the shipping is a little high. I waited till I was going to order a number of things to get these so the overall shipping would not be that bad.

****( )

I like them. A good amount and a good assortment of dice.
The Rundown-
d20s - 18
d12s - 6 (a bit low I thought)
d10s - 21 (seems a bit high here)
d8s - 11
d6s - 30 (14 with numbers, 16 pips)
d4s - 8
The complete set included was a pale whitish with bluish flecks and purplish numbers.....not a bad set but somewhat blech.

Total dice 101.
I am mostly disappointed in the cost of shipping. Why do I pay $13 for shipping (USPS), when I could stuff it into a flat-rate box and ship it for 1/3 of that. Come on Paizo, help us out here. There really is no excuse here.



19 d20 (3x set of 4, 1x set of 3, 2x pair)
9 d12 (2x pair)
17 d10 (4x pair)
1 d%
7 d8 (2x pair)
36 d6 (1x set of 5, 3x set of 4, 3x pair)
7 d4 (1x pair)

&, my complete set of dice was the green one.

I'm so happy with my pound of dice! I think I need to order another one soon.

Good buy


3 d4s
47 d6s
2 d8s
24 d10s (0 d% :P )
5 d12s
18 d20s
+ 1 complete set off white with red numbers
96 dice in total.

Excellent buy for anyone in need of dice!


I'm a newcomer to roleplaying and jump started my dice collection with this product and it did not disappoint!

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