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Amazing Stories Issue #605

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A Hallmark Frankenstein
By John Strysik
The $30 million, four-hour Frankenstein miniseries promises to be the most faithful adaptation yet of Mary Shelley’s chilling classic.

Star Wars Comes Home
By Daniel Wallace
At last, rest for your weary VHS.

Green Lantern—Rebirth of the Cool
By Rob Lightner
The new comic-book miniseries Green Lantern: Rebirth was a labor of love for writer Geoff Johns.

Back to the Future
By Don Kaye
Hollywood loves to revisit Hollywood. So what separates da bombs from the bombs?

Pohl Positions
By Therese Littleton
SFWA Grand Master Frederik Pohl isn’t shy about sharing his opinions on reading, writing, and even politics.


A Wow Finish

Stay Tooned, Folks!

Smarty Pants

The Mutable Borders of Love

AND "1,000 WORDS"
Dream of Earth


The Observatory
If it looks like science fiction . . .

Readers share their first impressions of Amazing Stories and respond to our open questions.

Things to Come
News and previews plus, farewell to Fay Wray and other Hollywood legends, science-fiction writers' contest, and more.

The best (and worst) of the latest books, comics, DVDs, movies, and audio recordings. (See "Reviewed in This Issue" below.)

Time Machine
We present our favorite Buck Rogers in his most notable appearances in the twentieth century.

Q&A: Greg Keyes
East meets West, anthropology meets science fiction, and humans meet . . . something.



Shaun of the Dead
The Village


The Complete Daimajin
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Platinum Edition Volume I
Farscape Season Four, Collection Five
The H.P. Lovecraft Collection Volume 1
Millennium: The Complete First Season
Paranoia Agent Volume 1: Enter Lil' Slugger
Phantom of the Paradise
Thunderbirds International Rescue Edition Gift Set


Dune: The Battle of Corrin
Forbidden Planet Explored
To the Stars


Banner of Souls
The Boy Who Would Live Forever
The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower
The Guin Saga
A Handbook of American Prayer
Incubus Dreams
Murder by Magic
Powers of Detection: Stories of Mystery and Fantasy
Shadows in the Darkness
Silver Age Sentinels
Sleeping in Flame
White Rose


Identity Crisis
Little Gloomy's Crypt of Creeps
The Saga of Seven Suns: Veiled Alliances

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