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Best of Dragon #2

Our Price: $15.00


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    New NPCs:
  • The Anti-Paladin, by George Laking and Tim Mesford
    From issue #39, July 1980
  • Samurai, by Mike Childers and Jeff Key
    From issue #3, October 1976
  • Healers, by C. Hettlestad
    From issue #3, October 1976
  • Berserker, by Jon Pickens
    From issue #3, October 1976
  • Scribes, by David Mumper
    From issue #3, October 1976
  • The Ninja, by Sheldon Price
    From issue #16, July 1978
  • The new improved Ninja, by Sheldon Price
    From issue #30, October 1979
    From the Sorceror's Scroll:
  • D&D relationships: A whole and its parts
    From issue #14, May 1978
  • Ground and spell area scales
    From issue #15, June 1978
  • Realism vs. game logic
    From issue #16, July 1978
  • What the game is; where it's going
    From issue #22, February 1979
  • Much about melee
    From issue #24, April 1979
  • Character social class
    From issue #25, May 1979
  • Looking back, and to the future
    From issue #26, June 1979
  • Evil: Law vs. chaos
    From issue #28, August 1979
  • Humans and hybrids
    From issue #29, September 1979
  • Books are books, games are games
    From issue #31, November 1979
  • Make-believe magic
    From issue #33, January 1980
  • Good isn't stupid: Paladins and rangers
    From issue #38, June 1980
    Monsters and miscellany:
  • Theory and the use of gates, by Ed Greenwood
    From issue #37, May 1980
  • Inns and taverns, by I. Marc Carlson
    From issue #29, September 1979
  • Good evening, by Lenard Lakofka
    From issue #30, October 1979
  • Varieties of vampires, by R.P. Smith
    From issue #25, May 1979
  • A look at lycanthropy, by Jon Mattson
    From issue #24, April 1979
  • Blueprint for a lich, by Lenard Lakofka
    From issue #26, June 1979
  • Tesseracts, by Gary Jordan
    From issue #17, August 1978
  • Which way is up? by Allen Wells
    From issue #38, June 1980
  • The politics of Hell, by Alexander Van Thorn
    From issue #28, August 1979
  • Poison: From AA to XX, by Charles Sagui
    From issue #32, December 1979
  • The nomenclature of pole arms, by E. Gary Gygax
    From issue #22, February 1979

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