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Star Wars Gamer Issue #10

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Star Wars Gamer's fabulous final issue!

Staring out from the cover of Star Wars Gamer 10 is the penetrating gaze of Count Dooku, the mysterious mastermind behind a Separatist movement splitting apart the Republic. This heralds special in-depth coverage of Episode II subjects in the pages of the gaming magazine.

Just what makes the power brokers of Coruscant tick? Find out in an article that details the roleplaying game statistics on such movers and shakers as San Hill, Shu Mai, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and his guards, Mas Amedda, Bail Organa, Orn Free Taa, Wat Tambor, Passel Argente, Nute Gunray, Dexter Jettster and Elan Sleazebaggano.

Find out just how deadly a Clawdite shapeshifter is in this issue's University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life.

Get into the trading card game experience with a completely illustrated Attack of the Clones Card Encyclopedia. All 180 cards are laid out in the article, showcasing new imagery of characters, vehicles, droids, creatures and places. This issue also comes with a special promotional edition of an Anakin Skywalker card.

Also in this issue is fiction written by some of the most popular Star Wars novelists. Greg Keyes continues his compelling Emissary of the Void storyline, with the third chapter "The War on Wayland." (The last three chapters of Emissary of the Void appear in Star Wars Insider 62–64.) Author Timothy Zahn spins a tale of Mara Jade and Ghent in "Handoff."

Rounding out this issue is a companion article that helps update Star Wars Roleplaying Game characters to the Revised Rulebook standard. The latest Model Citizen article transforms cardstock, balsa wood, egg cartons and plastic into the Lars Homestead. Find out more about droid starships, and incorporate Sharpshooters and Medics into your campaigns.

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