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Star Wars Gamer Issue #6

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A trio of motley bounty hunters stare coldly from the cover of issue 6 of Star Wars Gamer magazine. Three of the most dangerous predators in the galaxy are spotlighted in an article that supplements the forthcoming Rebellion Era Sourcebook. Dengar, Zuckuss and 4-LOM are given the full-stat treatment and are ready to be incorporated into your campaigns.

If you game as a bounty hunter, Gamer 6 offers up ten tempting targets each sporting hefty bounties on their heads. Brush up on your combat skills in a special article about combat tactics. Craft a miniature Death Star set from cardboard, spare parts, and good ol' fashioned Imperial ingenuity. This issue also features an in-depth look at the Nikto species and its various sundry sub-races.

In the fiction department, bestselling author Kathy Tyers chimes in with a musical short story entitled "Rebel Bass." Some of the most memorable characters from Dark Horse Comics tales are explored in "Usual Suspects." The adventure "Welcome to the Jungle" unleashes a group of player characters in a herdship habitat, packed with veermoks, divtos and yes, finally, Hoojibs.

Rounding out this issue is a stand-alone tabletop game recreating the Battle of Hoth, complete with cut out counters and a poster-sized hex-map. The Deck Plans department takes a look at pairing up Aurra Sing and Darth Maul for a killer CCG deck, and the regular report from LucasArts takes a look back at the titles revealed at E3.

Star Wars Gamer features cover art by Norwegian illustrator Mikael Noguchi.

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