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Star Wars Insider Issue #70

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In Star Wars Insider #70, the official magazine of the Star Wars Fan Club, stuntman-turned-actor Ray Park reveals what it's like play the infamous Sith -- Darth Maul and his expectations for his new role as the lead in the upcoming film adaptation of the comic, Iron Fist.

Readers will also find an extensive tribute to the aliens in Attack of the Clones, a profile of the makeup maestro Stuart Freeborn, a Clone Wars Field Report of a day inside the Star Wars animated production and a new Clone Wars tale from Timothy Zahn called "Hero's End."

Plus Steve Sansweet admits he was wrong (sort of) and talks action figures, posters and collectible tissue boxes, while gaming fans get updates regarding Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and the Galactic Campaign Guide.

Regular features such as Rick McCallum's Prequel Update, Holonet News, Behind the Magic, book reviews, comic previews and letters from the fans in the Rebel Rumblings forum complete the issue.

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