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Star Wars Insider Issue #68

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With interviews spanning the whole range of the Star Wars experience and new fiction by fan favorite Timothy Zahn, Star Wars Insider #68, the latest magazine from the Official Star Wars Fan Club, offers something for everyone.

On the cover of this issue is the feisty Princess Leia, and Insider #68 features a brand new multi-page interview with Carrie Fisher, the actress who portrayed the classic character.

In the fiction department, this issue features a new Clone Wars tale by author Timothy Zahn, with artwork by Douglas Chaffee. "Hero's Call" is part one of the Hero of Cartao story.

This issue's theme is the Art of Star Wars, and includes interviews with the cutting edge artists that define the look of the expanding saga. Cartoon guru Genndy Tartakovsky talks about bringing the Clone Wars saga to the small screen, and Pre-visualization Supervisor Dan Gregoire explains his essential work in helping establish the visual action of Episodes II and III.

Learn more about the origins of classic Star Wars poster art through interviews with the artists that illustrated them, and explore beneath the hulls of your favorite vehicles with a look at the making of the Incredible Cross-Section series of books.

The professionals aren't the only ones who get to have fun with Star Wars art. This issue includes a spotlight on the fans who permanently display their love of the saga through incredible Star Wars tattoos.

This issue features a new department, Toy Box, where representatives from Hasbro Inc. reveal their upcoming toys and answer questions from fans. And all the favorite columns like Behind the Magic, Gamescape, ComicScan, Bookshelf, Scouting the Galaxy, and Rick McCallum's Prequel Update return.

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