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Star Wars Insider Issue #65

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The next issue of the Star Wars Insider continues chronicling the Clone Wars, slays a few vampires, and gets a power-up or two to land the high score.

Bestselling author Aaron Allston pens an original short story set during the Clone Wars. Meet Joram Kithe, a Republic accountant who's dodged responsibility his entire life. Now, he's somehow ended up stranded on a battlefield in charge of a clone trooper platoon. Find out what happens in "The Pengalan Tradeoff". This issue also marks the start of the HoloNet News column. Learn the latest developments of the Clone Wars, from both the Republic and Separatist fronts.

The pop culture-savvy writers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer expound on their love of the galaxy far, far away, and their knack for sneaking Star Wars references into the popular television series.

Celebrate over two decades of electronic gaming with a retrospective article on the computer, console and arcade games inspired by the Star Wars saga. This issue also has an in-depth look at who's who in LucasArts' upcoming Star Wars Galaxies game.

Producer Rick McCallum checks in with the latest Episode III developments in his Prequel Update column, Kevin Rubio interviews Dexter Jettster, and all the favorite regular columns and departments round out this issue.

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