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Star Wars Insider Issue #64

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Issue #64 of Star Wars Insider talks to some of the technical and artistic wizards that make the fantastic worlds of Star Wars come to life on the big screen.

ILM's John Knoll, Paul Huston and Ben Snow discuss their efforts to make the unreal real in an article entitled "Dream Weavers." Just in time for the Episode II DVD release, this article contains a list of some of the Easter Eggs mischievously stashed amidst the background details of Attack of the Clones. Sound master Ben Burtt discusses his 30 years of creating the audio universe for Star Wars, and how digital innovations have changed the world of sound design. This issue also has an article on the technical transformation of Episode II to the IMAX screen.

Find out the inside scoop from Producer Rick McCallum in the regular Prequel Update column. Learn the differences between SPHA-Ts,AT-TEs, LAAT/is and more in an in-depth article examining the vehicles of Episode II. This issue also features the sixth and final part of Greg Keyes' multi-part Emissary of the Void storyline.

The Insider's Holiday Gift Guide, news about the upcoming Star Wars: Jedi series from Dark Horse Comics, regular departments like Gamescape, Set Piece, Scouting the Galaxy and much, much more round out this issue.

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