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Star Wars Insider Issue #62

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The first rule about the seven forms of lightsaber combat is that you don't talk about the seven forms of lightsaber combat. Issue 62 of Star Wars Insider, the official publication of The Star Wars Fan Club, shines a light(saber) on Jedi fighting techniques, from the standard to the esoteric, from the elegant to the deadly.

Jedi abound in this issue, which includes a guide to the sixteen most famous guardians of peace and justice, including the blue-skinned cover girl, Aayla Secura.

This issue also continues the serialized New Jedi Order story, Emissary of the Void, by Greg Keyes. The first three parts can be found in Star Wars Gamer #8-10. Episode IV, "Relic of Ruin" can only be found in the Insider.

Producer Rick McCallum chats about the latest developments in the future of Star Wars, from the Episode II DVD to Episode III and beyond.

A guide to the starships of Episode II, a look at the cast of the Ewok TV movies, behind the scenes of Topps' Episode II Widevision set, the inside scoop on Destiny's Way, the future of CG stars from ILM's own Rob Coleman, and much, much more fill out this issue.

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