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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Star Wars Insider Issue #57

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In Episode II, light is finally shed on the shadowy backgrounds of bounty hunters both new and old. This issue features interviews with Episode II actors Temuera Morrison, Daniel Logan and Leeanna Walsman, as these newcomers to the Star Wars saga chat about their characters destined to leave an indelible mark on the Star Wars saga.

This issue also features a Who's Who guide to The New Jedi Order, as writer Daniel Wallace examines the key players in the ongoing saga of alien invasion. Fan-favorite Michonne Bourriage starts off "Aurra Sing's Convention Diary," an on-the-road report of her whirlwind introduction to the world of fan conventions. In his regular update, Rick McCallum discusses the latest developments in Episode II's production, including what led up to the announcement of the Attack of the Clones title.

Also in this issue is a look at the Jedi Quest comic series, an interview with New Jedi Order editor Shelly Shapiro, a preview of the Obi-Wan Xbox game, tips on building a better Star Wars website and 2-1B's swansong.

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