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Star Wars Insider Issue #74

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Clone Trooper Front and Center

There's a new face to galactic order, and it's on the cover of Star Wars Insider. Issue #74 features the new clone trooper of Episode III, which clearly signifies another step forward to the designs of the original Star Wars trilogy. Inside, Producer Rick McCallum provides the latest update on the prequel's postproduction progression, complete with brand new photos from Episode III.

This issue's focus is Star Wars fiction, including a spotlight on Star Wars storybooks, with a nostalgic look at the classic young reader fiction that many fans grew up with. "The New Jedi Order in 100 Easy Lessons" breaks down the epic novel series, detailing the characters, most heroic deaths, best fights, and a complete synopsis of each book. This issue's original fiction, "Pearls in the Sand," is a short story by Voronica Whitney-Robison (The Ruins of Dantooine).

See what an all-digital movie meant to the miniature model makers of Episode II, and find out just who is who in Echo Base on Hoth, (so you know just who to complain to about your room being too cold).

All this plus the regular departments -- Star Sightings, the Best of Hyperspace, Scouting the Galaxy, HoloNet News and more.

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