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Star Wars Insider Issue #72

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Obi-Wan Exposed

Actor Ewan McGregor talks about fans, fame and nude scenes in Star Wars Insider #72, the official magazine of the Star Wars Fan Club. In this special interview, McGregor brings up past vices, his expanded real-life role as a father and dealing with the next generation of Star Wars fans. "It's fantastic the way children ask you how a lightsaber turns on," McGregor explains.

Be sure to check out the Prequel Update: Episode III photo gallery with brand new images of Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor, Ian McDiarmid, and other members of the cast and crew in action from the set in Sydney.

In addition to McGregor's interview, acting legend Christopher Lee reveals his feelings about becoming part of the Star Wars legacy, while Costume Designer Trisha Biggar discusses the challenges of bridging the fashions of the prequel and original trilogy.

Readers will also appreciate the DIY guide on how to make your own Star Wars fan film from Skywalker Sound Award winner Mark Rusciano. The article includes a profile of the talented directors and actors who participated in the 2003 Fan Film Awards.

Looking back to the original trilogy, discover facts from the ILM crew behind the breakneck speeder bike chase scene in Return of the Jedi. Regular features such as Holonet News, Toybox, book reviews, comic previews and letters from the fans in the Rebel Rumblings forum complete the issue.

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