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Tu'narath City Guide PDF

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This exclusive supplement to “The Lich Queen’s Beloved,” an adventure that appears in DUNGEON issue #100 is available now as a digital download.

Both “The Lich-Queen’s Beloved” and this exclusive supplement are authored by gaming industry luminary Christopher Perkins, and are part of the three-magazine Incursion event featured in POLYHEDRON #159, DRAGON #309, and DUNGEON #100. Perkins has created a city guide to the githyanki capital city of Tu'narath, including detailed descriptions of the city's key structures and important residents.

This Web supplement assumes you have a copy of Dungeon issue 100 containing both the adventure and the poster map of Tu'narath, the githyanki capital city.

35 pages.

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How does a pdf get backordered?

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

Good question. Fixed now.

Scarab Sages

Gary Teter wrote:
Good question. Fixed now.

I was able to purchase it while on back order a few weeks ago, I thought it was a WotC left over, so I snatched before it got removed :)

Where is the Map of the "Voidstinger" astral ship?

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