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Sorry it took so long for the post, I was having difficulty settling on what exactly I wanted to play. I settled on witch for several reasons. First being team capability. This will allow me to buff, debuff, and heal. Second I like the flavor of a guy turning into a bat, flying around cursing things. That being said I think it fits in the whole "fighting fire with fire" thing I was trying to accomplish. This way he can embrace the powers latent in his curse to make something good of it. I havent done equipment yet but that is literally all i have left.

Cruentus Angealous
Level 2 witch

Dex:14 (16)
Initiative: +8
Class features: Familiar (Greensting scorpion, +4 initiative), Hexs (misfortune, cackle), Patron (shadow)

Racial features: Racial skill bonus +2 (perception at night, fly), Spell like ability (obscuring mist 1/day), Low light vision, Change shape 4/day

Feats: Bat Shape

Skills: Bluff (4), Fly (7 or 8), Knowledge arcane (9), Knowledge history(9), Knowledge nature (9), Knowledge planes (9), Knowledge dungeon (6), Knowledge religion (7), Knowledge engineering (6), Knowledge geography (7), Knowledge local (7), Knowledge nobility (7), perception (0), spell craft (9)

Traits: traumatic shift (+1 bluff and bluff is a class skill), reactionary (+2 initiative)

Spells/day: 0(4/day), 1(4/day)

Spells: 1st level (cure light wounds, enlarge person, mage armor, reduce person, unseen servant, obscuring mist, frost bite, silent image, burning hands, strong wings, summon monster)

Quick question. I would like to play a lunar oracle. However I need to know your ruling on moonbridge? As it reads it works like a wall of force. I can understand if you wanted to rule it works in another way. I have looked for ruling on this. It mostly just matters so I know what revelations i want to take.

A little of his story is left untold mostly due to lack of class. I kinda wanted to probe the mind of the other players as to what the party might need. I was thinking possibly the inquisitor, ranger, slayer, hunter, or barbarian to complete the "hunter or the night" feel. However like I said I am flexible and could definitely see him as a caster or gish, Using the divine or arcane to better help him resist his inborn nature and the lure of the monsters he hunts. Also could see changing from a werebat kin to dhamphir.

His intense hatred for his old master and his ilk has led him to be an expert on hunting down terrors of the night. And as for his old master, Ackles is in the wind and in pursuit Cruentus in his adulthood has cut down many a fiend in chase. His motivation is to stop the perversion of life by undead and lycans to prevent tragedies like his own. While revenge on his master is always in the back of his mind Cruentus is always looking for a opportunity vent his anger on the local monstrosity.

And I understand we would be hunting things much like himself, however I feel the self loathing demon seeking redemption and revenge to be a attractive concept. What better way to hunt a monster than to have a monster hunt them? If it doesn't fit the concept you have in mind for the campaign I would be willing to come up with another character.

So I am very interested in this. My current idea for a character would be a Warebat-kin (bloodmarked) named Cruentus Angealous. His story is a complicated one.

When he was young he was born on a vast estate of a Lord Ackles. Born into the slave class of cheliax (although I can alter this to anywhere that would be convenient). His family was under this mans vampiric spell. His family being the subjects of sadistic experiments of the fiend. They were exposed to lycanthropy to become more akin to the creatures his lord preferred.

When the towns folk finally became aware of the immortal nature of his lord they came knocking at his door step with flames and pitchforks. Mistaking the mutated and twisted servants as spawn of Ackles, they proceeded to slay them viciously before the boys eyes, though they never did find his Master.

Happening upon the boy one of the locals named Gravous Lector took the unremarkable child in, thinking it a miracle that this innocent has been spared the ravages of this cursed place.

Then puberty hit... and the boy was at school when another boy had heard of Cruentus's beginnings and began bullying the thin, pale, large eared, bug eyed boy, and had went too far. He and his friends beat Cruentus within an inch of his life and then all of a sudden his latent genes kicked in.

Growing a maw of razor sharp teeth, his jaw elongating, his nose flattening, appendages becoming longer and more lithe, and his eyes turned milk white. Cruentus lashed out at the boy grabbing him like he had seen his old master do to so many, wrenching his head to the side and sinking his awful teeth into the vein of that ignorant boy.
Cruentus had his first taste of blood that day. A taste that would haunt him, not just because he had killed a human being, but because he had enjoyed it. After he had realized the horror of what he had done Cruentus ran. He ran into the woods to a place he often went when he felt out of sorts.

Scared, tired, and alone Cruentus didn't know what to do and finally decided to go home. When he returned though he was not greeted by the loving arms of his adopted father, but rather the burning flames of what used to be his home, accompanied by the screams of his adopted family.

Fortunately for the townsfolk Gravous was a kind a loving father and had instilled in the boy a solid moral base. Though embittered, Cruentus was intelligent and understood why the townsfolk reacted the way they did. He blamed only two people for his family's death, himself and Ackles. With his guilt, new found blood thirst, and need for revenge, he made a vow. He would seek out his old Master and make him pay for this curse and his family's death.

Sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to get a good back story in along with some characters you could possibly use. That all being said I mostly just want to play this race. I am willing to work around the party as to what class. I will start building the actual crunch of the character today. I just wanted to get the concept to you first.

I am extremely interested in this campaign and I have read many forgotten realm books. I am starting to draw up a character tonight, but I was curious if maybe we could start another thread where everyone can post their characters and where their turf is located. I know there are many of them on here already however it is a pain to skim through all the discussion to find out where exactly everyone is.

I'll try to have a character up tonight. If there are any character
types you would like to avoid let me know.

wraithstrike wrote:
zomblisham wrote:
concerro wrote:
It seems legal to me.
I'm looking for optimization of these feats with a synthesis build.

You are going to have to boost your charisma since it determines the save, and tacking ability focus will help also.

Many higher level monsters have good will saves. Protection from evil blocks possession IIRC so having dispel magic ready might be needed. Arcane sight will let you know what buffs someone has up.

As far as charisma that wont be too much a problem since its my casting stat. Thanks for the arcane sight thing, I didn't think of that. Also a little more info about the party is that we are all level 7 (about to hit 8 and then at 9 im taking the possess location feat.) Im also in need of a few ideas of keeping this as secret as possible from the party since they are all good and one is a paladin (who is quite optimized) and will smite the crap out of me if he finds out about all this. Can anyone think of a way I could hide my evil aura while possessing someone or something? Would ring of mind shielding work in that respect? I would actually like a way to make my aura look good rather than just undetectable as well.

concerro wrote:
It seems legal to me.

I'm looking for optimization of these feats with a synthesis build.

So yeah basically Im looking for any advice on how to possibly optimize these feats ex. lowering will saves, additional abilities that I may be able to do while possessing things, and various character options.

Keep in mind that a evil synthesist summoner qualifies as a evil outsider while fused so he does in fact qualify for these feats. P.s. these feats are from pathfinder 28 counsel of thieves part 4 infernal syndrome.

bumping because this is kinda important for this new campaign

Ok I have a question, since you are considered an outsider when you are bonded with your eidolon do you qualify for the possess creature, location, and item feats? Also If you dont then could your eidolon qualify by itself?

Or if you didnt do conjurer wizard the sorcerer with abbysal blood line is great for both summoning plus a couple immunities and resistances thrown in at 20. Bonus is telepathy and if you get the Mind Sight feat from 3.5 then you will basically have one of the best means of detecting creatures in the game (assuming you didnt get the life sense ability from life oracle).

Oracle of life's energy body gives you the elemental sub type, plus if you get to 20 the final revelation is awesome. This class takes care of almost everything, plus if you gestalted with say a conjurer wizard for the summoning you would be good, plus you would have access to something most arcane doesnt have. As far as energy immunity goes, yeah just throw it on some armor that doesnt have a arcane spell failure and your good. If you can gestalt Prestige classes pick up sphere walker for a swarm form ability (just make sure that your other PrC advances divine spell casting).

Upon reaching 20th level, you become a perfect channel for life energy. You become immune to bleed, death attacks, exhaustion, fatigue, nausea effects, negative levels, and sickened effects. Ability damage and drain cannot reduce you below 1 in any ability score. You automatically make saving throws against massive damage. When you are below 0 hit points, you do not die until your negative total is in excess of twice your Constitution score.

Elemental Subtype

An elemental is a being composed entirely from one of the four classical elements: air, earth, fire, or water.

An elemental has the following features.

Immunity to bleed, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning.
Not subject to critical hits or flanking. Does not take additional damage from precision-based attacks, such as sneak attack.
Proficient with natural weapons only, unless generally humanoid in form, in which case proficient with all simple weapons and any weapons mentioned in its entry.
Proficient with whatever type of armor (light, medium, or heavy) it is described as wearing, as well as all lighter types. Elementals not indicated as wearing armor are not proficient with armor. Elementals are proficient with shields if they are proficient with any form of armor.
Elementals do not breathe, eat, or sleep.

Ok so in my campaign I feel I have been pretty leinent, letting the players play slightly more powerful races, most SRD content allowed and such, but one of my players feels I have slighted him becuase after he made his gunslinger with the pistelero archtype I ruled that he doesnt add his dex to damage twice at fifth level. Now keep in mind that it doesnt say that Pistol Training replaces Firearm training but it is THE EXACT SAME THING except it is more specific to pistols. I have read several forums and though there is no errata for it, it seems as though the general consensus is that it was in fact ment to replace it, not stack thus add DOUBLE DEX DAMAGE TO PISTOLS. I just wanted to see what people here think I should do with this player as even if it was meant to stack I am still ruling that it doesnt.

Well the PCs are too low of level to be directly faceing alot of devils so I was think maybe some cool ideas for low level opponents, and right now they are all good. Eventually I want them to restore the balence and before they directly face Asmodeus they themselves will be at least demigods. Im looking for more cool scinarios. Ones a gunslinger, a bard, a fighter, and maybe an arcane caster to be added later. Im adding in a ninja PC as of right now but here is some of the info I provided to the players about the world as it is. Keep in mind that Asmodeus has had control for about 200 years now.

Asmodeus has risen. He lives in the Westcrown palace and Westcrown’s populace now largely consists of fiends. The city has a wall of hellfire reaching to the skies protecting it.

The entire world’s humanoid populace has been hunted to roughly an eighth of what it was and most are slaves. Basically if you’re not one of the noble houses of Cheliax, part of the Chelaxian army, or have enough money to maintain your freedom, you are a slave. All Devils treat you as a second class citizen and have controlled all but a few places on Golarion.

Egorian is the old capital of Cheliax and it is where the non-devil inhabitants of Cheliax basically consider their capital as the devils and humanoids are severely segregated.

Magic in any form be it divine (unless you are a worshiper of Asmodeus) or arcane is STRICTLY forbidden, the penalty being death. Intelligent undead are also outlawed and destroyed on sight. Firearms are also heavily restricted and only allowed if you are a part of the Chelaxian army, and even then it is only by permission from a high-ranking official.

Souls are the currency among devils.

Travel outside of the cities is regulated and one must obtain a travel license to leave the city.

Okay so I am running a PbP campaign based in Golarion and the premiss is that Asmodeus has finally carried out his plan to take over the world and now the entire world has been concurred by Devils. Asmodeus now actually walks golarion and lives in Westcrown.

Now what im having trouble with is coming up with some starting adventure ideas for the campaign. The PCs are starting at 5th level. I just wanted general cool ideas, thanks!

I have a decent enough con that it hasnt been too much an issue, plus with the upgraded hit die from holy warrior and holy vindicator I have more hit points than everyone else other than the barb in the party. As far as alignment channel goes having it towards evil will help tremendously later levels. And as far as losing 3 levels of spell casting, yes it does suck but it still keeps 9th level spells in sight. And keep in mind that you will still be a almost full caster with max BAB, heavy armor, shield, and class abilities to boost your AC. So not getting hit will help you retain your HP for stigmata and since your channeling all the time to heal your allies you will be healing yourself as well, thus being a very nasty opponent. How do you kill a party with a healer who has stupid high hit points for a caster, has better AC than most fighters, and can still rain down doom and destruction?

If you are looking to go the holy vindicator route I found the holy warrior varient in the pathfinder campaign setting to be the best to get into holy vindicator. This gives up your domains but provides you with full BAB, a martial wepon, and heavy armor. This allows you to get into holy vindicator by 6th level. Also if your looking to fill a tank role you could also help out with battlefield control by using the duel wielding shields option in feats. This allows you a bunch of attacks, good AC, free bullrush's with every attack, your able to use your defensive shield enhancements as offensive so it saves you money, and it eliminates ALL power attack and two wepon fighting penalties. And with holy vindicator you will still be able to reach 9th level spells, have good channeling, and a slew of awesome abilities.

Just a thought. As you can see I recently went threw this build myself and im playing it now and its amazing. You have so much versitility and you never have to give up any healing ability. If anything your better since you can now channel in a 30 ft cone or a 120 ft line. Ohh and another note on this build. if its spiked and has the bashing enhancement your heavy shields (I say shields cause you wont have a penalty for duel wielding one handed wepons) will be doing 2d6 plus str. each. not too shabby if I say so myself

And im not going paladin becuase this accesses waaaaay better spell casting.

And yes holy warrior is a variant in golarion. Also I am restricted to using core rule book and advanced players guide. The only reason the dm is allowing holy warrior is because im playing the healer because no one wanted to put points into UMD despite it being one of the best skills to invest in.

ok here is my build thus far. I got the best rolls here I ever had. Again the concept is to still have great casting with acess to 9th level spells eventually, be a great combatant, be able to heal effectively, and save one of the characters with shield bashing the enemy away from them if they get too low in life. If anyone has any notes on another combat route that would be interesting Im open to suggestions. Also the reason he doesnt have a wepon is that when he isnt casting he is two handing the heavy shield. And I have heightened spell for spells like magic circle and sanctuary which are important to keeping a healer safe.

Human 5th level holy warrior cleric/ 1 level holy vindicator



Feats:imp. shield bash, shield slam, selective channel, heighten spell
traits: sacred condit (+1 channeling dc), birthmark (birthmark is focus for spell casting)

special: channel 3d6 6/day, vindicators shield, aura, cleric racial varient for favored class bonus.

attacks: spiked +1 shield of bashing: 9/4, 2d6+3

equipment: +1 shield of bashing, +2 full plate, +1 cloak of resistance, +1 amulet of nat armor, +1 ring of protection, wand of cure light wounds.

ohh and im playing a human need the extra feat, plus the alternate favored class bonus for them will help later because i get the feeling evil outsiders are going to be an issue.

Ok, here is the concept im currently working through. Right now im building a holy warrior cleric (lose domains and gain full bab, d10 HD, martial wep prof.)/ holy vindicator. Im starting at level six. The reason I am playing this is because my party needed a healer something fierce because I cant seem to convince everyone to just get UMD and a damn wand. But I digress, I love playing clerics and I basically am looking for a way to not be a healbot. With Holy vindicator I will still have strong enough healing capabilities, decent casting and access to 9th level spells, heavy armor, and decent combat abilities.

My original plan was to wield a heavy shield with two hands for shield bashing/bullrushing fun. This would allow me to keep guys away from me while im trying to heal and to save one of the party members by pushing guys away from them when they are hurt. I have also considered duel wielding shields but that is too feat intensive for me and im considering taking a few channeling feats.

What im looking for is a general critique on my build concept as well as some suggestions on other wep. choices and feats.

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