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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

1,885 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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And, before I forget, congrats on reaching 7th level!

NOTE - Elves are resistant to charm effects, but not immune (but correct me if I'm wrong).

The elf yields a wan half-smile upon Selia's spell being cast; you notice nothing untoward about this creature.

"I give you my word, brave priest, that my life in this cult is over and you will not see its like elsewhere. I don't want what I had here. I want revenge, and so I will tell you all I know and then leave Magnimar forever.

My name is Justice Ironbriar, and my hand has been at work in a terrible series of murder, using the men you have dispatched in this mill, to commit souls to some dark nefarious purpose. The victims' flesh was carven with the Sihendron rune image as part of a ritual taught to me by my mistress. Her name is Xanesha. It was important for reasons I have not fathomed, to nab specific people, whose souls would be a better choice.

Xanesha is whom you seek. She commanded Aldern Foxglove, she commanded the Brothers of Seven, the Skinsaw Men, and she held me in her paw. The Sandpoint murders drew you here, and she was behind them all. Xanesha is a powerful lamia, her lair is in a building called the Shadow Clock which lies beneath the remains of the great Irespan Bridge, within the city walls.

Xanesha dwells not alone in yonder tower. She has enslaved a massive golem stitched from the dead, who once slept in this mill. He will be at the tower's base, and he is a horrific guardian. A long narrow, crumbling stair inside the tower winds upward, guarded by a trio of faceless stalkers. They won't hesitate to drop one of the tower's huge bells upon any invaders, should they try to climb the stairs.

Upon the tower's room, under the shelter of a stone angel, you will find Xanesha's lair. It is a precarious perch, especially for those daring to face her with martial intent. Xanesha is a terrible warrior, and she would quickly flay even me, should she suspect what I have told you tonight.

Forget about summoning the guard to deal with her. She will simply slink into the shadows, serpent that she is. In fact, as soon as she determines I have disappeared, her guard will be up. Strike fast, if you wish to end this menace with any finality."

"While I admire your faith in this town's legal apparatus, your assumption is naive. Either we have a deal or we do not. But, believe me when I say I will not spend another night in this city, regardless of your decision. You have nothing to fear from me.

"But, what I can share with you will of great value. I know who is behind every one of these gruesome murders in this city, why she is doing it, where she lives, how you can get to her, and her weaknesses.

"My price for all this is my freedom. It is your choice, of course."

Selia doesn't detect anything else magical in the room, other than the discarded weapon of the elven justice. Ah, he was also using a shield, which I forgot mention. His small buckler also detects as magical. The mask he was wearing until his surrender is magic too.

The elf hesitates but a moment, "I will share with you all the information I have on who is responsible for this pestilence on the city. All that I ask is that you grant me my life, and I will forgo all my wealth and titles, and leave Magnimar forever. You have my word. Do we have an agreement?"

The elf's twin visages betray a look of shock at Lleidr's words, and then rage. Ned's blow misses the mark, because the justice drops to one knee while flinging his sword away towards the dark corner. He raises both hands in the air.

The devil has vanished in a sulfurous cloud, and the doubling illusion for the elf is gone as well.

"I throw myself at your mercy. My actions have not been my own. I would parley with you, if you will consider it."

Folks, I'm going offline on Sat, 2/13 for a week. So, 2/13 will be my last update until sometime on Sunday, 2/21, or Monday, 2/22.

I'll be spending a week in Paris with my wife to celebrate our 20th anniversary. While there, I hope to take in as many medieval sites as I can for inspiration. My wife doesn't think Fantasyland in Disnleyland Paris is worthwhile, but maybe I can talk her into it. Wish me luck!

Seven's Sawmill, Round 8 continued

Nich's blade is turned away in the very air, by some impossible force. "Iomadea? Her strength in this world fades to a flicker. Even now am I secure from your onslaught."

Selia's bolt sears the devil once more.

Lleidr has appeared with news, but Ned is ready to strike with a fateful blow ...

NOTE: I'm going to stop there and ask if Ned wishes to continue with his attack or hold off in light of Lleidr's suspicions. No update to the map just yet ...

DUHHHH , sorry, not sure how I missed your post. I'll get an update a bit later this evening.

While we wait for Selia ... I think it's reasonable that Nich would delay until after Ned moves & flanks. If this were a live game, that's what I'd do.

Seven's Sawmill, Round 7 continued

Nich steps over and delivers a tremendous strike. The blow feels real enough, and both elven faces grimace in pain.

An arcane bolt flies up from the floor and hits the Justice as well. NOTE - yes, I think you're correct ... you'd only be 5' up the rope after climbing for 1 round. Isn't your move 20'?

Ned finishes clambering up the shaft and stands against the wall, amidst piles of sliced lumber and saw dust.

The devil roars in pain after Selia hits it with another painful blast of magical energy.

Round 8

The devil obeys an urgent hand gesture from the elf, and it stomps into the room containing the log splitters, coming up behind Nich with its tremendous claws. The claws only scratch the cleric's armor.

The twin heads of your enemy speak in perfect unison. "Aren't you quite the swordsman? You should consider conversion to our faith, holy man. We love teaching those needing to learn!" Again, something is off in his manner of speaking, as if his speech is slurred.

Twin swords slam into your shield with such force, you nearly lose your grip on it.

Because you climbed up a level and your movement got you to the feet of everyone upstairs.

BTW, Lleidr's move should be about the same, enough to get upstairs to a prone status.

Nobody is disarmed. GM Helaman = Nich, right? Then I think we just need Ned to reply to proceed.

If you decide to attack the elven justice, roll a 1d2, and if you hit, a roll of a 2 means you hit the real target, not the illusion double.

BTW, I have Ned at prone. If Climb is 1/4 of your speed, then if you double moved, then you climb about 15' on a double move, which seems about right for getting over one of the containers on the first floor and then getting up to the floor of the story above.

Seven's Sawmill, Round 6 continued, Levels One and Two

There's an instant of hesitation, and then the elf knocks Nich's blade aside, causing it to slam up against one a piece of lumber.

Lleidr again stabs his encircled foe.

Clambering up the dangling ropes, Ned emerges upstairs.

Selia fires another magical bolt at the devil, and the summoned creatures downstairs finish off the last cultist, who disappears in a tangle of crawling legs, feathers and talons.

Round 7 - upstairs

The devil's claws scrape Nich's shield. While the cleric is occupied, the elf steps aside and utters a brief chant. Now there's two elves, identical in their motions, standing where there was but one.

It's not marked well on the map. I thought you were casting mist on the landing, where your token currently sits. Did you target another area for the spell effect?

At this point, the devil is out of sight of your character. You'd have to move 10' west at least, to see him.

Just need an action from Selia

To get in that saw room upstairs, you'll have to move through the devil and the elf's threatened spaces:

- west of the devil

- Nich's space, which the elf threatens

You could try Acrobatics to beat their CMD. Or just take the AoOs. Another option would be to climb up the shafts while avoiding the saw blades, to get upstairs. That's how 4 of the cultists got down to where you are now.

Seven's Sawmill, Round 5 continued, Levels One and Two

Nich races up the stairs to confront their newest assailant. Up close, the mask he's wearing is nightmarish, a long strip of human flesh stitched into a widening spiral of coarse black thread.

Lleidr deals a savage stroke after dancing around the trembling cultist.

Ned steps up in between the creeping centipedes, and his sword crashes into his opponent.

Selia vanishes into a thick fog which spills across the landing and down the stairs. NOTE - I'm going to assume attacks by your summoned creatures.

The centipedes finish off Ned's opponent, while the eagle flies over to assist Lleir. The sole remaining cultist you see down here still stands.

Round 6

Downstairs -

The sole remaining cult member wheels around and lashes out with a desperate strike, his war razor just skimming the top of Lleidr's head.

Upstairs -

The floor of this room has a thick carpet of sawdust, penetrated by two large log splitters and saws set up over openings in the floor. Another pair of openings is fitted with winches and ropes to raise
and lower uncut lumber from below.

"Devil, to me!" the robed elf shouts in a commanding tone, which still seems off for some reason, as if he's reluctant to shout. The repulsive creature lumbers behind Nich, trying in vain to claw at the cleric.

You see a sly smile through the ribboned mask. "You humans are much too slow to recognize your peril. Even now, with our agents working in every town and village, you have yet to see our designs!"

His sword lashes out fast like a cobra and smashes into Nich (10 hp dmg). Even so, the tremor in his hand is unmistakable.

Ned Rodan wrote:

"I'm good, thanks. Ned replies cheerfully, "Be right with you."

hee hee ... that's pretty good! I'll update again this evening.

Seven's Sawmill , Round 4 continued, First & Second Floors

NOTE - yes, Nich, half damage on the Will save, so 5 hp dmg.

Nich cuts another foe down, as he himself staggers under the Justice's supernatural onslaught.

Ned slays another foe, but his 2nd strike is parried by a war razor wielded with expert precision.

However, Lleidr's blade homes in and bites deep, eliciting a howl of pain.

Only 2 each of the summoned eagles and centipedes are left. Easing up the stairway, Selia fires an arcane bolt at the devil, who slaps at the sting. It's roiling flesh is burnt where struck. However, the eagles attack upon it has no visible effect.

Meanwhile, back downstairs, the other eagle rips and tears the cultist, who succumbs to his wounds and falls to the wood floor. The centipedes turn to attack the remaining cultists; one of them gets bitten and his hands betray a green shade and a tremor from the poison.

Round 5

With an explosion of feathers, the devil's claws rend the sole remaining upstairs eagle. It licks its claws clean of the dripping gore.

The priestly elf pulls a nightmarish mask-like hood over his face; it almost looks like its made of skin. Ned finds the effect horrific and mesmerizing.

"You should find something else to occupy your time.", the elf replies in a subdued voice, with an unusual tremor or lilt to it. NOTE - I need a Will save of DC 14 from Ned.

The cultists focus their remaining energies on their shared opponent, one of the frightening centipedes. Their blades bounce off the monster's hardened carapace.

Selia, you'd have to move upstairs to have a line of sight on the monster, or at least halfway up the steps.

Nich, in addition to your action, I need to get a Will save from you.

Thanks guys!

Nich, can you give us your action?

Sevens Sawmill, Round 3 continued, First & Second Floors

Nimble Lleidr dances around his foes, rises from a tumble, and stabs a cultist in the back.

Writhing centipedes crunch into their enemies from behind! Two of the men appear staggered by the onslaught.

The eagles atop the staircase bring another cultist to his knees, but the one fighting a summoned devil is having no visible effect, despite tearing into its globby skin. The thing's torn flesh appears to melt and smooth over any tear or break.

Ned charges into the storeroom, where he lands a devastating blow, thanks to presence of the horrifying bugs behind the cultists. His enemy crumples like paper.

Round 4

The eagles see the spellcaster move through the door upstairs, which is flung wide. "Enough!" and then he begins a dire prayer in an evil tongue as he cranes his neck through the opening above your heads. His voice is thick, as if the words come with difficulty. I need Ned, Nich, the 3 Centipedes and the 3 eagles upstairs to DC Will vs 14 (10 dmg). NOTE - you folks in the storeroom where most of the fighting is happening can see him looking down on you.

The devil reaches out for the eagle, but the great bird proves too fast for its grasp.

The cultists try flanking Lleidr again, but their efforts are wasted. One stabs at Nich (4 hp dmg). Another hops over a centipede and drives his war razor into its carapace, spilling steaming green ichor over the ground. NOTE - it takes 8 damage, which I think is enough to fell it, but I'm not sure.

"Your weird pets will not save you from danger. Surrender, so that your flesh will soon know the loving ministrations of our blades.".

The cultists cheer their leader's plea.

NOTE - And I think I just screwed up ... by skipping Nich's turn. Can we have Nich delaying until the rest of the party so that I don't have redo this round?

I think Selia will have to move an eagle so you can get in there.

Seven's Sawmill, Round 3, First & Second Floors

NOTE - sorry, Nich cannot see the elven spellcaster, and doesn't even know about him yet.

Nich wounds his enemy again, but yet he stands!


Selia's eagle is surprised by the sudden appearance of a grotesque devil, which tears into the creature with massive claws (NOTE - how many hp do your eagles each have? this attack did 4 hp dmg). Meanwhile, the crimson robed elf begins casting another spell in some unholy liturgy.

The cultist upstairs fights off the pair of eagles on the staircase, but fails to hit either.


The cultists rush forward in formation to attack Lleidr and Nich. Their coordinated attacks managed to batter Nich in return (5 hp dmg). But they fail to harm the embattled halfling.

Next up: Lleidr, Ned & Selia

If you haven't checked out this blog yet, I highly recommend it. Today's post is especially interesting.

Seven's Sawmill, Round 2, Continued

Despite being surrounded by foes, Lleidr stabs again, and this time, he fells his enemy.

Ned's opponent is entirely overcome by Ned's frenzied assault, and lies dead at the bottom of the stairs, in a crumpled heap.

As Selia beings chanting a liturgical bit of summoning magic, the eagles go berserk on the cultists. NOTE - I put 2 of them of at the top of the stairs, which you can now see because the link includes an image for Level 2. The 3rd eagle cannot move into the storeroom and do a full attack, so I applied his bite on one of Lleidr's attackers. The other eagle has done a bit of recon, and has revealed a stern faced, elven figure dressed in an elaborate crimson robe. His clothing immediately identifies him as a Justice of Magnimar, a member of the city's Justice Council. He appears to have just finished casting a spell.

Next up: Nich!

holy moley, guys ... you're really tearing into this group! I'll post an update a bit later this evening.

Sevens Sawmill, Round 2

Nich lashes out, but again his strike is parried.

One of the cultists next to Nich disengages and sprints around the collection bins, to reappear behind Lleidr. The other 2 in the storeroom continue their assault on Nicholea, with one piercing the cleric's armor (8 points dmg).

The cultist highest up the stairs, steps backwards, back up to the landing, while fighting off the eagles. The other man on the stairs stays in place, but his blade delivers no wounds upon the birds.

Four more cultists appear in the storeroom. They slide down long ropes from chutes in the floor above to stand upon the collection bins. Meanwhile, a deep and ominous voice is coming from the floor above, atop the landing.

Sevens Sawmill, Round 1 continued

Lleidr leaps past the door's threshold, and delivers a terrific blow to one of Nich's assailants.

Ned delivers a pair of swift strokes, but is parried by the deft use of the cultist's war razor. The banister however, winds up splintered badly in a few spots. NOTE - i had to move you over by 5', so that you'd be adjacent.

The eagles manage a couple of successful nips and bites, but the cultists are able to fend them off, for the most part.

Next up: Nich

Ned, are you attacking one of the cultists coming down the stairs or are you trying to get into that storeroom?

BTW, can everyone see the map OK now? just wondering if downloading it is working for you.

Seven's Sawmill, First Floor - First Round

Upon seeing his wounded comrade, Nich bounds past Lleidr and barrels inside, slashing wildly at the first enemy he sees, delivering a terrific wound.

Immediately, the cultists surround Nich and simultaneously block the entrance into the storeroom. They hack from both sides at the cleric, who wheels about and parries their blows with blade and shield.

Another cultist charges down the steps, and strikes at Selia (4 hp dmg). You see another man behind the assailant, eager to join the fight.

NOTE - just a reminder; try downloading the map. you should be able to still view it in the browser, but at its normal size

it looks like Amazon has changed the way it presents images, so you now have to download them. After you click 'download', it'll present like it used to.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. These little software enhancements they've introduced to Cloud recently are annoying.

At any rate, you're able to move and attack in your turn, if you'd like to do an attack roll.

Seven's Sawmill, First Floor - Surprise Round

As soon as your light spills into the room via the opened door, a crossbow bolt slams into Lleidr (3 hp dmg). A cultist stands at the opposite end of the room. You can see another hiding almost out of sight, around the corner.

Let's keep initiative the same. Next up: Nich
then, cultists,
then, Lleidr, Ned, Selia & the eagles

This large storeroom is filled with stacks of timber, firewood, and other finished lumber products waiting for shipment. A network of pulleys on tracks covers the ceiling, ropes dangling here and there to aid in the shifting of inventory as needed. Machinery churns along the south wall, while nearby two chutes fitted with winches allow lumber to be hauled up from the holding pools below. Four openings in the ceiling lead to the upper floor; chutes extend through each of these from the log splitters in the room above. Under each opening is a collection bin.

Selia D`Averam wrote:

You are pretty sure you hear music...

Anyone get the reference?

to the east coast storm? 'land of the ice and snow' ...

I"m not sure which direction you're going. I thought I saw one of you mention continuing upstairs, but Lleidr indicated opening the door on this level.

Out of an abundance of caution, I'll hold off. Were you all going to open the door or head upstairs next? Or, I suppose you could do both.

Not enlarged, Ned; you have Bull's Strength

None of you notice anything unusual or dangerous about the area, and Lleidr finds no traps on the door, so far the only door you've seen on this level.

Noise continues from upstairs: shouts and a particularly loud voice, which you haven't heard yet, of someone commanding others.

I forgot to mention a couple of things

1) Nich needs healing .. he's down 8 hp

2) there's a door on the south wall on this landing - you should be able to make it out on the map

Where to next? you can go up to the next level of the mill, you can go back down, or you can check out the door. You can hear the cultists shouting and running about on the level above.

Seven's Sawmill, First Floor

The landing at the top of the stairs reveals another staircase going up. The floor and ceiling are both open to the levels above and below, just south of the sets of steps. From below, you catch glimpses of red robes flashing by your view in the level above.

Perception checks, please.

He's subdued. What's everyone else doing?

He complies.

As you converse, you hear more footsteps of men upstairs.

He throws his weapon aside, and raises in hands towards the ceiling in surrender.

"You do know you're not getting out of here alive, right?"

Nice! Intimidate check, please.

It looks like Amazon Cloud is displaying the linked images all zoomed in, and I don't see a way to adjust the zoom. Let me know if the maps give you grief.

Sevens Sawmill, Round 3 continued

Selia's weird protoplasm roots the cultist to the spot!

Round 4

Nich spins about with his blade, and fells the cultist in between him and Lleidr.

Abandoning his companion, the northernmost cultist flees up the stairs. His remaining counterpart is stuck fast to the ground. He is using his arms to try and wrench his legs away, his efforts all in vain.

NOTE - I made a mistake earlier about the hole in the ceiling; it's actually much closer to the staircase than the middle of the room. However, you do catch glimpses through the opening of men running up a staircase on the upper level.

Sevens Sawmill, Round 3 continued

With a surge of strength nearly superhuman, Ned smashes through his opponent's magical defenses and cuts the man's legs out of from under him. The man is dead before his body hits the floor.

With the help of his simian companion, Lleidr's strike is true, and his knife cuts deep.

And ... no actions from Selia? I don't believe using a KNO would count as your action.

It's easier to note which NPC you're attacking in a live Maptool session, because you can see the name 'Goblin 1', 'Goblin 2', etc., when you hover your mouse over the token. With just a print-screen, I lose that.


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