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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

2,115 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Just need Parthen to weigh in ... How far south are you travelling Ned or are you staying put?

Nich, you're actually very far away from the only opponent left. He's way down south, you're way up north, about 120' away.


Grr ... Amazon Cloud is being stubborn.

Graul Farm, Round 3

Lleidr sneaks around, and slides the Fang of Elyrium into the Crowfood's misshapen side, past some kind of hanging, tumour-ridden mass.

Shelalu lands a lethal blow on one of the 2 hounds attacking her.

NICH - not sure what your intention is, so, let's say you've held your actions till after the bad guys act

Ned delivers a pair of quick strikes that slide deep into Crowfood's torso. With a gasp of surprise before dying, he wonders aloud, "You ... ya'll are surveyors?"

Selia begins another summoning ...

The sole remaining dog leaps and snaps again at Shelalu, but she fends off the vicsious beast.

Parthen fires another volley of magic missiles at the ugly fellow approaching you from the south, who seems unfazed.

"Ya'll killed all my dogs, and that makes me hot enough to shout. Your magic nonsense hain't got no compare with my Mammy's." Lunging forward with his huge spear, he strikes one of the Parthens deep in the chest, who promptly vanishes, leaving only three wizards.

NOTE - I'm having trouble getting a new map to upload. The map is essentially unchanged, other than 1 hound and Crowfood are dead; Nich, Ned and Lleidr are at the north edge of the map with no opponents. The other bad guy is in the south section with Selia, Parthen, Shelalu and a dying firepelt cougar.

Nich, your opponent is on the north edge of your square. Sorry the map is confusing ... future ones probably won't be so spread out as this.

I removed the 3 hounds who were reduced to less than 0 hp, but i left in poor Kibb. sniff

back to one map tonight ...i think you're closer together so that putting everything in 1 image isn't such a stretch.

Graul Woods, Round 2

Kibb fights with unchained ferocity, badly mauling two of the dogs.

Shelalu flings her bow to the side and slashes wildly with her short sword, trying to keep the hounds at bay.

Nich rushes to engage Crowfood.

Ned delivers a devestating attack on Crowfood, but his second thrust is parried with the great hook, wielded with monstrous strength.

Parthen takes a step back from the second ogrish fellow, and now there are 4 Parthens, each moving in perfect synchronization.

Selia's unicorn bats away at Crowfood, hitting him with a glancing blow. Selia fires a bolt from her crossbow, hitting the ogrish man square in the chest. He pulls it out and tosses it to the ground. "Found one o' you's hairpins, darlin'."

Lleidr flings an arcane bolt at Crowfood.

The hound previously pinned to the ground by Kibb tries to stand, only to have its throat ripped out. The two remaining hounds leap and snap at Shelalu, but the elven woman has the better reach with her sword, and she keeps them at bay.

"The durn cat's bein' a whole mess a trouble." The misshapen newcomer steps over to Kibb and spears the poor beast, driving his weapon right through its body. The cougar cries out and then is silent.

"Trespassin' on muh land. Mammy won't like it. Mammy'll git you all." Crowfood's anger begins to give way to dismay and he spits out the last sentence like a curse. His hook lashes out and tears into the unicorn, who vanishes at once. Crowfood brings the hook around to his other side on top of Ned (39 dmg).


Parthen: 5' step and casts Mirror Image

Selia: crossbow attack and step behind Nich

Unicorn: continue to flank, melee

ok, but straight line to whom? You're the only PC on both maps, and I think you're wanting to run towards Crowfood, who's on top of the north map. The new guy, the one with the dogs, isn't 12 squares south of you.

ok, where are you moving to, Nich?

Also need actions from Lleidr, Parthen, and Selia (including your unicorn!).

Since you guys are spread out so much, I went ahead and split it up across 2 images.

Graal Woods, Round 1

Shelalu looses an arrow at a hound, racing towards the party, then steps sideways into the trees, blending into their cover.

Nich is now blessed with divinely increased strength, and the horses are tethered to nearby trees.

Ned runs towards the pumpkin-headed Crowfood, smashing into him with his sword. Crowfood curses and takes a step back from the furious assault.

NOTE - got clarification on what Parthen is doing - he's spraying the south-approaching villains with magic missiles.

Selia summons a creature from deepest myth whose presence causes your foes faces to fall in dismay. A unicorn leaps forward, coming around to flank Pumpkinhead.

Lleidr fires at Crowfood, who dodges the arrow.

Crowfood swings about, wielding an ugly, over-sized hook with deadly expertise (20 dmg to the unicorn, 18 to Ned). The hounds and Rukus run toward the south end of the party; Rukus is close enough to grab at Parthen's cloak!

South Map

North Map

Ned, you're 40' away, so yeah, you'll need to charge to reach him.

Let's say you spent the surprise round starting summoning, which means you can each get 1 move or action this round. Do you have stats for your summoned animal or can i just use a standard unicorn?

Sorry about that! you should be able to dl the map and see things closer up in an image viewer.

Yes, you and Lleidr are closest to Crowfood, the pumpkin headed guy on the north edge of the map. Everyone else is closest to the 1-handed guy with all the black hounds.

Looks like we need actions from Selia and Ned to proceed.

I'm finding this year that some treasured fantasy tropes are not fantasy. First, the real underground tunnels in a medieval city, then this news about traps in the Egyptian pyramid.

Anyone else having problems w/ the map?

Did you guys see this in the news? Traps in ancient ruins are no fantasy, if these researchers are right. Fascinating stuff!! The ancient Egyptians did Gygax proud.

Forgot Parthen; he acts just before Selia.

I know the Map is zoomed out pretty far; it's cause you guys are spread out a good bit. If you can make it out OK, I just need your action and movement, please.

At the sound of Ned's voice, the one named 'Crowfood' whips his head round towards Ned, his lower face twisted into a snarl.

The speaker south of the party is soon in sight - he comes blundering around the bend of the trail, brandishing an evil looking spear and with a pack of snarling hounds round his feet.

"I's huntin' cat, but found some men with it and then horses to boot!. And right pretty wimin. Crowfood, we's havin' some fun toniiight!"


Lleidr - you're Stealthed away

The cougar zips south of the party, making a beeline for the lead hound, and crashes into it, its body wrapped around the dog. The dog yelps in surprise and fear as its body smacks into the ground.


Shelalu tries to calm the horses.

"These are the infamous Grauls, no doubt. They may know something about the Black Arrows." She readies her bow for whatever is coming from the south.

Ned, you're STR is +4 for the next 7 minutes!

It's Monday ... we need a laugh

Lleidr, correct on the geography. you are north and west of Claybottom Lake.

The pumpkin headed fellow dashes over to his field of sickly corn, chasing away a flock of crows.

"Git outta here, you stinkin' magpies!" he yells, waving his arms like a madman.

Shortly after that outburst, you hear a deep voice singing a crude ditty about eating kittens. This voice is coming from the south, headed towards the farm.

"Hey, Crowfood! Seen that big stinkin' cat sneakin' 'round? That blamed varmint got away from me!"

Group's gone quiet! If you wanted to initiate combat, you've got surprise. Or if you'd rather do something else, you can do that without pumking-head dude interfering.

Thanks guys .. it was my dad this time, not my kid. But looks like he'll be OK.

You see a particularly ugly fellow skulking about the trees edging the farm's property. His grotesquely deformed head resembles a giant pumpkin on the right side—a huge puffy mass of tumors and overgrown bone giving his head a lopsided look.

He appears to be busy, wiping the blade of a massive hook against a rotting log. The firepelt cougar tenses and begins a low growl.


Folks, I have to go out of town for a couple of days for a family emergency medical thing. I believe I can update again on Saturday. Sorry again for the delay ...

OK, if it's just Lleidr, I need a stealth & Perception from him. Ned, can you give me a Perception check?

Parthen and Selia are also hanging back?

Ned notices that the cougar is staring at the barn, half-growling and half-whimpering. Her body is pointed ramrod straight at the eastern building.

Can you each give me a Perception and Stealth check?

As you gaze upon the farm yonder, you need to


for the requisite background music.

The cougar leads to a half-overgrown path. The narrow trail winds into the wooded hills about half a mile, and up ahead, you can see a clearing with a couple of buildings. The trees approaching the land are decorated with several hanging cornhusk-and-leather humanoid shaped

The site ahead looks to be a sickly farm. A tangled field of corn and other diseased plants grows in the eastern section of their land, while
to the north slump two sagging buildings: a barn and a farmhouse. Both have had their windows boarded over, and moss and fungus grow heavy on the shaded sides of the decrepit structures.

It nibbles at your sleeve, tugging gently, trying to gesture with its head towards the west. It steps forward again, turning back and looking at the party.

Definitely no spoilers from me, other than you're playing one of the best modules of one of the best RPGs ever made. Enjoy!

Your summoned cat vanishes into the deep woods and after several moments, the hounds' barking begins to recede until the commotion disappears.

The firepelt cougar you've rescued seems agitated even after your ministrations. It nibbles at Ned's cloak, tugging it. Then it steps forward into the woods, towards the west. After a few stops, it stops and looks backward at you, waiting.

OK, so Parthen apparently cast 'Knock'. The device opens and the animal is freed.

As the barking from hounds gets closer, Selia's summoned great cat appears. Can you describe exactly how you want it to distract whatever's coming?

Ahhh, d6 Star Wars! You players are in for a real treat!! This is Tatooine Manhunt, right? Very good stuff.

The old d6 game seems as popular as ever.

While you and Selia calm the animal down, Selia's also summoned another cat, to distract whatever is making the noises in the distance.

While I'm sure that Lleidr can perform a disable check, I wonder if Parthen has something up his sleeve that would help ???

Sure, you can try to disable the trap. I'd bot Lleidr, but I don't know his skill bonus.

The trap definitely looks 'disable-able'.

Translation: we should cut the ROPE and let the animal go, COMMA, beforE the dogs get HERE and then WE should leave.

Geez, kid ...

As the party gets closer, the sound of barking is getting louder. The cougar turns, noticing you for the first time, giving you all a plaintive look.

As you surmised, the animal's leg is indeed caught in a trap, specifically a bear trap.

Sorry for the lack of postings. Got a family member in the hospital, and we've had company staying with us this week.

I'll try to get an update out tonight.

I've never read or played X2 nor X3. I need to check those out, being that I've heard so much about them.

About 100' west of the party and off the trail, within thick woods, Lleidr can see a firepelt cougar looking behind then turning to look ahead, then back again. It's trying to move, but something grey colored has ahold of a hind leg, which is bleeding.

The great cat hisses at whatever holds it with great teeth, then tugs again, crying out in pain.

From much farther west comes a more distant sound, that of several baying hounds. Upon hearing this noise, the cougar tugs again at its leg several more times, but with no success.

Next day, Shelalu leads you on the road forward. The most direct route, she explains, is to follow a narrow trail leading up along the banks of the Skull River, north of Turtleback. Despite the chill from wind sweeping off the mountains and from a light shower of rain, you make decent progress.

After a few miles, you see the road crossing an old wooden bridge to the western shore of Skull River, before heading north again.

Yep, sure do! And, I've also got Paizo's adventure path that recreated the setting over a series of Dungeon magazines. The latter half of it is more about planar adventures and is kinda weird.

Probably my favorite module is X4, Master of the Desert Nomads. I'd love to run this soon using BFRPG.

The Grauls have a notorious reputation in these parts. That family has many labels, typically variations on 'half-breeds' and 'ogre-kin'. Word is that they hunt villagers down for food and sport. With no word on the Black Arrows, there's been an increase in sightings outside the village lately. They're said to live in the hills, just west and a bit north of Claybottom. If you're headed in that direction, be wary!

So, there'a couple of reasons why I like this system:

1) I'm old. Really ancient, and I cut my RPG teeth on Mentzer Basic. So, yes, as you may have guessed, I also like the Rules Cyclopedia, but that came out about 8 years or so after my initial exposure to the hobby. So, nostalgia is one factor. But, while BFRPG revels in its inspiration, it also updates it with more modern fixes like ascending AC, etc.

2) While I admire the mechanical depth of games like Pathfinder, I'm finding I have less and less patience for them. Time for prepping, especially for a live game, is hard to come by, and it's easier to make stuff for BFRPG than this.

Having said all that, I'm not impressed with the published adventures for BFRPG. I still like my old collection of B and X modules better (and the CM ones too!).

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