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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber. 1,640 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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I forgot .. I'm gonna need a Fort save on each eagle.

I don't think I was clear before. The breathing sound you heard when you first entered these caverns is in fact coming from the surging and sloshing waters at the bottom of this large room.

Foxglove Manor Caverns, Round 1

Lleidr has to enter the room to fling the Fang of Elyrium, but the weapon misses its target.

The closest undead goblin lurches at a rapid clip towards the party, and bites Lleidr for 7 hp dmg (I need 2 Fort saves please, plus I need everyone except for Selia to give me a seperate Fort save due to the awful stench produced by this undead). The remaining undead immediately clamber up the steep slope.

Ned beheads Lleidr's assailant and then slides over a few feet, closing the tunnel.

I need actions for the eagles, Selia, and Nich, and that'll conclude this round. NOTE - I assumed the eagles are out of reach of the undead and are about 10' in the air. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the eagles get to stick around this round and next, but then go away after round 2.

OK, but you can't ready until it's your turn to act; the goblins in this encounter get to go before you.


Undead goblins
Selia, Ned, Nich (yes, I did both rolls)

Foxglove Manor Caverns

The cramped tunnel opens into a vertiginous gulf here, a cathedral-like cavern with a roof arching thirty feet overhead and dropping into a sloshing pool of foamy seawater fifty feet below. A steep stone ledge winds down to these surging depths, its slope glistening with moisture and mold. A stone door stands in the northwestern wall about halfway down the slope.

Directly ahead, you can make out Iesha pounding on the crumbling stone door. To your left, you see into another passage leading into a room with a floor paved in bone fragments.

Several undead monsters in the corporal form of goblins are cowering in Iesha's presence, until they turn their eyes on you.

NOTE - by my estimation, we have 2 rounds left with the eagles.

The last ghoul is destroyed. Where to next?

Foxglove Manor Caverns, Round 3

The ravenous ghouls slam into your readied weapons. Ned easily fells the first opponent. Nich's blade and Lleidr's arcane power wound another.

The eagles rip into the wounded ghoul, destroying him as well as a third one that was approaching. (NOTE - this begins round #4) A fourth ghoul, the only one left standing, tears at the hovering birds and hitting one with his claws.

The pounding on stone continues with increasing wretched cries of Iesha. It sounds like the stone is cracking and beginning to yield. The rhythmic breathing sound is continues as well, is closer now, and has a wet, sloshing quality to it.

Still waiting on Ned. I wasn't clear the other day and didn't point out earlier that I need Ned's attack & damage roll, too.

So, we need Ned's combat actions and Selia to confirm a critical. BTW, it's going to be difficult to shoot a target on the other side of Ned & Nich.

The ghouls are simply going to charge your line. Go ahead and give me your attack rolls, and i'll post another update.

OK, Lleidr has used his attack in Round 2 to strike a ghoul and then stepped east 2 squares.

In Round 3, I'll update the map with 5' steps for Ned & Nich, who will ready for an attack.

I need actions for Nich, Selia & Lleidr for Round 3, but it sounds like you guys are going to Ready an action, as well as have the eagles attack.

Sure that's fine. Selia, do you wish to act in Round 2, after the monsters or do we proceed to Round 3?

Foxglove Manor Caverns - Round 2

Nich and Ned both engage the remaining ghoul; while Ned's strike misses, Nich delivers a powerful blow.

With a transcendent glow, three eagles appear, flapping with furious strength over the combatants. Together, the screaming birds nip and tear the ghoul to pieces.

Rounding a corner from the shadowed recesses of the western wall, you can make out two more ghouls approaching. Strings of drool unspool from their fanged mouths.

"Eh, the guards are dead now ... guess that means more meat for us, right?"

"They got birds in here, by thunder! Never ate birds before."

Beyond the ghouls, you can make out a crashing sound, like stones slamming against one another and one of them cracking. "I know you're inside there, Aldern. Your punishment cannot be postponed any further."

NOTE - if you wish, Lleidr can delay to move & attack one of the new ghouls in this round, but your place in initiative order will be after they go for the rest of this encounter. Selia also get actions for herself, which can happen in this round.

Selia, what's the duration on your summoning?

No noticeable effect for Lleidr ... 1 ghoul is still with you, ready for another attack ... actions, please.

Foxglove Manor Caverns, Western Passage, Round 1

The fellas dispatch two of the ghouls with ease, while Selia begins chanting a spell for divine aid.

The sole remaining ghoul lunges at Lleidr with its jaws agape and its taloned hands slashing with wild abandon. The claws miss, but the ghoul succeeds in scoring a bite out of the halfling (3 hp dmg). I'm going to need 2 Fort saves from Lleidr.

Just waiting on Selia ...

Foxglove Manor Caverns

Initiative Order: Lleidr, Nich, Ned, Selia, Ghouls

We got in pretty late today, so I'll update tomorrow morning folks. Sorry for the delay.

NOTE- I'll update with a map after I return, and with initiative order. This seems like a good stopping place.

The passage continues more or less to the west, where you see Iesha round a corner and disappear towards the north. After she passes, 3 trembling ghouls step out from shadowed corners and block your passage.

"We cannot allow you to pass, but perhaps you wish to linger among us?" one ghoul asks in a raspy voice with a lick of his lips.

Sorry I didn't update last night, but it looks like the server was down.

I'm going on vacation tomorrow, 8/17 and we'll be back on Sunday, 8/23. I'll get 1, maybe 2, more updates before going offline.

DUH, didn't see that you had also rolled your Will save earlier. Funny that you rolled the same thing I did.

NOTE - I got a 20 on a Will save for you, Selia. The vision passes without further incident.

Foxglove Manor Caverns

The stairs end in a limestone cavern. The walls drip with moisture, and swaths of black and dark blue mold grow in spiraling, tangled patterns on the floor, ceiling, and walls. Rubble and broken bones clutter the floor, and a rhythmic sound—like the breathing of some immense creature—echoes through the cave from three tunnels, one to the north and two to the west. Of the two western tunnels, the southernmost one seems to be a relatively new creation.

You see Iesha disappear into the middle passage (the northernmost tunnel pointing to the west, the one directly west of Selia on the map image) with a determined stride.

Selia has a strange look on her face.

OK, can you give me a Will save.

Selia, need a Perception check please.

"Do you still respond to my call, my love? The darkness will no longer hide you, Aldern."

Foxglove Manor Basement

Piles of broken stone, dirt, and a few ruined pickaxes line the edges of this room. The floor in the middle of the room has been torn up to reveal an ancient set of stone spiral stairs, obviously of much older construction than the surrounding basement, winding deep into the bedrock below. A foul stink, like that of rotten meat, wafts up on a
cold breeze from the darkness.

You catch sight of Iesha stepping further down into the darkness, following the descending stair, and disappearing in the dark.

In the southwest corner of this basement room, there's a small staircase of much more recent construction leading to a hallway pointed towards the east. Presumably, this passage leads to the rest of the house's basement level. However, Iesha has disappeared below, into a ruin of some sort far under the earth.

And, to add to that, you can, of course, choose to explore the other rooms of the manor's ground floor. There's quite a few doors in both the north & south walls which you haven't checked out yet.

After about a minute, Iesha has shattered the floor so that there's just enough space for passage to an area below. She immediately leaps into the inky darkness and disappears.

You can make out a square room below with a set of stone stairs spiraling down into the dark, and you can hear Iesha's footsteps descending them.

NOTE - I'll update the map depending on where you go next. Due to your vantage point, it's difficult to make out many details of the basement room which Iesha has revealed.

I'm feeling too drained emotionally to update today, folks. I've learned a valuable lesson in my personal life, which I feel compelled to share. Before you engage the services of a financial planner, make sure they're impartial by asking how they're paid. If they're paid via fee only, they're probably legit. If they also get a commission based on products they sell ... run away. But, if you stick around, no matter what type of adviser, be sure to get whatever they do in writing, as specific as possible.

We're not out anything, we're going to be OK, but the past couple of days has been tense!

Nich, you're OK now. Flame's are out.

Iesha has started tearing into the floor, in the center of the mold stain, which kind of looks like a spiral staircase. She's ripping the slimy carpet into shreds and her hands puncture the flooring underneath. Splinters and shards of wood are flying through the air as she digs for something underneath the house.

Just a rules reminder, the only way to combat haunts is to channel positive energy. And, if you want to beat them to the punch, you have to notice them before they activate AND then beat their initiative in the surprise round!

Fortunately, after this initial assault, the manticore returns to its normal appearance. However, Nich's clothes have caught on fire (4 hp dmg). You'll need to give me another Reflex Save to see if the fire has been stamped out.

Ned's sword cleaves the air. And, Iesha is prowling in a circle around the mold stain, all the while staring intently at it. "A stair that is not a stair? I am not amused, Aldern."

Foxglove Manor Ground Floor

Before the rest of you have a chance to react, Selia casts a spell, throwing a beam of divine energy forward towards the stuffed manticore which, to your utter amazement, lurches to life..

There's a degree of unreality to the scene. The manticore's face resembles the portrait you saw earlier of Cyralie Foxglove. It's fur erupts into flame, and its tail strikes forward at Nich (NOTE - the burning manticore is represented on the map by the ball of fire). There's a smell of burning flesh, and Nich takes 12 hp dmg. You also need to give me a Reflex save to avoid catching on fire.

Ned, the smell is that of burning flesh, specifically people, not beasts or monsters.

Iesha takes no notice of the commotion in the entrance hall and is still focused on the mold. To your eyes, Selia, it has a spiraling pattern.

(NOTE - yes, this is another haunt effect, and while Selia was able to strike first, her spell wasn't powerful enough to suppress the effect. I also had to roll her 'to hit' and damage).

Foxglove Manor Ground Floor

You're all making your way back to the house's ground level. Iesha has stopped upon coming to a foul swirl of dark mold on the hallway floor. She stares the floor, transfixed, and appears to take no notice of you.

I'm gonna get an update out in the morning, and most likely, I can do 2 or 3 to make up for the lack of one today.

With a determined stride, she works her way down through the house. In short order, she's down to the upper level, ready to descend the main stair to the foyer.

"Face me, Aldern, or do you hide in fear from what your hand has wrought?"

Do you wish to keep following her?

Iesha is headed towards the stairs leading from the attic down to the upper floor. Are you all following her? or do you wish to continue exploring the attic?

Fortunately, the fear Iesha inspired in you all only lasted a few seconds, so if you do want to follow her, it shouldn't be difficult, as you can hear her footsteps going down the hallway.

Just a reminder, Aldern Foxglove is the guy you rescued back in Sandpoint who took a keen interest in the party, especially in Selia, whom he showered in flowery compliments.

Hmm ... well, I think the total for your Will save would actually be a 20 which beats what I got for you earlier today. So, that changes things somewhat. You're not prone on the floor and you're not paralyzed by fear.

Iesha is headed towards the hallway. You can try to stop her or you may try something else. This would be an attack of opportunity on your part, if you wish to try preventing Iesha from leaving the room.

You can also act on your round, so Selia, you need to tell me what you're doing for your AoO and then your actions for the first round.

Everyone is paralyzed and cowering in fear from the revenant's unearthly howls. Her face contorted in rage, Iesha's eyes flash immediately to the doorway.

She walks between Nich and Ned, both paralyzed by their terror. Selia and Lleidr are prostrate on the floor and whimpering, as Iesha's feet march past their sight. She passes the doorway without a further glance behind her. She is halfway down the hall, when you hear her speak; her words are heavily accented Varisian but filled with cold menace.

"Aldern! I can smell your fear. You'll be in my arms soon!"

Her footsteps recede further down the hallway. After a few seconds, you've all regained your senses.

I'll do a Will save for Selia if she doesn't roll for one before this evening, just to keep things moving.

Need a Will save (fear based) from Selia before proceeding.

Iesha's howling shriek climbs in intensity, to the point it's becoming unbearable. I need each of you to give me a Will save (vs fear effect).

Selia, I thought you cast Bless prior to the party entering the room. The effect is still up from the original casting.

Foxglove Manor Attic - Surprise Round

The Fang of Elyrium misses its target, but Nich and Ned each deliver devastating blows against the seemingly unaware undead before them.

She unleashes a baleful shriek. "Again? You would slay me with steel this time, Aldern?"

Initiative order Round 1:

Nich (I rolled twice for you; got a 9 then an 11)

So, I need a new action from Ned and then I'll update.

Everyone saw exactly what I described above. I'll resolve this surprise round later today and then we'll initiate the first regular combat round.

So, technically, this is a surprise round, in which other members of the party can act. Anyone else joining Nich in on this attack?

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