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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber. 1,585 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Bingo! Very nice deduction.

Yes, this appears to be what's left of Iesha Foxglove.

Foxglove Manor Attic

The door unlocks and opens on aged hinges with a creak that makes you shudder.

This room is cold and damp; an old armoire stands near the east wall. The ceiling slopes down to only four feet high to the northeast, leaving little room for a small window. A full-size mirror in a dark wooden frame of coiling roses leans against these bricks, angled toward the tiny window.

Swooning and sobbing a few feet away from the front of the mirror, a horrific sight greets you. You see a shambling corpse, twisted and mutilated, with fingers of sharpened bone. In an instant, you realize this nightmare is the source of the crying you've been hearing since entering this place. Despite her undead state, she looks familiar. She doesn't appear to have noticed you and is instead transfixed upon her image in the mirror.

The lock proves stubborn. Do you want to take 20 on the attempt?

You can hear the sounds of a woman sobbing coming from the other side. The door is locked.

Is the party going to try the eastern door at the end of the hall next? Just wanted to clarify.

Foxglove Manor Attic

NOTE - In the interest of time, I'm assuming you're exploring each of these storerooms, and so am revealing them all at once.

Each of these rooms is crowded with old furniture, sheets & linens, and boxes and crates. Each room has a stale, musty odor and the various items show stains of mold.

The hallway turns north, and you see 4 other doors:

- one near Nich in the south wall

- two doors in the east wall

- one door in the west wall

Rounding the corner, you each hear a loud shriek of pain. It sounds as if it came from the door in the east wall, at the end of the hall.

BTW, you see several doors along this hallway stretching east into the attic. Two are on the north wall, three are on the south wall.

Foxglove Manor Attic

You notice nothing noteworthy about the aged door, other than a few splotches of mold peeking through a recent coat of paint.

Inside the room, a large number of wooden planks, rope, and other repair supplies are stored here. The ceiling above sags noticeably; in several areas patches of the sky above are visible.

The hallway outside the room goes east, deeper into the attic, turning north after 30 feet.

Foxglove Manor Attic

The stairs lead up to a narrow hallway, with a door in a west wall immediately past the landing. The hallway continues south for a bit, then turns east.

NOTE - i accidentally revealed a bit of 2 rooms in the attic. We can say that you saw these areas through tattered curtains from the outside.

So which area is next folks?

Selia's still choking.

But the ranger's attack is short-lived. Ned regains his senses and his grip loosens. Coming from the staircase climbing into the attic, you each hear the sound of a woman sobbing once more.

Also, as a reminder, you've got 1 doorway left unopened on this level, plus most of the rest of downstairs.

OK, so Ned has to keep Grappling to maintain the pin, but at a +5 bonus.

So, despite Lleidr's help, Nich cannot break Ned's grip around Selia's throat.

I can't remember if Ned needs to continue to grapple to maintain the pin. I don't think he does, but does anyone know for sure?

Selia, you may attempt to break the pin if you'd like via Escape Artist or Grapple. You could also try casting a spell, if it's one without verbal and somatic gestures as well as without spell components.

Once we get the remaining actions, that will finish round 3.

OK, so Selia is choking right now and there will be a number of rounds before she goes unconscious. I don't believe her CMB roll is high enough to escape. However, Lleidr's Aid Another attempt is successful.

Going into round 3, I need an action for Nich.

Then, Ned, followed by Selia and Lleidr again. Anyone else having problems with the latest map link? it comes up fine for me.

Foxglove Manor Upper Floor

Round 2 of Ned's madness.

This is a bit messy, but here's your positions from what I can tell. Everyone except for Lleidr has the Grappled condition. Ned has a hold on Selia and Nich has a hold on Ned. Nich's action for Round 2 was to grapple Ned.

Ned is going to focus solely on Selia, but however you wish to do that is up to you.

After we get Ned's action, let's see what Lleidr and Selia will do.

Selia gets an Attack of Opportunity, which could be a single action combat maneuver in addition to a regular attack.

That's correct. You're out of melee with Ned, but you can easily move through Ned's space in order to get into position.

You'd have to get on the other side of Ned to Aid Another, which you should be able to attempt by using Acrobatics to get through Ned's CMD.

Ned won't do an AoO, since he's focused solely on murdering Selia. Unfortunately, Ned breaks free from Nich's grasp, and attacks, dealing 13 dmg to Selia.

Lleidr and Selia, you're up next.

Nich, you should change your action. You didn't notice the beginning of the haunt and were unable to channel before the haunt happened. Channeling now will have no effect.

The haunt itself has already triggered and passed.

I don't think I've explicitly pointed this out before, but I'll periodically private msg you if your PC knows or perceives something your companions do not. So, just remember to check your mailbox on here for new messages periodically.

Foxglove Manor Upper Floor

NOTE - in the interest of time, I've made all the necessary initiative & perception checks. Nich didn't catch the sign of a haunt effect, and so cannot try to channel energy in the surprise round before the effect surfaces.

The western door at the hall's end reveals a stair climbing into the attic. As you re-enter the hallway, Ned and Lleidr hear a woman's accusation. "What do you get up to down in the damp below?"

You see Ned swoon with dizziness, and then his face contorts in rage. His arm readies a powerful swing towards Selia.

Nich goes first.

Ned is next, and must attack Selia this round with lethal force.

Selia then Lleidr follow.

Actions, Nich?

There's a door adjacent to the door for this room; there's an unopened double door in the portrait gallery.

Lleidr reveals a portrait.

The plaque on the frame identifies the woman as Iesha Foxglove, wife of Aldern Foxglove.

Probably will be Sunday before I can update again, folks.

The painting doesn't detect as magical.

Foxglove Manor Upper Floor

This once fine chamber has been destroyed. The bed is smashed, mattress torn apart, walls gouged as if by knives, chairs hacked apart, and paintings on the walls torn to pieces—with one exception. A portrait hanging on the northwest wall seems to be untouched, although it hangs backward, its unseen subject facing the wall.

Lleidr immediately determines that the floor here is unstable. Anyone heavier than himself getting further into the room is at risk of having the floor collapse into the ground level of the house.

The tub itself is empty. You see nothing else of note in this washroom.

Perception check please, Lleidr

Found a great gaming blog. Definitely check it out

Foxglove Manor Upper Floor

NOTE - even though I"m showing your tokens in the hallway, this is simply for clarity, so you can see the room and its contents. We can assume you're all inside the new chamber.

An iron tub sits in the middle of this room, the floorboards around it sagging with the tub’s weight.

Also, don't forget that the portrait gallery had a set of double doors in its western wall, which you haven't opened.

You see Nich looking a bit shaken, but he appears unharmed. Any idea where you want to go next?

- North door

- western hallway has 2 doors:

----- directly west

----- north west

Foxglove Manor Upper Floor

This entire bedroom is caked with a thick, spongy layer of dark green, blue, and black mold.

Nich, I need a Will save from you please.

I'll get an update in the morning, folks. Sorry for the delay.

You don't notice anything else significant about the room. Any idea which door you want to try next? there's several options. Here's the latest map again:

Foxglove Manor Upper Floor

Breath frosts in the air and fingers of rime slither across the walls. Nich, you immediately recognize this as a haunt-type effect, vulnerable to channeling.

Before this effect can manifest itself further, holy energies bath the room in light upon Nicholae's recitation of ancient sacred liturgy. The room immediately returns to normal temperature.

What next, folks?

Yep, sure have Nich. And, I just realized this morning that I'd been doing Init all along, so sorry about that. Just to keep things moving, I'll keep doing Init for you all.

Guys, as I've mentioned previously, we have a medical situation at home. I can't post an update this evening because we're still waiting on 2 Init rolls. Tomorrow and Tues look 'iffy' for me doing an update, because I've got a kid going into surgery tomorrow.

Go ahead, Ned & Nich, and give me Init rolls. And, then I"ll update as soon as I"m able.

Unfortunately, Selia cannot act at the moment, since she was taken by surprise by the particular effect in this room. Ned, can you give us an Initiative roll?

No, the racial bonus is a bonus towards your Will save, and wouldn't apply to Perception checks or trying to beat a haunt in Initiative. However, if the haunt introduced a fear-type effect that targeted you, then yes, you'd get the racial bonus.

Ned (NOTE - I got a Per 16 for Ned), Nich and Lleidr all notice the room getting noticeably colder immediately after the paintings are revealed.

So ... if the 3 of you would like to try doing something, you'll need to roll Initiative for the surprise round. Unaware of the sudden change, Selia is unable to act for the moment.


You guys are beginning to encounter haunts, and PF has specific rules for them. They trigger during a surprise round at Initiative 10, but before doing so, you'll get a chance to detect them via Perception. If you notice the haunt before it goes off AND if you can beat its initiative score, you can try to use positive energy to temporarily suppress them.

Alternately, you could run out of the room, but again, you have to notice the beginning of its manifestation and then beat an Init of 10 to do that.

Folks, I got something serious to discuss. I know there's a lot of attention right now to Star Wars, given the new film that's coming out. And, whether it turns out good or bad (hopefully good), it's starting to suck all the oxygen out of the room. And, that means original works that deserve attention and appreciation probably aren't going to get it.

A friend of mine pointed out a stellar, independently made film that was recently released. Hardly anyone noticed and that's a shame. This is a true work of art, with expert performances and a fantastic script.

When you get a chance, would you mind clicking and taking a look. We need more artistic works like this to really explore and help define the human experience. Watching this will make you a more complete person.

Sorry for the delay folks. Got a kid in the hospital with shunt issues.

Lleidr's arcane magics peel the layers of cobwebs off the paintings, revealing a set of portraits and a family tree. The sudden appearance of so many vividly rendered faces all staring at you is quite unnerving.

Near the door is a recently updated work, a family tree framed and printed on fine parchment, but obviously neglected for many months.

There are three portraits on the north wall, each with a nameplate:

- Vorel Foxglove
- Kasanda, his wife
- Katharinne, one of their daughters

Vorel is tall, middle-aged, with long dark hair, a clean-shaven face, and nobly attired in attractive dark blue clothes. Kasanda is a stern-faced brunette woman with wisps of gray in her short hair and a f lowing blue dress.

There are five portraits on the south wall, and again, each has an identifying nameplate.

- Traver Foxglove
- Cyralie, his wife

then their children,

- Aldern
- Sendeli
- Zeeva.

Traver, like Vorel, is tall and thin, but with an even narrower face and a thin mustache. Cyralie is a young woman with long red hair
and an impish smile. The other three portraits portray their subjects in childhood, each holding a treasured toy and each wearing a face betraying both innocence and sadness, or perhaps fear.

I need a Perception check from each of you please.

Definitely check out Woman in Black when you get a chance. It's a classic haunted house movie and, as a bonus, it's also a pretty good costume drama. One really neat thing about it is that Hammer Films made it ... the same Hammer that put out so many awesome movies featuring the classic Universal monsters, but with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

Just maybe don't watch it in the dark if you're home alone.

Foxglove Manor Upper Floor

A stone fireplace sits in the northwestern portion of this chamber. Paintings hang on the walls to the north and south, each covered over with a thick sheet of dusty cobwebs that obscures its subject from view.

Besides the pair of doors you came through, another exit is a pair of double doors on the opposite side of the room.

No worries. Hope everyone's having fun!

The horrific vision Selia experienced has left her with 3 points of Wisdom damage.

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