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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 1,294 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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I may not have described this well. The hole up top leads into a 70' shaft before it opens into the cave that Lleidr, Hakak and Jubrayl are inside. Imagine a funnel turned upside down.

You'd have to jump down the shaft (DO IT!) to get line of sight after you've landed in the cave, or the bunyip would have to swim directly under the hole.

Ned, pm'd you with your KNO result.

And, what the heck, Hakak will leap after Jubrayl (15 hp dmg + 4 points of nld).

Unfortunately, Ned, you don't have a line of sight on the creature. Jubrayl is lined up with the shaft nicely, but the monster is over so far to the south side of the cave, he's out of sight for anyone up top.

Let's save that attack roll for a later action, if you decide to make the plunge.

[Early Afternoon, Thistletop, 12th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 1, Thistletop Sea Cave]

Jubrayl makes his save and leaps down the hole into the water (failing a DC 20 Swim check: 15 hp dmg and 4 points of nld). Amidst a spout of water splashing up towards the rock ceiling, he smashes into the water, directly under the shaft.

Panicked, Selia flings away her weapons and runs towards the entrance of Thistletop's tunnels.

The bunyip races towards the southern ledge, its howl a challenge to the halfling. Its massive jaws reach out and snap at Lleidr, but the halfling dodges the beast.


Next up:


I'm starting to lose hope we'll ever wrap up this final encounter. It looks like new Jubrayl has dropped already.

Instead of waiting, I'm going to go ahead and give Jubrayl an action so we can get this moving again.

Nich, yes. And, you are also not panicked.

Ned, you're safe.

[Early Afternoon, Thistletop, 12th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop Sea Cave]

Initiative Order:
Selia (panicked)

So, I need actions from all of you, and Will Saves from 3 of you.


Lleidr and Hakak are unaffected, but Selia is panicked!

Unfortunately, I don't know about Jubrayl, Ned or Nich.

BTW, I need saves for everyone up top, too. The sound is THAT loud and that scary!

You're able to scale the steep wall and get down to the ledge. As you're examining your surroundings, a large, brown-furred face pops up from the surface of the water and spies you. Its mouth opens, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth, and the creature lets loose a horrifying roar.

Will save please (it's a fear-based effect).

After about an hour, Lleidr once again is dangling from a rope about 10' above the churning water, and 70' from the surface.

Cliff Cave

The place is unchanged from your last visit:

A glittering grotto sparkles here, its walls dripping with moisture and alive with sea urchins, anemones, and other tidal life. The cave’s roof
rises to a natural dome ten feet above the water where a five-foot-wide chimney rises through the roof in a shaft. The waters here are less choppy, but they are far from still. A five-foot-wide, fifteen-foot-long ledge sits just above the water level to the south.

Ned - correct about the sea cave's location. It's under the cliffs, on the mainland. But the bridge could be rigged to provide a way to climb down the cliff face. Of course, you could just use a regular rope to achieve the same effect.

Looking down the face of the cliff, you see no opening to the cave below above water. Under the water, Lleidr spies an opening in the rock which leads south in the direction of the cave.

I think we're going to need to get a post per day from each player. Right now, you all are at a decision point: explore Thistletop further or return to town.

I'd like to update you with goings on in town or with the result of dropping into that hole again, but I don't know what the party's doing. So, put a post in Gameplay; even if your character doesn't have a specific thing he/she can be doing, you can let us know what you're thinking or you can say which direction you think the party should take.

Congrats on wrapping up the first volume of Rise of the Runelords! In addition to your newly found loot, there's also the promised reward you each get from the Mayor.

I'm going out of town this weekend. I'll post an update again on Monday. Assuming you're going back to Sandpoint, tell me of anything in particular you'd like to do or perhaps someone you want to speak with after your return.

[Early Afternoon, Thistletop, 12th Day After Goblin Raid, Round One, Thistletop Second Level]

Once again, Jubrayl’s blade smashes into the massive creature, shattering a huge part of its carapace into slivers.

His axe held aloft, Hakak jumps into the water, and chops at the beastie’s snapping claws and armored spindly legs.

Selia’s Bless gives each of you renewed vigor and spirit, and her newly appeared eagle tears and claws at the crab.

In unison with Selia, Nich bestows a blessing of his own upon Ned.

An arcane bolt flies from Lleidr’s mystic wand and smacks the giant crab.

Ned draws back his sword in readiness for a powerful blow. Twisting his body to dodge the crab’s mindless assault, he closes and swings his blade with terrific strength. The crab’s underside cracks and goes to pieces like crockery dropped on a stone floor. The creature collapses into the shallow pool, with the helmet falling on its side.

After rummaging through the pool for roughly ten minutes, you’ve uncovered:
- 3500 sp
- 630 gp
- 40 gems
- A jade amulet (has a magic aura)
- And the helmet itself appears valuable as well, although its size may present an obstacle to removal

NOTE – I didn’t upload a new map image since the combat is over.

I think we only need an update from Selia to continue. Hakak will enter the opposite door and attack from that side.

Nich, yep, I think your casting that spell will put him over the edge.

Since Ned had to delay so that his attack happened after Lleidr moved (and Lleidr was originally last to go), I think the Bulls Strength is effective this round.

I just put out an update. Sorry again for taking so long .. I was pretty miserable all weekend, but am starting to feel better now.

[Early Afternoon, Thistletop, 12th Day After Goblin Raid, Round One, Thistletop Second Level]

Ned eases into the room, and fires his readied shot. The arrow punctures the crab’s outer shell-like body and sinks deep into its soft flesh. Ned then waits till Lleidr moves.

Jubrayl let loose with a terrific blow.

Hakak turns around, and sure enough, the second door opens into this same room.

Selia takes a step away from the monster and begins casting.

With no opening, Nich holds off on an attack for now.

Lleidr carefully steps away from the enormous crab.

Ned closes, and slams his sword down upon the beast with all his might. But, his blade bounces off the monster’s thick carapace.

Massive claws reach out at Jubrayl and Ned. The first merely bounces off Jubrayl’s shield, but the second bashes into Ned’s side (7 hp dmg). Ned is barely able to wriggle free from the grasping pincers.


sorry guys ... it's been a long weekend. i'll update either tonight or first thing tomorrow.

Everyone, I"m feeling under the weather. I'll post an update Saturday. Sorry for the delay.

Jub, I don't think you can get in there this round, but I'll see. Just need a combat action from Selia.

No, he didn't start the encounter within melee range. Otherwise, I would have whacked him with my Backpack of Granola Bars & Water Bottles + 1.

His lair treasure was unimpressive.

Scratch that ... movement in the shallow water is difficult terrain ... movement in the halls or the room is normal.

One other thing to note - movement in the room is difficult terrain.

You can easily walk over to the good stuff without needing to swim. The floor near the square room seems littered with coins, and you do perceive an arcane aura amidst the rubble.

Before you can examine the aura any longer, the massive gold helmet shifts and moves, rotating as if the horrifying visage is trying to get a better look at you. The bottom lip of the helm rises, and from underneath, a pair of immense claws and spindly legs reaches out towards you ...

Ned, you can take your shot if you want, but it's going to have cover against you, plus Lleidr's already in melee with it (-8 penalty). But if you take your shot, you still get to act this round, since you declared a readied action.

Giant Crab

Unless stated otherwise (if the real Hakak shows up), Hakak will run around and try the second door, since it looks like it connects to the square room.


So I had a real-life random encounter this past weekend. I did a day hike at a swampy national forest, and must have been one of the first people of the day to walk past this particular area.

I was a few miles beyond the park entrance/visitor center and passed some thick brush on the side of the trail. There was a sound in the underbrush, which at first, I took to be a squirrel. But it was too heavy-sounding for something so small. Then, I heard it again, but saw nothing. So I took another few steps, and something burst out of the brush, from the side opposite me.

After another second or two, I could make out a shape. At first, I thought it was maybe a bear. The shape at this point was far away from me, and was running really fast. The shape's movement, though, was wrong for a bear. It was actually galloping. It was a feral pig, and it looked as big as a sofa!

The high water mark shows the room to be pretty closed to low tide right now. At high tide, it appears the water gets a few inches deeper, and that's all.

Right now, the water's probably a foot deep, near the square room. However, near the western walls, the water is much darker and it looks like a hole has opened in the floor.

BTW, i've got Hakak in the way back to help resolve a problem I was having with vision in Maptool. So, if by chance you're still around Hakak, no offense. Let's assume he's in the hallway with everyone else.

[Early Afternoon, Thistletop, 12th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop Second Level]

The stone door grinds against the rubble strewn floor in protest, but at last, it opens wide enough to permit passage.

The sound of sloshing water fills this room, which has almost entirely collapsed into a large tide pool. What few walls do remain intact here bear detailed and impressive carvings of incredible treasuries filled to overflowing with coins, gems, jewelry, and other items of value. To the east, the walls depict a carving of a towering mountain, its peak carved in the shape of a stern face just above a great palace. Below, the side of the mountain’s valley cradles an immense city of spires.

In the shallow water nearest the remains of the square chamber, you see shattered urns, crumbled stone chests, rusted pieces of ancient armor and weapons and other bits of ruined relics. These treasures are dwarfed by a massive helm, easily 5 feet across, which appears to be made of gold. The full face guard is a terrifying visage of fangs and twisted rage.


BTW, the water noise is louder from the western passage.

[Early Afternoon, Thistletop, 12th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop Second Level]

Both passages feature long stairways followed by a door of stone. At the bottom of the stairs, the air is damp. Making PER checks on your behalf, you find no trace of traps or other dangers; however, you do hear a muffled sound coming from the other side of each door, like water sloshing in a bucket.

NOTE – I ran into a Maptool error and it wiped out the previously revealed vision. But, if you need to refer to the remainder of the map, just find an old image in a prior post or let me know and I can repost a link. The link below will only show the crypt room plus the hallways you’ve just entered.


Here's where you stopped last time on the second level. It's early afternoon by this point.


The hide armor carries a +1 enchantment.

Lleidr, I took the liberty of making a round of Perception checks for you. You find no secret doors in that particular section of Thistletop.

Morning passes while you're underground. The time is now mid-day.

One of the goblin bodies wears a suit of hide armor which is giving off an arcane glow. Near the armor is a ruined horsechopper and a non-magical shortbow, in excellent condition. The shortbow is masterwork quality.

Yes, Hakak the character is still with us, although I'm pretty sure the player has abandoned us.

The bodies are all still wearing their gear, although at first glance, there's little of value here.

Ned, you know that the tentamort you all slew here a few days ago (probably 6+ months ago in real time) sucked its victims dry.

[Late Morning, Thistletop, 12th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop Level One]

Dozens of strange dead bodies lie scattered about this room. Most are sea birds and ospreys, but there are six dead goblins here as well. Each body is literally skin and bones, as if all of the interior organs and muscles have somehow been drained away, leaving behind skeletons draped with leathery, slowly rotting skin.


been a long day, guys. I'll get an update up later on Saturday. My apologies for the delay.

Just refer to the map I posted a couple of days ago: Thistletop First Underground Level. The unexplored area is outside the room labelled D7.

Thistletop First Level

try this instead: map

[Late Morning, Thistletop, 12th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop Level One]

Since nobody's disagreeing w/ Selia, I'll assume the party is headed to the unexplored section of that area. Unfortunately, Maptool isn't retaining the previously revealed areas. But, the area new to you would be the passages jutting off in the NW corner.

You're standing in a room where you previously killed a tentamort that had laired in this area.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Rynjin, nice avatar!

I always interpreted the rule was that it takes a single move action to actively find anything within immediate area, your 5x5 square. But, then if there's anything to find outside that area, then the penalties for range and barriers come into play.

Personally, I find that ridiculous. Time is a resource during the game, and it should cost more than a single move action to search for traps, hidden doors, treasure, etc.

The link was bad on my prior post for the hinterlands around Sandpoint. Try this instead.

Here's the latest maps for the different levels of Thistletop, at the point of the most explored for each:

Thistletop thistle tunnels showing hole and rope bridge

Thistletop island with goblin compound

Here you can see the unexplored area in the upper right of the map:
Thistletop First Underground Level

Next level, the unexplored area is the map's lower left:
Thistletop Second Underground Level

And, to help with figuring out the relation of Sandpoint to Thistletop, here's a map of the immediate area around town . EDIT - sorry, i had the wrong hyperlink earlier this evening. this one should be correct.

OK, where to next specifically? there's the cavern on the 2nd level with a branching off part you didn't explore fully. There's also the twin passages behind a secret door on the 3rd level, which you found right before leaving.

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