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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 777 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Jubrayl: Let's get that dog, Ned!

Jubrayl will do Aid Another on Ned's attack on the dog.

[Morning, Thistletop, Round 8, 7th Day After Goblin Raid]

Two goblins charge into the room from the northern side of the chamber, firing wildly at Selia, who is grazed by 1 arrow (hit for 1 dmg). Two more goblins are emerging from hiding from the southern tunnel, gingerly stepping over their dead. “She’s pretty, eh? I bet she’s sweet meat.”

“Yes,” his companion agrees in a growling scratchy voice. “We gets some tender stew meat tonight.” The whooping and yelling from the other Birdcrunchers is getting a bit louder.

Ned runs into the kennel room, aside and between Hakak and Jubrayl.

Jubrayl misses his cavorting, barking quarry.

Before the other dog can even rise up after Gogmurt’s action, Hakak’s axe slams down, cleaving the beast in two.

Leidr steps forward to fire at Gogmurt, but Ned blocks his view. The arrow sails into the brush.

Selia fires at one of the approaching goblins emerging from the southern tunnel, eliciting a surprised yelp, and then a snicker from her target’s companion.

Nicholae runs forward to fight Gogmurt, but his sword slashes fail to find their target.

“Tsk, tsk, holy man. Looks like your god isn’t very faithful to you.” Gogmurt cackles, and disappears into brambles making up the wall in front of you (NOTE – he took a Withdraw action to avoid Nich’s AoO; he moves 1 square west as he disappears from your sight).

The sole remaining goblin dog lashes out at Jubrayl, but the paladin’s shield proves too great a barrier for it.


Jubrayl will attack the goblin dog in front of him, holding his ground.

D20 Roll - 7 total. Swish!

Ned, apologies on the last map image. I just realized your token wasn't visible on it. You are still in that tunnel which leads north.

Lleidr, yes, I forgot to advance the round #. And yes, your damage should be 2.

Ned, you can double move into the kennel, but it's not a straight line, and i don't think you've got quite enough movement to actually reach the shaman this round.

Nich, yes the red drop symbol means bleeding, the down arrow means prone, and the Zzzz orange symbol means unconscious.

Nicholae, maybe you were also intending a move action this round? Please let me know this evening if possible, and I'll update the round's actions with your move.

[Morning, Thistletop, Round 6, 7th Day After Goblin Raid]

While his fellows panic and flee, one of the goblins turns out braver than the rest, pulls out a bow and fires it at Hakak after his decapitating swing (2 dmg). Another goblin peers around the northern tunnel and fires at Hakak, but his arrow is stopped by the half-orc’s tough chain shirt.

Ned is able to pull free from the ensnaring plants, and moves further south down the tunnel. He’s now outside the effect of the spell (which he wasn’t able to ID).

Jubrayl runs into the kennel room, past Lleidr, and is hoping to offer some protection to this archer.

Hakak turns and runs to stand next to Jubrayl against the wild goblin dogs.

Lleidr fires at the newly awakened dog, who is readying to pounce. The arrow strikes true and grazes the beast.

(NOTE – got no action for Selia, so I’m assuming she’d help watch the back of the party, while everyone else is occupied in the kennel, specifically against the goblins that shot Hakak. I rolled a natural 20 and then a 17, and then an 8 for damage!) With her divine light chasing away the tunnel’s shadows, Selia’s expertly aimed crossbow slams a bolt into the hiding coward, who barely has time to squeak before he falls down dead.

(NOTE – Nich, I’m going to go with your original action, since it looks like your subsequent posts are referring to the next round, when you mentioned going towards Hakak, but I honestly don’t know what you’re intending. Go ahead and give me a new action for the coming round) Nicholae’s blade smashes into his assailant, and the dog falls dead with barely a whimper.

Gogmurt reappears along the north wall of the kennel, and smacks the last goblin dog awake. “Arise, my love. Tear these vagrants to pieces.” (NOTE – the dog will be able to take actions next round; he also starts the round prone).

Slightly wounded, the dog awakened last round leaps up and charges at Jubrayl, its mouth dripping gobs of foam.


Nich, i'm confused. You just rolled a critical hit against one of the goblin dogs. You're not wanting to do that attack now? You're running towards Hakak? He's running towards you.

Well ... waiting for that last player is really slowing down our pace. How do you all feel about instituting a daily posting deadline? If you happen to miss it, I'll put in a basic combat action for you. So, missing a deadline should only be a problem while the group is fighting.

Nich, i haven't resolved the latest actions yet. We're waiting on Selia. I think, based on Ned's roll, that he'll pull free.

We're only waiting on Selia; I hate to move on without her and I know she'll post on Monday. You all mind waiting a day?

Jubrayl is going to move into the kennel area with Lleidr and Nich, to engage the goblin dogs. Probably won't be able to attack this round, but he'll do a double move, at least.

looks like you rolled twice ... that = a confirmed crit, Nich. Can you give me a revised damage amount?

I made a small mistake on the latest map. I didn't show Gogmurt moving; you actually don't see him anymore, as he has stepped backwards into the wall of nettles again. So please pretend his token isn't really there.

Also, I didn't move Lleidr because by the time Nich's Light spell became effective, you didn't need to move in order to fire at your target.

I hope I'm not making a mess of things .. it's a little tough to extrapolate off the instructions I get as things change within the round.

[Morning, Thistletop, Round 6, 6th Day After Goblin Raid]

The goblins appearing from the southeast, turn and run, some going west, others straight down from Hakak. Hakak can see leering faces within the darkened tunnel, and they’re shouting taunts. “Come in here, longshanks, if you’re brave enough.”

(NOTE – I didn’t get an action from Ned, so I’m assuming he’d turn around with Jubrayl)

Ned turns to rejoin the group, but is snared by the grasping nettlewood. Jubrayl sprints right by the entrapped ranger, dodging the worst of the entangling plants. (NOTE – Ned is entangled).

(NOTE – since the goblins fled, I’m assuming Hakak would simply charge ahead, but note that fighting in the tunnels lowers your AC and attack rolls by 4; you’re not in the tunnel yet, but your quarry was, as is the remaining goblins). Hakak’s axe sweeps into the tunnel. There’s a split second look of total shock on the goblin’s face right before his head is lopped off.

(NOTE – Selia, I’m not seeing that you’re wanting to move anywhere; I also see on your character sheet that you have Light, so I’m assuming you’d cast it on yourself in order to see your surroundings. Sorry I didn’t catch this previously). Selia stands at the ready, but there’s no sign of any activity from the southern passage. You do see that the southern passage opens up beyond the area that must have been Tangletooth’s bed; in this next chamber down, there’s strands of vines hanging from the ceiling, which hold things like bird skulls, teeth, and rib bones.

(NOTE – Nich, it looks like you’re not going to cut the bridge, but I wasn’t sure what you’re doing instead, so I put in a double move for you, so you could be with the group again and so your Light spell would illuminate the surroundings better)

Nicholae hustles back from the entangling plants, and his holy light shows Gogmurt gently shaking away the goblin dogs one by one, and removing their knotty leashes of hairy rope. One dog is already awake, it’s throat gurgling with menacing growls.

Lleidr snaps off an arrow towards the goblin mystic, Gogmurt. The arrow sails past his ear, eliciting an angry curse from the halfling’s target.

The newly alert goblin dog leaps up and bounds towards Nicholae, slavering and snapping at the cleric, who manages to fend the beast off with his heavy shield.

Gogmurt smiles at you. “What’s the matter, holy man? Don’t like my pets?” He slaps the dog next to him on the rump, which is enough to get the dog to open its eyes. Then Gogmurt steps backward, disappearing into the thick nettles surrounding this kennel. “It’s OK. I don’t think they like you, either.”


Uhh, actually there isn't anything coming from the south, Selia. Sorry, didn't mean to give you the wrong impression.

Jubrayl: I'm coming back to try to get rid of the sleeping dogs and the goblin druid, if possible. We can try the bridge later

So ... sounds he's turning around. If you guys are finished discussing, I'll update once we're all in.

Right, I'm just trying to clarify what the surroundings are like.

Let me check w/ my kid when he gets off work, as to what he wants to add. I meant to this morning, but we ran out of time.

There's no shore, per se. The ocean ends in a cliff, about 80' high. This Nettlewood is the closest to a beach you get in this part of the Hinterlands.

BTW, Selia, you notice nothing coming from that southern tunnel. I meant to point this out earlier and forgot.

The stockade is a crude wooden structure, with 2 30' tall wooden towers, one in each southern corner (see the SE and SW corners of the blackened area in the map image). There is a pair of closed double doors leading into the complex, which you can see in the image. They're the 2 narrow white boxes poking out of the blackened area where the path ends.

From this distance, it's impossible to tell how well secured the doors are.


One fact I'll point out to you is this: the goblins Hakak is engaging have referred to themselves twice now as 'Birdcrunchers'. The Birdcrunchers, according to what Shalelu told you, live near Devil's Platter, not in Thistletop. Out of the various goblin tribes in the area, Birdcrunchers are usually the least aggressive.

Yeah, i should have been more specific. The voice from the dark sounds very much like Gogmurt.

BTW, if you guys need an extra day or 2 before we resolve this round, that's fine. Feel free to collaborate and come together on a plan of action.

Jubrayl: Will run across the bridge with both moves.

Don't cut the bridge! We need to get across, to get to the people responsible for attacking Sandpoint. Let's get going

--GM -- One thing I should have pointed out is the lack of activity or any sign of a patrol on the island.

Nich, I'm not sure what you meant by taking 'tunnels down'. There is a hole which apparently leads to some kind of sea cave, but otherwise, you haven't come across any kind of lower level of these tunnels within the Nettlewood.

Caves? Ah, you're talking about the tunnels of nettles that you're currently inside, right?

[Morning, Thistletop, Round 5, 6th Day After Goblin Raid]

NOTE – slight adjustment, as that Selia used her action last round to move towards everyone else.

You see more goblins gathering to your south-west, a writhing mass of small bodies, leering and shouting at all of you. “You’re going the wrong way, longshanks. Follow us, and you’ll see some Birdcruncher hospitality.”

Jubrayl charges through the north tunnel, though a swarm of grasping and grabbing branches that whip about with nightmarish strength. He makes it through and is standing at the foot of the bridge.

Hakak roars and leaps towards the front most preening goblin, pushed ahead by his more cowardly fellows from behind. The goblin’s feet push against the ground, straining to go backwards against the mass of bodies, but in vain, and Hakak neatly lops his head right off.

Lleidr runs over to his dropped bow, picking it up. You hear a muffled sob coming from the darkened north corner, from where the goblin dogs are sleeping.

With an ear-piercing screech, the eagle flies next to Hakak, hovering over the dead goblin, and plugs the passage, keeping the other goblins at bay. As much as they hate horses, you suspect they hate raptors even more. You an all hear their cries of dismay.

Nicholae hops up and runs towards Jubrayl, amazed at the sight of the tunnel ahead. It’s filled with nettle branches whipsawed about like some angry living thing. (NOTE – if you continue north, can you give me a Reflex save for next round?)

(NOTE – Ned, I’m assuming you meant to follow Jub & Nich, so I made the Reflex save on your behalf). Ned also runs through the tunnel and arrives at a long swinging bridge. The rope bridge spans the gulf between the cliff and a roundish, flat-topped island sixty-some feet to the north. Thick patches of nettles and briars grow here and there atop the island, but its most impressive feature is a wooden one-story stockade. Two thirty-foot-tall watchtowers guard the stockade’s southern facade. The rope bridge
itself is made of hairy rope and thick wooden planks; the whole thing creaks and sways in the wind above the churning surf eighty feet below.

There’s a familiar voice in that north corner coming to Lleidr’s ears. “Wake up, my pet. You won’t need that ugly leash any more.” An ominous growl begins from the darkened half of the kennel.

(NOTE – Selia, I think your eagle goes away now, but let me know if that’s incorrect).


Well, I think Ned is dead (well, not dead, just MIA). I know we've been progressing at a very slow rate this week. I've got a change in mind to speed things up.

Let's give Ned another evening to participate, and then I'll update first thing in the morning.

Again, I apologize for the delay.

Wanna know something not very interesting at all ?

Jubrayl's backpack has exactly 30.14 lbs of capacity remaining. How do I now this? I've been building an item tracking/encumbrance tool as part of an Excel application I've been using awhile for PF games.

Herolab kind of does this already, but it's bugged me beyond measure that Herolab doesn't track container capacity. So, if I can stuff 300 lbs of stuff in a backpack, why even track which items are assigned to which container? If capacity isn't enforced, then what's the point of this feature?

But, my app does track amount and won't let me add stuff to something that's nearly full. And it also tells you to what degree you're encumbered. Plus, I can do other neat stuff with it, like make a note on exceptional items, track what you appraise something vs what it's really worth, quickly summarize wealth, etc.

So, yeah, just in case you were curious, I'm a hopeless nerd. But, I like this capability, because I can easily enforce encumbrance limits without actually having to do any book-keeping myself. Just let the computer do all the grunt work!

I'd like to go ahead and put out an update, but I'm missing some info and I'm not comfortable filling in the holes.

Nich, I know you told me to move your PC, but I don't know what direction you want to move. Are you wanting to follow Jubrayl towards a bridge or are you following Hakak to engage the goblins coming north towards you?

Selia, the goblins are within a standard move of you, and all the goblins are moving first in the round, but I believe you're going to fire at them? Or was the crossbow fire the result of a readied action from the prior round? Also, what is your eagle going to do? I believe he's got 1 more round before the summon spell expires.

And, we're missing Ned's actions.

I apologize for the delay, but I don't like assuming your intentions.

Selia D'Averam wrote:

Performing my readied action does not change where I am at in the initiative, does it?

Yeah, i believe it would change your initiative order. Anybody feel free to chime in if I'm wrong.

Nicholae Szabo wrote:
The cleric rises to his feet and follows as fast as he can [round 5 of 30 for my spell]

So, who exactly are you following? or better yet, tell me which square you plan to inhabit relative to your current location (3 north + 4 west, etc).

Looks like we're waiting on Ned and then I can update. Good luck to you all!

Jub: Our objective is the island, if we can make it through this mess ahead.

(at least, I believe that's my kid's reasoning. I should probably wait for school to get out before speaking for him).

Uh oh, Nich, you're not a power gamer, are you? :)

If I were a PF player, I'm sure my PC would be the weakest thing on 2 legs; there's so many freakin options in this game, I get lost trying to figure out what's the best choice.

Yeah, the metallic skin thing .... some of the PF options are so bizarre. And, this only gives you a +1 bonus. I would think for a mere +1, the skin would merely have a grayish tinge as opposed to an outright metal sheen, ala X-Men's Colossus.

I sent him a PM, but haven't gotten anything back yet.

So, my kid is going to take over Jubrayl either temporarily or permanently.

Jub: Hey, let's go this way (points to the northern tunnel).

Jubrayl will take a double move towards the bridge.

Unfortunately, both your weapons slice into a wall of thorn and twigs. The lithe goblin has somehow vanished into the barrier before you could hit him.

And, Hakak, you can get an AoO as well against Gogmurt, as a result of his disappearing into the tunnel wall.

[Morning, Thistletop, Round 4, 6th Day After Goblin Raid]

Goblin war chants sound off from the south, and a quick glance shows at least half a dozen goblins streaming north out of the hole-room and towards your group.

Hampered by the low tunnel and the cat’s fast reflexes, Ned’s swing only slices the air. (NOTE – Medium sized folks are at a -4 to hit in these blasted tunnels).

Jubrayl also fails to hit the cat.

Hakak runs over to fight next to Ned, but suffers a terrible bite from the cat (6 hp dmg, from AoO – I couldn’t figure out a way to get you next to Ned without going through Ned’s square, which is a threatened space). You can see the end of the northern tunnel. It leads to a swinging bridge. (NOTE – remember the yellow highlighted area represents an area where the tunnel walls are filled with grasping, grabbing branches wildly twisting about; also recall that Thistletop is said to be an island off the coast.)

Gogmurt yelps in surprise as Lleidr stabs at the grinning green face.
The summoned eagle flogs the great cat, tearing and biting, until the cougar collapses to the ground (NOTE – Selia, you’ve got a ready action still and you’ve got goblins coming your way. You can only see 3, but it sounds like a dozen warriors …)

Nicholae is still hunkered down under the shield, so far unaware of the cat’s demise. To the south-east of where you lay, you can spy Tangletooth’s den. A cloying musky scent comes from that direction, and you notice a matted nest of red and black hair tucked up against the eastern tunnel wall about 5 squares directly SE of your position.

With a great sob at his companion’s death, Gogmurt retreats into the walls of the nettle tunnel. A few seconds later, you see him dart into the west wall of the northern tunnel, about 20 feet away from Ned and Hakak. (NOTE – Lleidr, you have an AoO against the retreating goblin, should you wish to take it).


Selia, i can't believe you killed that poor little kitten.

Actually, I don't know if she's dead yet. Let me go through the actions and see what's happened.

Well, I'm afraid we have probably lost Jubrayl (the player). I'll see if my kid can step in and run this character while the original player is missing.

Lleidr wrote:

I'm a little confused. Your last resolution post is labeled Round 3

Yeah, i don't know what i was thinking. Your AoO was in Round 3, and now Round 4 will be resolved, once we get responses from the rest of the gang.

Lleidr wrote:

Round 4

We're still on Round 3. Your AoO happened during Round 2.

Looks like we're waiting on a few others. Hopefully, they'll respond soon.

Since Lleidr's AoO missed, nothing changes on the map. The big cat, however, is looking a little better. A few wounds have magically vanished.

[Morning, Thistletop, Round 3, 6th Day After Goblin Raid]

Ned ducks down into the narrow tunnel to attack the cougar, but his swing is hampered by the small confines.

Jubrayl’s axe smashes into the cougar (7 damage).

As Hakak rushes over to the howling goblin dog, it rears up and snaps at the warrior (readied action), but misses. Hakak’s blade swings down and puts a permanent end to its noise.

Lleidr steps around the cougar, and lashes out with his dagger once more, wounding the animal again.

An eagle appears next to Tangletooth, and is a flurry of wings and feathers and loud screeches. A claw manages to connect and to rake the cougar, now heavily wounded.

Nicholae, still prone, is protected by his massive shield.

Gogmurt wheels about, races down the tunnel towards you, but veers off towards the wall, disappearing into the thick array of thorns and nettles. Part of his body re-emerges next to Lleidr, and he’s reaching out with his hand towards the big cat, and is performing some kind of spell casting. (NOTE – Lleidr, you can take an AoO against Gogmurt, if you’d like).

Tangletooth splits it attention between Ned and the halfling. Massive jaws barely miss Ned, but both claws maul Lleidr (10 hp dmg).


Looks like we're waiting on Jubrayl and Ned. I'll update soon, but would like to get their actions beforehand.

[Morning, Thistletop, Round 2, 6th Day After Goblin Raid, addendum]

Hakak turns and runs back towards the tied dog.


[Morning, Thistletop, Round 2, 6th Day After Goblin Raid]

Ned’s blade cuts down his goblin foe, who is dead before he hits the ground.

Hakak rushes into the room with the large hole, and finds no one. The room appears deserted. (NOTE – let me know if you want to take another move action).

(NOTE – I never got an action from Jub, so I’m assuming, being the paladin he is, he would help his fallen comrade). Jubrayl steps up to engage the vicious cougar, but the nimble cat steps aside from the aasimar’s axe swing. Jubrayl can see up this north tunnel and immediately notices a few things: daylight is showing at the end, the heavy tracks continue up that way, and Gogmurt did something to the plants lining the walls. They are thrasting and twisting wildly, like some living thing. Passage through the tunnel will be difficult. (NOTE – effect denoted with the yellow highlighting on the map).

Lleidr hops across the fallen Nicholae and his dagger digs deep into the big cat’s flank. (NOTE – I moved you as far as I could, so that you could still attack.)

Selia begins casting a spell.

Still on the ground, Nicholae takes full advantage of his shield, to protect himself from the great cat’s ravages.

Snarling, Gogmurt wheels around in fury, and lashes out at Jubrayl with a ball of flame launched from a wand he has clutched in his wiry green hands. “Get away from her, you pagan abomination!” The fire splashes over the aasimar (6 hp dmg).

Tangletooth bites Jubrayl (9 hp dmg) and lashes out against Lleidr with both claws. Fortunately, Lleidr is able to twist away just in time to avoid the worst, although his tunic has come away with a few new tears. The cat also tries to drag the aasimar to the ground, but Jubrayl fends the cat off with success.

The goblin dog is howling in fury. However, no one left in the room can see it.


sorry for the delay ... we're still waiting on Jubrayl, if I'm not mistaken.

I should have said 'Next, I'll publish the results of your actions ...'. So, go ahead and tell me what you're doing. We're waiting on Jubrayl, Selia and Ned.

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