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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 964 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Nothing else detects as magical, other than what i've already mentioned.

Badly flawed, the gems are worth 1 gp each.
The religious symbol = 80 gp
The jade necklace = 65 gp
The gown = 150 gp


OK, the chest's unorganized pile of contents apparently served as the treasury for the denizens of Thistletop:

7432 cp
2490 sp
89 gp
3 pp
a leather pouch with 34 malachite gems
a Medium sized chain shirt
a Medium masterwork scimitar
a gold holy symbol of Sarenrae
a jade necklace
a fine blue silk gown with silver trim

the Lamashtu holy symbol you found earlier in the chieftan's room appears to be worth 30 gp

You're not sure yet. The chest is trapped. The chest lid is rigged to set loose a shard of metal.

You can go ahead and unlock it if you'd like or perhaps do a Disable Device check.

Selia and Jubrayl are going to assist you with those searches.

Part of the west wall of the privy is in fact, a sliding panel, hidden with great skill and cleverness on the part of the goblins.

Behind the panel is a 5x5 room (the exact size hidden in the black square). You find a massive chest sitting square in the middle of the floor. It's locked with a heavy iron padlock.

Can you give me an Appraise check on the idol you found earlier in Ripnugget's room?

Ah,the triangle shouldn't be there ... sorry about that. I didn't move a player's token fully.

Lleidr wrote:
Ah, cool, I wasn't sure and some of those rolls sucked. Unfortunately, also poop, since that means there's nothing else up here to discover.

That's not necessarily true. If you'd like to enter any chamber and do another Perception check (or take 20), feel free. Hint, I also recommend checking that map image carefully.

Yes I made PER rolls on your behalf. Instead of spending a day on each room, since there's nobody in the stockade other than the party, it made sense to list everything and assume that you're taking a few hours to check stuff out and gather your enemies' gear.

I've just posted a summary of your findings. It might be a good idea to spend some time and figure out who's carrying what, and what captured gear you'd like to equip yourselves with. Plus, there's actually 2 different stairs leading down.

[Night, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop]

Going clockwise around the Great Hall, here’s a summary of the rooms that you’ve newly explored as well as where you’ve already been. I’m only listing the areas around the great hall, as you’ve already explored the other parts of Thistletop. Ripnugget’s ring of keys comes in handy, and opens several locked doors with ease. Starting due north:

10 x 20 room, north of the Great Hall: Several rugs made from dog or horse hide lie strewn over the dirt floor of this room. Against the north wall stands an impressive collection of horseshoes, each nailed to the wall. To the east sits a ragged padded chair next to a rickety desk that may have once been an expensive antique. In the northwest corner sits a canopied bed covered with silk sheets and sporting an elaborately carved headboard that features nymphs and satyrs cavorting in a forest. The bed’s sheets are stained with dirt, while the headboard is bashed and battered.

Under a pillow, you’ve found a silver holy symbol of Lamashtu, featuring small garnets for its eyes. In the chair to the east, there’s a large iron key under the seat. The key is of a larger size than the ones on Ripnugget’s key ring and is obviously not for any of the doors.

10 x 15 room, NE of the Great Hall: This room contains a small armory of crudely made weapons (mostly dogslicers and shortbows) and several small goblin-sized suits of studded leather armor and ented shields. To the south stand a pair of workbenches. In all, there are 23 dogslicers, 11 shortbows, 80 arrows, 11 suits of studded leather, six light wooden shields, and two coiled whips. On the north wall hangs a single masterwork dogslicer. The armor and weapons are all small, and except for that last dogslicer, the quality of the gear appears quite poor.

10 x 10 room, E of Great Hall: This foul-smelling butchery is a horrifying affront to all the senses. Haunches of poorly smoked meat hang from hooks along the ceiling or lie heaped in and atop crates. In some cases, the meat seems to be dog or horse, but in many other cases, the meat has all-too-recognizable features, like feet, hands, or grimacing faces. With a sad realization, you’ve hit upon the fate of several merchants and travelers missing from Sandpoint.
L shaped passage SE of Great Hall: narrow corridor connecting the hall with the SE guard tower.

20 x 20 Guard Tower SE on map: already explored

15 x 15 (minus 1 square) SE of Great Hall: Six poorly constructed bunk beds, little more than hammocks slung from rickety frames, stand along the walls of this room. Each is heaped with a vermin-infested blanket and a lump of straw that serves as a frustrating pillow. Nothing of interest can be found here.

Foyer with eastern passage: already explored

Stairs S of Great Hall: a wan flickering light, much like the warm glow of a lantern, comes up from the bottom of these stairs.

(NOTE – these next 3 areas were previously explored)

10 x 10 room W of Great Hall: meeting room, with a table and some chairs

5 x 5 room NW of Great Hall: foul smelling room evidently used as a latrine.

Stairs NW of Great Hall: This short, steep stair quickly falls into darkness.

Grounds surrounding the stockade: Thick clumps of nettlewood cling to the thin soil atop this rock. In the NW corner of the island is a small clearing, evidently used by the goblins for some macabre exercise. Tracks of their dogs are all around, and you also spy the crushed bodies of several seabirds.


Only 3 of the ID checks worked -
Arrows: +1 elf bane arrows
Potion #3 – Cure Moderate Wounds
Short Sword + 1

The keys fit doors in the complex. I'll go ahead and do a mass reveal and give you a description of each room tomorrow.

Can i get some ID checks on the magic items? Or, just let me know if you're taking 10.

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 6 – part 2, Thistletop]

Recovered Gear:
Bruthazmus – 4 magical arrows; magical potion; heavy flail; studded leather armor; masterwork composite longbow; 18 arrows; 4 pp

Ripnugget –
2 magical potions; masterwork breastplate (small); magic short sword (named ‘Gut-tugger’ by the chief); dented crown; key ring with about a dozen keys

Warchanter – magical potion; studded leather armor (small); shortbow with 12 arrows; whip

Goblin Commandos – 2 magical potions; 3 masterwork horsechoppers; 3 shortbows with 55 arrows

Goblins – various bits and pieces of grubby gear in poor condition

What do you want to do next?

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 6 – part 2, Thistletop]

Jubrayl steps up behind Hakak, laying on hands for 5 hp healing.

Selia slings a spear towards the last goblin dog, skewering the vile animal from nose to tail.

A celestial hound snaps and tears Bruthazmus. The way blocked by Jubrayl, Nich and another of his hounds go to the south end of the hall.

With the help of Ned’s distracting sword-play, Lleidr lands a fatal blow on Ripnugget. The so-called Scourge of Sandpoint collapses onto the ground, gasping a final curse with his dying breath. "Malfeshnekor .. awaits you .."

Hakak’s axe blows prove impossible for the embattled Bruthazmus to repel. At last, Hakak’s axe and horns gut the bugbear like a bow legged fish, and the infamous warrior falls flat on his broad back.

The celestial hounds vanish in a silvery mist.

With the fall of your last opponent, an eerie calm descends over Thistletop. All you now hear is the roar of the ocean, the chirping of crickets and an occasional snort from the courtyard.

NOTE – no map updated since you’ve got no visible opponents left.

Jubrayl's going to try to heal Hakak.

hmm, we're waiting on Hakak & Selia.

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 5 – part 2/Round 6 – part 1, Thistletop]

Jubrayl charges towards the southern hall and slays the goblin behind Ned and Hakak. The warchanter lunges as the paladin turns, but only succeeds in snapping his dogslicer’s blade on his enemy’s armor.

With a hurried chant, Selia summons a divine healing grace once again, healing Hakak for 10 hp.

With the warchanter distracted by Jubrayl’s retreat, Nich slides up against the western all and cuts the warchanter down. While Bruthazmus appears unfazed by the celestial dogs, one of the goblin hounds is overcome.

Lleidr delivers a grevious wound upon the goblin chief, but he still stands!

With renewed vigor, Hakak launches a terrific assault upon Bruthazmus and scores several blows against his enemy.

However, Ned’s quarry proves elusive, and his sword does little more than ring off the goblin chief’s breastplate.

[Round 6]
At this point, Ripnugget is little more than a whirling, frothing fury, nearly unintelligible. “Kill you! I’ll kill all of you!” He lashes out at Lleidr (6 hp dmg).

The goblin dog leaps towards Selia, snapping and growling, but she fends the beast off with pointed jabs of her spear.

“Your bark is worse than your bite, lad.” Bruthazmus grins at the half-orc as he launches his dreadful flail into another powerful swing (13 hp dmg, yikes, down to 4 hp, I think!).


Selia is going to delay after Jubrayl and try to move over to heal Hakak.

Jubrayl is going to move south and attack the goblin behind Hakak (my kid isn't very good w/ strategy)

Unfortunately, none of the AoOs hit Ripnugget. I need to get Selia and Jub's actions and then i'll post an update.

Well, Ripnugget's a fierce foe, but in the end, he's a little fellow.

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 4 – part 2/Round 5 – part 1, Thistletop]

Selia reaches over and slides a hand over Ned’s arm while uttering a prayer (5 hp healing). The wounded eagle squawks angrily, its wings flapping at the bugbear, but to no visible effect.

Jubrayl slays the goblin at the hall’s entrance, then moves over to engage the whip-wielding warchanter.

Celestial dogs appear, with one of them gashing deep into the flank of one of the goblin dogs. Both Bruthazmus and the warchanter appear unaffected. (NOTE, Nich, since the smaller goblin is already dead, and since you’ve got the movement, I’m assuming you’d tackle the warchanter instead, via a Charge action). At the same time, Nich smashes into the warchanter.

Abandoning his arcane magic, Lleidr slides by Ned and dances across Stickfoot’s headless body, which is pushed up against the wall. One of the goblin dogs as well as Ripnugget attempt to lash out at the halfling, but Lleidr is too fast for either of them. Upon landing, he deals the goblin chief a grievous blow.

Hakak dishes out a furious assault upon Bruthazmus, but the bugbear’s prowess in battle isn’t so easily overcome.

Ned’s sword smashes into Ripnugget, leaving the goblin chief gravely wounded.

Selia’s eagle vanishes in a wispy haze.

[Round 5]

A goblin moves up behind Ned and Hakak, and stabs at the half-orc again (4 hp dmg).

The warchanter throws down his whip, draws a crude looking dogslicer, and hits the dog for 2 hp dmg.

The goblin dogs turn on the celestial hounds, with the dog behind Bruthazmus taking 9 hp dmg.

Ripnugget tries to push past Lleidr, but is unable to break through (NOTE – he tried to overrun, but didn’t beat the target CMD. Lleidr & Ned each get an AoO, if you wish to take it).

Cutting loose with all his strength, Bruthazmus’ massive flail whooshes the air as it falls upon the half-orc (NOTE – I rolled & confirmed a crit, 30 hp dmg, I’m showing you down to 7 hp).


Lleidr wrote:

If I'm not mistaken, the round count is off? I got Lleidr starting to cast in the latter part of round 4.

I'm showing you and Nich started casting in Round 3

I'm not feeling great this evening, guys ... give me another day to get an update.

wow .. interesting turn, guys. can't wait to see how this one turns out!

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 3 – part 2/Round 4 – part 1, Thistletop]

Selia slips up behind Hakak and administers divine healing (7 hp healed). The eagle does a full attack on the goblin below, and rips the fierce little fellow into pieces. He cries in anguish and surprise, and falls down dead.

Jubrayl’s axe bites deep and fells his opponent. The goblin’s comrade grimaces, and Jubrayl steps into the great hall.

Nicholae steps in closer to Lleidr and Selia, totally focused on his liturgical magic. Lleidr begins a chant as well.

Hakak fells another goblin, shouting a challenge at the fierce bugbear called Bruthazmus.

Ned wheels about and beheads the great lizard. Its body convulses with great spasms, throwing off its rider.

[Round 4]
Overcome in fury, the goblin in the courtyard runs towards Hakak, hitting him with his evil looking dog-slicer (2 hp dmg). The goblin in the great hall stabs Jubrayl again (3 hp dmg).

The warchanter sneaks across the hall, and her whip snakes out towards Jubrayl. It snaps and cracks, but the paladin isn’t touched by it.

One of the goblin dogs snaps at the eagle (3 hp dmg). The other surges forward, towards Ned but only succeeds in mashing its muzzle up against the ranger’s armor. The air is fouled by their rank stench.

With the grace of a warrior born, Ripnugget leaps from the dead mount’s saddle and plants his feet firmly on the ground. “My compliments, longshanks. But you should have been more worried about me, not my steed.” With the sudden crash of steel, his sword batters away Ned’s parry and gives the ranger a solid nick (9 hp dmg).

With an engraged roar, Bruthazmus tears towards Hakak. A goblin scurries across the courtyard with the same goal, but the bugbear swings a terrible looking flail. “Outta my way!” The weapon turns the goblin into a corpse, and the bugbear’s boots squish the body into the dust.


Looks like Nich already submitted an action ... as soon as I get something from Selia, I'll update.

Jubrayl: Nicholae, can you kill the goblin in front of you? I'll try to finish the big goblin.

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 3 – part 1, Thistletop]

The goblin in the courtyard fires again, then throws down his bow in anger at missing his target, big as a mountain. Another goblin ducks under the eagle (west of Hakak and under the eagle token, since it’s 5’ in the air), and stabs at the half-orc, cursing in dismay at the barbarian’s prowess. Another goblin rushes Hakak with his dogslicer, but this attack is also in vain. The goblin in the great hall spits and stabs at Nicholae, but the cleric bats away the attack using his shield with practiced ease.

A goblin dog leaps at Ned, but Hakak’s axe slams into the beast, who is dead before he drops to the ground (NOTE – I’m using your axe attack for your action as an AoO, so please do re-roll this). Another dog snarls and snaps at Hakak, but gets little more than a kick in the teeth.

The warchanter keeps us his dreadful chant, inspiring his fellows to a fierce valor. He also steps a bit closer to the east wall, keeping close to one of the great pillars, decorated with dozens of human hands. You see him draw a whip.

The goblin commando’s horsechopper bounces off Jubrayl’s armor, causing its wielder to curse and snarl again at this opponent. His red eyes gleam with an intense hatred.

Still chuckling, Bruthazmus withdraws a heavy longbow, fits an arrow and eyes the half-orc. “Of the lot, only this one would prove any sport at all.” The arrow slams into Hakak’s chainmail (10 hp dmg). “Hmm, that would have killed most men.”

“Fools. Fools and thieves.” To Ned’s surprise, the eastern passage is suddenly blocked by Ripnugget’s huge gecko. From atop his reptilian mount, the chieftan's sword crashes down upon the ranger (5 hp dmg).


Hakak Bloody Axe wrote:

Hakak will take a 5' step back (1E) and do a full attack starting with the goblin that is currently S of him in the picture, after the 5' step it would be SW of him, with his axe and horns. If the axe kills him the horns will attack the goblin in front of Ned.

[dice=Axe attack]1d20+8
[dice=Axe damage]1d12+6
[dice=Horn attack]1d20+3
[dice=Crit conformation]1d20+3
[dice=Horn damage]1d8+3
Since the goblins go before us in the initiative could you tell us what they do before we act so we can adjust our maneuvers around that, otherwise we will keep getting posts like "I charge into the courtyard" just to find out oh wait they charged out at me and I'm now surrounded and I could have done a full attack and taken out 2 of them. It's just a suggestion to make the game flow a little easier.

Yeah, big DUH moment for me. This makes perfect sense. Let me go ahead and resolve the goblin actions for the first part of the round and then you guys can change your actions if you'd like for the rest of the round.

Sorry about that. I should have suggested this earlier.

So, in looking at Hakak's prior action, on the map I posted, there should have been 2 additional dead/dying enemies: a goblin and a goblin dog, to the N and NW of Hakak's token.

Oops .. Hakak, I forgot to add in your attacks on the last round. I"m so sorry ... let me update the most recent round and then I'll update again for Round #4.

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 3, Thistletop]
Goblins manage flank Hakak and land a couple of solid blows (2 hp dmg). Another attacks Jubrayl, who shrugs off the attack with his shield. A goblin from the courtyard fires a bow at Hakak (2 hp dmg). The double doors leading to the western tower are flung wide, and a goblin charges out, straight at Lleidr, who nimbly dodges a particularly wicked dogslicer.

A goblin dog bounds from the north door leading into the courtyard, snapping and biting at Hakak’s legs. Three more stream from the western passage, coming from the tower, with two ganging up on Lleidr and yet another dog trying to engage Hakak.

The goblin warchanter leaps up close behind the goblin warrior fighting Jubrayl, his hand exuding the glow of a warm light. The warrior looks newly strengthened. This goblin warrior then lands a terrific blow against Jubrayl, his horsechopper biting deep into the paladin’s side (9 hp dmg).

You can also see Ripnugget heading into the southeast corner of the great hall, and then vanishing from sight. Back in the foyer, a massive figure comes into full view, laughing. “This is invasion from Sandpoint? Heh, this is joke, right?” You hear a few nearby goblins mutter this villain’s name in fear … “ Bruthazmus ” (NOTE – maybe this name rings a bell? Check out the list of NPCs that’s linked in the Campaign tab)

Selia’s eagle flies up and then straight west, then descends again, nearly next to Hakak. It’s great horned beak lashes out and rips flesh from one of the dogs attacking Hakak. Selia also strikes with her spear, but her weapon just bounces off the leather armor of her goblin opponent.

Jubrayl returns the favor against the warrior who just wounded him, delivering a powerful blow (10 hp dmg). “Running already, Ripnugget?” he shouts.

Nich steps forward to challenge the goblin foes left in the great hall, his weapon smacking against the goblin’s tough leather armor. The goblin gives you an angry scowl.

With a masterful nimbleness, Lleidr lashes out at a nearby goblin, and runs into the hallway. A flurry of attacks from horsechoppers and dog bites are made in vain against the halfling.

Ned moves towards Selia, trying to plug the gap, firing off a defensive shot, and nearly getting himself stabbed in the process of a nasty goblin lurking at his feet.


Yes, I noted the SoF bonus going to Hakak, since you mentioned the barbarian.

So, Nich, you cast Shield of Faith on Round 2, but now I need to know what you're doing on Round 3.

Yep, secondary attacks can be used on a different opponent. Just like if you were fighting a monster with 2 claws and a bite. He gets to use all of those, if he's full attacking, and they can be used against 1 opponent or up to 3.

Hakak, can your horn attack hit a 2nd opponent instead of the same one?

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 2, Thistletop]

The goblin warrior facing Jubrayl swing’s a nasty looking horsechopper right at the paladin’s face, but Jub neatly catches the blow with his axe.

A second goblin warrior runs out of the tower, and smashes his weapon into Selia before she can finish casting her spell (5 hp dmg).

The warchanter slides around a column to get a better view of Jubrayl, points, and casts some sort of spell. There’s no visible effect.

Goblins begin streaming out of the courtyard, running towards you. (NOTE – I went ahead and rolled AoO’s for all 3 of you, including 3 for Hakak. Unbelievably, my d20 rolls ranged from 3 to 5, for all 5 rolls!). You can also see that a great number of goblins, including several of the dogs and the big burly fellow, went running towards the courtyard’s western wall. The smaller goblin in the great hall stabs at Jubrayl with his dogslicer (3 hp dmg).

From within the hall, you hear the sneering laughter of Ripnugget. “Surrender, you fools. Drop your weapons now, and only half of you will burn for Lamashtu.”

With a terrific strain, Selia completes her spell. An eagle appears behind her assailant, who proceeds to rip huge chunks of flesh from the goblin warrior. The goblin is overcome and lies motionless on the ground.

Jubrayl’s axe swing misses the goblin warrior. “Face me, Ripnugget. Or would you rather slink in the shadows as a coward?”

Nicholae prays again to give his friend a holy blessing, completed with a light tap on the shoulder.

(NOTE – since the goblins are going first in this combat, they’ve left the courtyard before Hakak can get in it). With a roar, Hakak wields his axe and fells the closest foe.

Lleidr fires at a goblin running through the foyer, but misses.

(NOTE – for Ned’s bowshot, I’m assuming a 5’ step, so as to avoid an AoO). Ned’s bow sings, and the goblins quail at the sound. A goblin stumbles, rolls, and lies motionless on the ground.


Nich, who's getting the Shield of Faith? Yourself?

Well, we're still waiting on Ned and Hakak to tell me what they want to do. Jubrayl will keep attacking opponents blocking him from Ripnugget; Selia should finish summoning this round and will investigate the opening door in the tower.

NOTe - even though the bridge is still on the map, it's completely vertical, on the island side. There are loose ropes dangling across the chasm hanging off the foot of the bridge lying near the sea, which loop back up the other side.

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 1, Thistletop]
The goblins go first.

The warchanter’s dire chant rouses the goblins in the great hall into a battle fury. There’s also a somewhat more distant sound, a pitiable neighing from the courtyard.

Ripnugget, sitting atop his mount, recedes into the hall’s darkness, as his goblin warriors step forward.

A goblin commando steps forward in the doorway of the hall, and fires at Nich (4 hp dmg).

The goblins in the courtyard hesitate, their ugly hairless dogs yipping and barking madly among the throng. There’s a powerful deep voice booming from their midst, “So, we’ve got Sandpoint boys coming into the yard, do we? Good job on coming downstairs.”

The goblin voices from the south get much closer. The guide in front of you leaps forward towards Hakak, but his blow is all too easy for the massive half-orc to parry.

From the tower’s interior, there’s a sound of a creaking door on the north wall (4 squares east of Selia and 1 square north).

Selia begins chanting a spell.

Jubrayl charges towards the hall. “Ripnugget! We dealt with you in good faith and fairly. End this madness, or your reign ends tonight.” His axe smashes into a smirking goblin, who howls in pain and surprise.

Nicholae casts a holy prayer upon his allies.

Lleidr sprints outside towards the bridge. “Birdcrunchers, forward!” shouts a goblin in the lead. At least half a dozen goblins, in attire distinct from the Thistletop crowd, race across the bridge. “No, wait, hold on!” shouts a Thistletop goblin on the other side. The bridge sways, the ropes crack, and Lleidr is just in time to see the remnants of the Birdcruncher tribe tumble 80 feet down into the surf below.

Hakak neatly lops the head off their goblin guide.

Ned fires at a goblin standing in the courtyard, and catches a glimpse of a particularly burly, evil looking chap bounding towards the foyer where you all stand. The goblin falls down dead.


Selia will begin Summon Monster

Just remember ... goblins are evil, but can also be pretty stupid in a fight.

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop]

"Arrogance commands a price, longshanks. And today, you'll find that price too steep. Today, you dared intrude into my home and demand terms from me! Tomorrow, I'll be dragging your heads through the streets of a burning Sandpoint!"

Ripnugget shouts and his face is twisted in fury, as the double doors are swung open. From inside the hall, you hear a familiar baleful tune from the goblins' warchanter.

The courtyard door opens as well, revealing a surge of goblins, some of them unwounded, blinking wildly in the evening sunlight. Some are obviously female, dressed apparently for a harem, not for battle.

From the south, you hear more goblins, but they're much further away. Actions, please!


Yes, the map is updated. Click the 'Thistletop' link on my prior post.

So you can't take 20 on Spellcraft checks? i thought you could.

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop]

The door swings wide, and its opener, a wounded, little goblin, is quaking in his crude shoes. He skitters down the passage in the foyer, and smacks the courtyard door hard several times with his palm.

At that noise, you hear a dreadful wailing from several goblin dogs from within the courtyard, followed by several goblin shouts. More shouting comes at you from the north passage, from behind the great doors leading into the hall.

A similar ruckus starts up from the south, from a good distance away, most likely the other side of the rope bridge.

The wounded goblin standing at the door gapes at you, cringing. Despite his fear, he's drawing a blade. "Oh yes, show them the stairs, indeed."


Lleidr, to answer your question, you found the wand well before coming to Thistletop, I think. Wasn't that Elyrium's? So your Identify check could have been a Take 20, unless I'm mistaken. Anyone wanna weigh in?

Frack ... delay again tonight guys. Sorry .. i had to wait an hour to pick up my kid from work.

[Evening, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop]

After resting fully, darkness creeps across Thistletop. The fall air is crisp and wisps of fog roll in from the ocean.

Right as you all wrap up preperations, there's a quick knock at the western door, at the floor of the tower. A nervous goblin voice shouts from the other side. "Follow me, sires. Chief is too drunk to show the stairs. I take you."


Screw this Runelords AP. Time for a new campaign ... "Lil' Squirt".

I will get an update posted tomorrow morning. I apologize for the delay, guys. I've been working way too long in my basement, and I'm thoroughly exhausted.

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