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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 1,121 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Yeah, you're right. Ned and Hakak have been getting low rolls the past few days.

At any rate, I believe I'll have an update posted sometime tomorrow.

He got really lucky. I rolled a natural 20 for his Acrobatics check vs Jubrayl and a 17 vs you, and then his Acrobatics skill is very high.

[Afternoon, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 5 Part 1, Thistletop Level Two]

NOTE – I’m assuming Hakak stabilized (haven’t gotten the result yet, and he could have delayed until Nich ran over), so let’s proceed anyway. At best he’s staggered, I believe, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Nich slips behind Orik and moves to Hakak’s side. Hakak recovers 6 hp from Nich’s healing prayers. Nualia clenches her teeth, her face falling in dismay, though whether from the barbarian’s renewed vigor or Nicholae’s missive is impossible to tell.

Lleidr rolls away from the fire, backs off from Tsuto and lets loose with an arcane volley of his own. Llyrie cries aloud and collapses on the ground. “Help me, my love”, she cries and reaches towards Tsuto before falling unconscious.

Tsuto wrinkles his nose, run towards Lleidr, and leaps above the halfling (NOTE: he seperately beats the CMDs of both Lleidr and Jubrayl). He takes off through the north passage, and you hear one of the northern doors slam shut. Lleidr and Jubrayl are alone now in the deep, silent darkness. There’s almost the sound of a gasp coming from the southern doorway, framed with skeletal carvings.

Nualia glares at Nich. “Some things never change. Help your real friends, but leave me to help myself. But, now, I have a Mother to help me.” She steps 5’ west, away from the din of combat, recites a short prayer in the goblin tongue, and you can see the renewed vigor taking hold. Many wounds heal before your eyes.

Orik advances, his sword raised, and he swings down towards your old friend. “I always hated that prayer the most!” However, her strength somewhat restored, Nualia blocks Orik's sword and pushes him back.


Next up: Ned, Jubrayl, Selia. I'm assuming you may have delays due to the holidays. No worries if so. In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

[Afternoon, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 4 Part 2, Thistletop Level Two]

Ned steps over Hakak’s body, and joins the fray against Nualia, but she parries his blow with little effort. Orik shouts at Nich, “Better go help your buddy, priest. We can keep her busy.”

Jubrayl follows Lyrie, but turns to Tsuto and rips a gaping hole in his silken garment, drawing blood. He gapes in horror at what you’ve done. “I just had this shipped from Magnimar, you common oaf! You pay for that, I swear!”

By this point, Selia has run through about halfway through the hall with statues. With her bum leg, she’s a little slower than most.


Next up: Hakak (check to become stable), Lleidr, Nicholae
Good luck, guys! I’m getting a little worried.

Resolving Lyrie's action: heavily wounded, she leans up against the western wall for support and unleashes a final spell with great effort. Searing flames scorch the air, falling short of Jubrayl but easily able to cook the halfling.

Lleidr: give me a Reflex save vs DC 15 for either 8 or 4 damage.

An exciting suspenseful climax to your adventure is my Christmas present to all of you ! :)

So, just need 2 things:

Selia's action

Jubryal's attack roll to confirm his his crit & the additional damage

But .. it's nearly Christmas Eve. I'll post an update as soon as I can after the results get posted, but I won't be surprised if they don't show up for a couple of days.

Oops , i forgot 2 things

1) yes, the Will save was only for the folks in the north room. Lleidr, Jubrayl & Selia are unaffected.

2) I now need actions for Ned, Jubrayl & Selia.

Jub, looks like your hit may have been critical. Can you confirm it and add the extra damage if necessary?

Lleidr's AoO vs Lyrie failed.

[Afternoon, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 4 Part 1, Thistletop Level Two]

Hakak rises, steps over towards Nualia, but fumbles his axe swing.
Empowered with arcane energies, the Fang of Elyrium stabs Llyrie, catching the mage off-guard.

Running to stand beside Orik, Nicholae’s newly blessed weapon strikes true, wounding Nualia terribly. “Fallen?” she says, her face that of one betrayed. “You’re the ones who dropped me!”

“Hah, you take your eye off ball, half-man.” Tsuto fists rain down upon Lleidr. Lleidr dodges the worst, but the half-elf’s left fist still manages to connect (5 hp dmg).

Lyrie runs towards the west wall (NOTE – this provokes, so I need to know if Lleidr & Jub want to do an AoO and what you’re doing).

Back in the north room, Orik nods at Nicholae and swings at the woman as well, but Nualia easily parries his blade away.

In the flickering light, Nualia’s face takes on a near-demonic cast as she clutches a small golden idol retrieved from her pocket. A thundering rumble follows as the stone walls surrounding you groan in dismay. The room darkens noticeably and some of you can make out the sound, something that approximates a distant howl. (NOTE – please Will Save at a DC of 15 for either 8 or 4 damage).

“My Mother is calling for your souls, gentlemen.”


Sorry for the delay - all day holiday feasting Saturday and then all day laundry / gift wrapping today. I am bushed!

[Afternoon, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 3 Part 2, Thistletop Level Two]

NOTE – both Ned and Lleidr successfully save from potential effects from their enemies.

Ned scrambles to the side, away from the hound’s assault and to the dog’s side. His blade crashes into the foul beast. It’s form instantly begins to dissolve in wisps of dark smoke. At the sight, Nualia cries aloud in alarm.

Jubrayl smashes his axe right on top of the mage, but the blade bounces off some unseen force mere inches from her clothes.

Selia is at the landing, close enough now to hear the sounds of battle.


Next up: Hakak, Lleidr & Nicholae.

By the time my folks left the house yesterday, I was wiped. Mentally & physically!

I probably won't be able to update until Sunday. Busy with Christmas/family stuff today.

I'll wait on Jub to reply to Lleidr's question before resolving the rest of the round.

Interesting ... I wonder if that's a recent rule change. OK, let's say Selia turns around and runs back.

Nice catch. Yes, I should have made 2 Acrobatics checks, and I believe each successive one increases the DC by 2. So, applying the first result vs Lleidr, and Tsuto passes easily. I then rolled a relatively lower number for the 2nd check just now (DC = 18 + 2) and ... he still passes, but just barely. Imagine Jubrayl's axe barely gliding past Tsuto's neck.

Yes, I'd rather not detail the numbers behind the NPC abilities. I see a lot of that going on in online games (which is another thing that drives me up the wall with PF). Me forgetting a rule, though, is fair game. You'd think the Core rulebook would have pointed this out, but I didn't see it under the Acrobatics skill.

Hmm .. is Tsuto a monk? Good question!

Ned, can you give me your action for this part of the round?

Lleidr and Ned are both unaffected by secondary conditions from the prior actions.

Nich, re: Selia & magical fear, I'm not seeing anything online that says characters can act normally once out of sight of the source. Everything I see says the fear lasts for the duration.

I haven't done an extensive search, but anyone else want to weigh in? Last time, this affected Ned & Lleidr, and they both kept running for a few rounds, even when well out of sight & earshot of the hounds.

Jub, you're attacking Lyrie still, right?

And, just to confirm, yes, Tsuto still beats your CMD.

So next up is Ned, Jubrayl & Selia. Nich, your action will happen at the top of Round 4.

[Afternoon, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 3 Part 1, Thistletop Level Two]

Still sprawled on the ground, Hakak makes an awkward lunge for his opponent, but misses.

Lleidr hurtles into the southern chamber, dodging his dual opponents with flair. Lyrie is now flanked, and she gasps in surprise and pain at the halfling’s assault.

Reciting ancient liturgies, Nicholae has called down the power of his god, and feels his body surging with renewed physical vigor. At the same time, however, you’re aware of another presence nearby … Nualia has likewise grown very powerful in pursuit of her own deity’s instructions. And, there’s a third presence somewhere here … something even more dire, more ancient. An unhallowed and ravenous will stirs within these stone walls.

Here’s a description of the southern chamber that Jubrayl and Lleidr now occupy: The southern wing of this L-shaped hallway ends at a pair of stone doors carved with the depictions of two skeletons reaching out to clutch a skull between them, while to the east the hallway narrows down to frame a circular carving of what seems to be an immense stack of tens of thousands of gold coins that rises from floor to ceiling. The edges of these coins are carved with tiny, spiky runes.

“Stand aside, Orik, or I will strike you down.” Nualia smashes into Orik with her sword, battering the tall soldier a step backwards. Her claw hand reaches out too, but merely scrapes his shield.

Ignoring Hakak for the moment, the hound tears into Ned, slamming the ranger against the stone wall (10 hp dmg and Will save please).

Orik bats away Nualia’s demon hand, and strikes at his ex-boss. “Don’t think I’ve ever hit a lady before, but I don’t think you really qualify as one no longer.”

Realizing she’s surrounded, Lyrie’s face is twisted in horror. “Save me, my love!” (NOTE – total defense, so +4 to AC)

With a clatter on the stone floor, Tsuto drops his bow. He seems not to have heard Lyrie at all. “Ah, half-a-man after my own heart! Let see who is better fighter, eh?” He tumbles, dodging any attack from Jubrayl (NOTE – Acrobatics beats CMD, so no AoO), and lands right behind the halfling. A powerful blow from Tsuto’s fist smashes down at the base of Lleidr's neck (8 hp dmg plus I need a Fort save, please).


Hakak, you're still prone. Staying low for now?

[Afternoon, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 2 Part 2, Thistletop Level Two]

Ned hops over Hakak and attacks the hound. The dog’s AoO misses Ned, but Ned’s blade doesn’t bite nearly as deep as he expected.

Jubrayl runs to Tsuto and challenges him. A fiery light shines from his eyes, and you see his face twist in despair for a moment.

Unfortunately, you’re also now right next to Lyrie.

Selia keeps on running, with Arg right on her tail.

Next up: Hakak, Lleidr, & Nich


Are your hp #s accurate on the site here? i haven't been keeping track lately.

Ned, I think that you're going to be subject to an AoO if you move through Hakak's square to get to the right of the hound. Am I off-base in that?

[Afternoon, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 2 Part 1, Thistletop Level Two]

Lleidr’s monkey familiar scampers off after Selia. Lleidr runs behind Ned and casts Daze on Nualia. She doesn't appear affected by the spell.

Hakak charges into the north room after the wounded hound. The beast possesses a canny instinct, wounded though it be, and neatly jumps away from Hakak’s swing. The axe-head lands, biting into a nearby chair and rendering it little more than scrap wood.

Nicholae casts a divine spell upon his drawn sword.

Nualia grimaces at Hakak’s attack on her pet. “I never cared much for you, Hakak.” In a terrific rage, she plunges her sword at the barbarian, but the half-orc dodges the blow with ease. Her demonic claw hand lashes out, but merely scrapes his armor to no effect.

The hound however latches onto Hakak with a ferocious bite (9 hp dmg plus Will Save, please). The hound drags Hakak down onto the floor.

Tsuto laughs. “Ah, yes, the halfling! At this close range, even you, my friend, are an easy target.” Another arrow slices the air, which then nicks Lleidr (4 hp dmg).

Lyrie peers around a corner from behind the south door. “Good shot, love. Watch this!” With a flash of arcane energies, a volley of yellow viscous liquid sails towards Lleidr. It misses by mere inches and spatters the adjacent stone wall. Steam rises and the stone boils and bubbles from the acid as it streams towards the floor.

Orik runs into the north room (double move). “Enough of this, Nualia! It’s time to end this.”

Nualia smiles. “Oh, you’re quite right about that.”


Here’s a description of what you folks see in the room marked ‘E4’: Wide stone ledges of red marble line the curving walls of this room, which is well lit by four burning skulls that sit in each corner. Three chairs rest in the room, and both stone ledges are covered with old books, scrolls, teeth, bones, scrimshaw artwork, jars of deformed creatures soaking in brine, taxidermied animals and limbs, and other strange objects. To the north, a large round fountain filled with frothy blue water fills the room with the gentle sound of bubbling.

Next up: Ned, Jubrayl, and then Selia, who is still running. She'll make it back to the surface this action.

Hakak, you've got enough movement to reach the hound, but you didn't me a standard action. Ned can see the room that the hound is in, and it's adjacent to Nualia. Do you want to give me a standard action too?

Sorry for such a delay! Looks like Paizo had a rough week.

So, we're waiting on actions for Hakak.

[Afternoon, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 1 Part 2, Thistletop Level Two]

Ned runs past Hakak to see where Tsuto has landed and is shocked by what greets him. To the south, sure enough, waits Tsuto with his bow drawn aiming right at the ranger. However, the north passage opens into a round room and near the dead center, attending to her wounded pet is a friend you long assumed dead.

Nualia is there, her face little changed in the intervening years, but her body betrays an infernal transformation. Her abdomen is exposed and is streaked with horrendous scars. Even worse, her entire left arm is a hellish red and ends in a demonic claw. “Hello, Ned. You can have the honor of being the first to die today. It’s the least I can do for you, given how you all abandoned me in Sandpoint. I can see the rest of them being so thoughtless, but you too, Ned? At least, now I can hurt you the same way you hurt me.”

Jubrayl shouts a challenge after Tsuto. Oddly, Jubrayl’s voice isn’t muffled to the same degree as Orik’s. His voice booms off the stone, and the echoes ring in your ears.

Unable to bear the hound’s awful baying, Selia tears past everyone else and charges up the staircase.

Orik says, “Should I go after her? Nualia’s in a tight place and it’s gonna be tough for all of us to reach her.”


Sorry for the delay in getting update out. I had a nasty headache last night. Nich, you already submitted an action, but if you want to reconsider, given Ned’s revealing of the map, feel free to post something else. So, next up for round 2: Hakak, Lleidr and Nicholae.

So, now I need actions for Selia and Jubrayl and we can go to round 2.

Nich, I think you're confusing Tsuto and Orik. Orik is the grey colored dude with a bow. Tsuto was down the hall, E3, and then he went through the south door in that hallway, which you haven't explored yet.

Yes, Nualia's voice is coming through E3, from the north entrance way, whose door is open.

Ned, I must not have been real clear on where Tsuto went. He's out of sight. He ran through the south door in the room marked E3, so you'd have to go down that hall (the one where Lleidr disarmed a trap) in order to find him.

BTW, Hakak, your 2nd axeblow also hit. The hound was pretty beat up.

Here's the map after the hound runs back. It ran through the north door in the hallway.


My description of Tsuto's move action made no sense. He fired an arrow, missed, then moved through the southern door and disappeared.

Sorry for any confusion.

[Afternoon, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 1 Part 1, Thistletop Level Two]

Orik slams his hands over his ears. “Oh, that howl is awful.”

Bounding around one of the hall’s slender columns, Hakak tears into the baying hound.

Lleidr grips the Fang of Elyrium, readying to strike a blow, but all the while, is watching Orik.

Ignoring Tsuto’s assault, Nich closes his eyes in a solemn prayer for divine aid, and soon his unsheathed sword is cast with a brilliant sheen. Lurking shadows which had been creeping over you are thrown back into their dark corners.

The hound tries to bite Hakak, but the half-orc’s armor proves too tough. In fear, it runs and goes back up towards the north door (Hakak gets an AoO).

Tsuto loosens another arrow, this one aimed at Hakak, but it merely gets stuck in the barbarian’s chain shirt. The half-elf rounds the opposite corner of the dog and disappears into south passage.

Nualia’s voice echoes off the stone walls again. “You won’t escape here alive, none of you. Be content with your fate. All of you will be burnt offerings, just like my father was.”


I should have done this earlier:

initiative order -




So ... I need actions for Lleidr and it sounds like Nich isn't doing a move action. BTW, Ned, that roll would be for your readied action. So, after the 1st 3 PCs go and then I resolve the NPCs, then you'll need to give me a new action.

BTW, Selia sees no illusion activity around the Yeth Hound or around Tsuto. However, there is a small magical aura around one of Tsuto's fingers.

Nice catch. Yes, everyone should be getting +4 courtesy of Jubrayl.

The hound's readied action goes off. Can I get a Will save from everyone (this is fear based)?

Red-faced with rage, Tsuto barrels into the hallway, an arrow fitted into his longbow. "Rapist? Beast? Sir, you will recant those words. I will not stand here and have my honor besmirched by Sandpoint riff-raff like yourself."

He loosens the arrow and its head is buried deep into Nicholae's shield, quivering like a sapling blown by a gust.

Behind him, comes another of those unholy hounds, just like you fought upstairs earlier. It races past Tsuto and stands in front of him growling at the lot of you, baring its teeth in a hideous snarl.



Note to selia & Jubrayl - Nualia's & Tsuto's voices are coming from around the corner. You can't see anyone at the moment.

Well ... I'm hesitating to proceed because not everyone has told me their intentions. I'll wait a bit longer, and then post again at the end of today.

So, yeah, on your bonus, you're already at +9 and we're only level 3. But, at this point, most of the DCs for finding a trap are only 20 or so. You'll always find them, if you look. Which isn't that big a deal, but the search action itself is so fast. It ought to cost a lot of time to find a trap.

Granted, this one was obvious and isn't a good example.

"Thought me dead? I'm so touched. Dearest Nich, I've never been more alive. Here's a better idea. Why don't you come forward?"

So, of the many things that bug me about Pathfinder, traps are close to the top of the list. One big one is that you can just Take 20 on them ... but so many Trap DCs are in the range of 20 - 30 (with 30 at higher levels). So, if i have a +10 to Perception by the time the DCs approach 30, i still only have to Take 20 to avoid just about any trap.

Another thing - Perception is a move action. 3 seconds! So, if I Take 20, then I've spent a whole minute to find a trap. It seems to me that searching a 5x5x10 cube should take far longer than a minute ... more like 30 minutes or an hour.

Another thing: they don't really explain how magic traps work in the rules very well. How does a thief deactivate a magical trap? I guess the GM is supposed to fill in the blanks on the details somehow.

Well, guys, we're approaching the end of a chapter. Exciting huh? Of course, it might just be your end. Heh heh!

Just inside the hallway door, a slender lever of smooth metal lined with strange runes slants ever so slightly off a groove set into the wall. Your instincts tell you it's tied to the trap's activation.

After pushing the lever into the groove, a scarlet flicker no brighter than a dying ember flashes from each statue's eye sockets. You spy a matching lever on the north wall on the other side of the statues just before the north door. This lever also protrudes ever so slightly from its groove in the masonry. The flickering lights seem to be some kind of timer, and again your gut tells you the 2nd lever needs to be pushed down to complete the deactivation.

After pushing this second lever down, there's a faint whirring sound from the floor under your feet and then a click which you feel from your toes more than your actually hear. The magical auras fade a bit around the statues.

Light then spills into the hallway from the north door.

Just then, a familiar voice you haven't heard in years and, until recently, thought never to hear again, echoes off the graven walls. "When will you stop monkeying around with those old relics and come say hello, friends? It's been so many years since you left me all alone in Sandpoint. We have quite a bit of catching up to do, don't we? Come now, don't be shy!"

The woman's voice breaks into laughter, but the laugh is cold and fills your hearts with dread. It's followed by an audible canine growl.

Orik shouts from behind you. "Nualia, it's all over. Forget this ridiculous revenge fantasy. Ripnugget's dead, and so are all the other goblins upstairs. It's time you surrendered and came home."

Orik's voice is hoarse, and his command sounds muffled in this damp, lifeless hall.

Another voice replies from the north door of the hallway with statues. It's a male voice, with the same accent as Ameiko. "Is that Orik? Ah, my good man. Why don't you explain to your new friends how you're wanted for murder, and if you so much as show your face in Riddleport again, you'll be hanging from a gibbet before sundown? When exactly were you planning on betraying your newly found allies, Orik?"

Unable to determine the type, Lleidr can see that both auras emanate from the statue eyes. The eyes work like some kind of trigger, and as you study the floor ahead, you see the statues both have hinged arms ready to pivot and smash into the space in front of them with their wielded glaives. Recessed into this floor space, you see a delicate line, surely no wider than a hair's breadth, spreading unbroken around the entire square.

It appears there's a Divination effect surrounding those statues.

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