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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

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Shelalu nods. "Yes, it would be foolish to try the wilds again without better preparation. And, we need to decide on our approach. We could travel the river upstream via ferry, or simply on foot, following the river.

There's a small town just south of the fort, called Turtleback Ferry. I suggest we head there first and see what news they have of my friends in the Black Arrows."

NOTE - i'm going out of town for the holiday. But, we will be back Monday night. So, next post will be Tuesday, 5/31, most likely.

Congrats again on wrapping up the 2nd volume of this AP. Things are going to get interesting real quick, folks.

Have a great weekend -

Yes, my kid's going to play a Wizard. I'll get him set up after the holiday.

Shelalu is tired and tight lipped the evening of her arrival. In the morning, you're all rounded up and made ready for the day ahead.

The festivities consist of an impromptu fair, a parade, a solemn public ritual at the central temple for Desna, and a pair of lavish feasts. The lord-mayor's speech lavishes praise on himself and his council for solving the crimes which bedeviled the city, but he is quick to point out the valuable aid he received from you all.

Shelalu smiles at your accomplishments and is eager to hear all about them. Back at the mansion, her grim demeanor returns and worsens by the time she reads the letter you found in the Clockwork Tower.

"I wasn't able to get to Fort Rannick after I left Sandpoint a few weeks ago. The woods had become too dangerous; terrible ogre-kin roam the wilds between here and the fort and I've never seen them so far south. Since Sandpoint is safe now from the goblin threat, I figured I could ask you all for help. Now ... seeing this letter ... I'm afraid it explains why. We have to get to Fort Rannick and see if the Black Arrows are still there."

Parthen pipes up and says "The Lord-Mayor is to meet with his council or perhaps has already done so. They're going to determine what course of action we should take."

Shelalu shakes her head. "Nich, you could be on to something. A harvest of greed? Weren't the victims marked with that ancient rune? We don't have time to wait on the mayor's council to figure things out. We should leave now .. tonight!"

"Thank ye, little lord."

He mumbles out loud while reading the letter, stumbling a bit when getting towards the end.

" ... managed to harvest that lord-mayor yet ... Oh, dear heavens! He tumbles down to the floor in a dead faint.

Upon regaining his senses, he hands you back the letter. "This is most dire, indeed. I must discuss these matters with the City Council at once. In the meantime, I'll take my leave, and have my Chief Provost show you to your new home."

The Provost is a laconic man, by the name of Parthen. The home in Alabaster District you now own is a large dwelling of stone and dark paneled oak. A little run-down, as its sole inhabitant has neglected its appearance for many years, Parthen explains.

Yes, you have a housemate, a caretaker of sorts. "An arcane scholar on the side, I believe he is. An eccentric chap, but otherwise quite decent. I'm sure you'll get on quite well with him. He can tell you all about the house's history. And, since he knew you were coming, he took the liberty of fully stocking the buttery and wine cellar."

[NOTE - my kid's wanting to play a character, and he'll be joining us shortly]

Parthen then tells you about the upcoming festivities.

"Arrangements are already being made for tomorrow's grand feast, and a parade as well, I might add. You all, of course, are the guests of honor."

You're barely an hour into checking out the grounds and the house, when there's a loud ringing of the front bell. The door opens to reveal Shalelu [NOTE - remember her from Sandpoint?]. She doesn't look happy.

The Lord-Mayor looks astonished.

"Master Lleidr, you and your friends astound at every turn! That letter explains what occupies my Black Arrows?"

The mayor gives you a broad, beaming smile. "Oh how wonderful to find such selfless members of the body public. It is a nice change from the preening sycophants I normally have to work with.

To be honest, when we first heard that you folks were sent here by your sheriff from Sandpoint, several in my council had doubts. I was instead advised to bring in those cantankerous Black Arrows from the frontier, so they could deal with this spate of murders.

But, we've received little word from those rangers lately. Rumors are that their hands are full and Fort Rannick is a very busy place nowadays. At any rate, one of their number, an elven friend of yours, spoke highly of you if memory serves.

So, about this upcoming banquet, ...

And then the lord mayor launches into a very detailed list of proceedings, speeches, and grand feasts to be held in your honor over the course of a few days in the very near future. It's difficult to maintain focus on so much minutia, and you find your attention wandering.

The Lord Mayor has the party escorted to a rambling old manor, severely run down but one of the better homes to be found in Underbridge. Cider and wafers are arranged on a table in the hall. Once everyone is seated and comfortable, the Lord-Mayor quizzes you on all you've found, to hear it from your own voices.

NOTE - feel free to add in any information you think he should have, whether true or false.

"We will have a formal ceremony soon to celebrate your success, which will put minds at ease. Having lost a few of their own, the nobility gave me no respite regarding the murders. And, knowing that a Justice of the City was a prominent actor in all this ... he shudders, "Well, let's just say, we need to publicly close the books on this affair. I'll show you off to the upper crust, we'll have a few speeches followed by a massive feast, and the City will grant you a house in the Alabaster District. Does this strike you as a square deal? You get a mansion, and in return, I buy the city some peace of mind by having you live here. Of course, you're free to travel as you will ... just the knowledge that you can use Magnimar as a place to roost will be enough for my purposes."

"Having just been informed at your remarkable deftness in solving these horrific crimes, and in removing their chief perpetrator, I insisted on getting to Underbridge at once, hoping to find and meet each one of you.

Of course, we had word some days ago, in the highest circles, that the Heroes of Sandpoint were in the city! And, I must say, you did not disappoint. You've slain a lamia hiding in our very midst, who was orchestrating these depraved murders.

There is some business I would discuss with you in private however. Would you be so kind as to come with me?"

You get the impression that Lord Mayor Grobaras could go on talking like this for a long time.

I"m going to assume yes and proceed with the purpose the Lord Mayor calling on you. Update a bit later today ...

Is it safe to assume that Nich would have shared details on what you've found & done so far as far as the Skinsaw Cult and Xanesha?

Tracking a slithered trail of swept dust, Ned can see where Xanesha last visited the rookery some time ago. (NOTE - Ned, instead of Perception, I made a Tracking check on your behalf). She last left the rookery a few days ago, passing the old clockworks room on her way.

Inside, Lleidr finds a parchment wadded into a ball sitting on the floor. One side bears a date three days old. The other side is a letter.

Shortly after your discovery and after packing up the last of the loot, there's the sound of a horn coming from ground level. Ducking inside, you can see a dozen or so soldier types filing into the tower, with a few others of rich dress and regal bearing. A cryer bellows out a summons,

"The Lord Mayor of Magnimar, here to give audience to the Sandpoint warriors!"

I wouldn't sweat it ... you're in the middle of the city, so one of you could post guard, till the rest of you carry all the loot back to your rented rooms.

Anyone headed to the clockworks room to search, just give me a PER check.

The magic items are:

Potions: cure moderate wounds
kukri, small: +2 enchantment bonus
Ring of Jumping
Golembane Scarab, which is interesting if you recall that she had a golem on the ground floor guarding the place

Congratulations on your progress. We are officially 1/3 of the way through the AP!!

The crowds are cowed by Nicholae's pleas, and at the mention of dire and evil forces, they pull away from the old shop. They're soon replaced by several members of the city watch, led by none other than Eland Ritsar, whom you met several nights ago after your fight in a tavern.

"I might have known I'd find you lot here when the alarm was rung. I take it this all has something to do with Seven's Sawmill and that lot of roustabouts? Any news you have for me? As you might imagine, the very top people in the city are hounding the watch for answers on these murders."

Upstairs, at the top of the tower, the chests yield their contents; the keys are a perfect match.

Five of the chests contain many small leather pouches, each stuffed with 100 coins. In all, they contain:

33,000 cp
8,100 sp
900 gp
100 pp

The sixth chest holds several pieces of fine jewelry as well as even smaller pouches containing prize gems, all worth 4,200 gp.

Chest # 7: items all displaying magical auras:

a scarab
4 unmarked potions
a kukri, sized Small
and a copper ring with an emblem showing a pair of feet

Also, there's a room you passed on the way up without exploring, which contained the old corroded clockworks.

It appears her body crashed into an abandoned merchant's shop. By the time you reach the bottom of the tower, a small crowd has formed trying to peer into boarded windows. But they're easily dissuaded from entering to satiate their curiosity.

A number of gear items detect as magical:

- her longspear
- her Medusa mask
- a Sihedron medallion, identical to the one you recovered from Nualia
- snakeskin tunic

She also carried a ring of metal keys on her waist. Which works out well, since you noticed a line of small wooden chests after climbing the stairs to the tower roof.

There's a scream from far below you, and you see Xanesha tumble and crash atop a poorly thatched roof.

Shadow Clock, Top Floor, Round 7 Continued

With a magical assistance at the ready, Ned spies Xanesah hovering beneath the stairs, about 20' below the tower's roof.

Selia's archons zip about, continuing to blast away at your enemy, raising clouds of dust and splinters where they miss and strike the tower's steps instead. Several of the shots do hit her, however.

Round 8

Hanging from the top of the tower, high above the sprawling depths of Underbridge, Lleidr's dagger strikes true, tumbles towards the ground, and then spins as it changes direction, flying right into his outstretched hand.

Nich's archons immediately launch into the air and deliver a pair of blasts, one of which the lamia is unable to dodge.

You see a look of utter despair cross Xanesha's face but she shakes a fist in defiance in your direction. "I may be vanquished, but you are too late. The harvests are reaped and stored away. Very soon, you will see. And soon, all of you will bow."

She pushes off from the side of the tower, and glides through the air, before plunging towards the ground. She's aiming for street level, to get the nearest row of houses between her and the tower.

NOTE - No need again for a map, since she's moved off of it. If you can strike her for another round, maybe that will prove enough. She is heavily wounded.

Ned you'll definitely see her. She went under the wooden, external staircase.

Just need an action from Nich and for whatever he's summoning.

Can't do an update tonight ... there's no player actions!

I think I should have pointed out that the archons can see Xanesha and can still fire on her but I'm not sure of their range. So maybe I should have uploaded a map after all ...

Shadow Clock, Top Floor, Round 6 Continued

Ned loosens another volley; a couple bounce off her tunic, but have no other visible effect.

Selia's bolt also misses its target. One of the archons manages to scorch the lamia with a glancing ray, but she dodges the remainder.

Round 7

Xanesha raises a palm, and Lleidr's magical missile explodes on impact.

Nich begins another summoning spell.

You hear Xanesha chanting a quick set of rhyming phrases, and she appears partially restored before plunging straight down underneath the exterior wooden stairs.

No update to the map, since there's no real change in positions, other than your enemy flying out of harm's way.

Just need Nich to tell us what he's up to, and we'll proceed.

Spellcraft check please (NOTE - i was doing these for you, after i realized i hadn't asked for them before).

Just need Nich & Lleidr's actions to continue ...

Yes, full withdraw action. Sorry, i should have written that in parenthesis.

Shadow Clock, Top Floor, Round 5 Continued

Ned unleashes another volley, with one arrow finding purchase, another bouncing off her sheer tunic and the last scraping the bottom of Underbridge. "You think this a game for children?"

While Xanesha dodges Selia's crossbow bolt, she is assailed by the rays from the floating archons.

Round 6

Lleidr's Fang flies once more, clangs off her lance, and returns to the halfling's hand. Nich closes once more with this deadly foe; she parries his thrust and pushes the cleric back a foot or so on the sloping roof.

Xanesha fends off the cleric, backs off the edge of the tower, and flies out of reach.


Selia, can you give me the actions for your archons?

BTW, I went back and applied Mirror Image to the start of Xanesha's appearance. The additional images didn't last through the first assault of the archons. She's also a bit less wounded than I originally thought.

Update - kid got discharged earlier than expected. we're back home now, so I should be able to update tonight (Thursday).

I am offline till the weekend. My apologies again. look for an update by Saturday.

no update tonight ... sorry, folks

i promise though it really looks like we're at the end of the road w/ my kid's hospitalization. his new shunt goes in tomorrow early AM, and if all goes well, they'll kick him out Thursday.

Just realized something ... I have majorly goofed up. Xanesha had cast mirror image before combat began and I haven't applied it at all.

I think I can go back and retroactively apply this against hits you've made; or we can proceed with the full array of mirror images at her current HP. Do you have a preference?

Just need actions from Ned & Selia to proceed ...

Yes, and i don't believe she gets an AoO, if you step up

Cool! then, she missed!!

So, my kid's got a relatively minor medical implant, but one he needs very badly. He had a new one put in a few months ago, and we found out in April that it was infected. It needs to be replaced, and that may happen on Weds this week, provided his infection is truly gone. The problem is that the specific bacteria is a slow grower, and doesn't show up in cultures for about 5 days. At this point, he might be discharged by Friday, which means he'll have been inpatient for over 2 weeks!

So, work and everything else has been put on hold for the past week and a half; looks like things are calming down on my end, but I'll update here if I have to skip a day or two between turns.

Thanks for being patient!

So, my kid's got a relatively minor medical implant, but one he needs very badly. He had a new one put in a few months ago, and we found out in April that it was infected. It needs to be replaced, and that may happen on Weds this week, provided his infection is truly gone. The problem is that the specific bacteria is a slow grower, and doesn't show up in cultures for about 5 days. At this point, he might be discharged by Friday, which means he'll have been inpatient for over 2 weeks!

So, work and everything else has been put on hold for the past week and a half; looks like things are calming down on my end, but I'll update here if I have to skip a day or two between turns.

Thanks for being patient!

Shadow Clock, Top Floor, Round 4 Continued

Fighting back against his feeling of hopelessness and loss, Ned unleashes a volley of shots at the lamia. One pierces her, and flies out the other side of her scaley back. Selia casts a spell of protection over Nich while the archons continue to barrage your enemy.

Round 5

Lleidr hurls the Fang of Elyrium, and the dagger rips into Xanesha before returning to the halfling's hand. Nich launches a fiery blast of holy light. She catches the bolt on her lance, scattering it to the winds.


Xanesha turns her back on the archons, her fury focused soley on Ned. "You presume much, if you think yourself unscathed in confronting me!" Her antiquated longspear slams into the ranger (She hit AC 18, so if your AC is listed correctly, that's 27 dmg).


He's doing really well. I'll explain later what's going on in a bit more detail, but tonight I am wiped.

Can we put the game on hold until the weekend? This is a nice encounter and I'd like to make sure I do it right.

I'll try to update later today. Sorry for the delay.

I've got a kid in the hospital since Weds of last week, to treat an infection. And, so far, it's shaping up that he'll be there another week. So, updates may be spotty until he's back home.

Did you include your Bless bonus?

Xanesha parried Nich's sword thrust before she lept up to attack the archons.

In addition to your AoO, I'll also need your action(s), Nich.

And, I'll need actions from Selia and Ned. Any movement, Lleidr?

BTW, Nich also gets an AoO, since she moved more than 5' away from you.

Shadow Clock, Top Floor, Round 3 Continued

Ned is sickened with despair and his sword hangs off his hand like a wilted leaf in summer. Selia has placed Ned under a powerful protection effect, and summoned archons blast away at the hideous lamia. You see that her tunic absorbs a few of the rays, but most of them get through and elicit a gasp of surprise from her.

Round 4

Lleidr lobs a magic missile into the lamia, and he rushes to the east side of the tower, hoping to strike from behind. With a wave of her hand, the missile dissipates.

Nich leaps towards his opponent, who brings her antiquated weapon up and lands a devastating blow upon the cleric (27 dmg - she got a critical hit). However, he returns a blow in return.

To your amazement, Xanesha lifts up to the sky and engages the archons. However, her skills with the spear fail her. She hits one, barely, and misses another. From some arcane spell, she is capable of movement through the very air!


OK, keep in mind, she's got 10' reach, so she'll get an AoO.

I think i just need an action and move from Nich.

To proceed, i need actions from Ned, Selia and Nich. Ned's condition limits him to a single move action. And, I believe Lleidr is using a readied Magic Missile.

Unless I'm offbase, Selia's summoning is finished now, so I'll need actions for whatever appears.

Remember, I'll need any movement you want to do as well as your actions.

Waves of power emanate from Xanesha's longspear.

Nich isn't affected by the burst. Lleidr and Ned are overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and despair (-2 to attacks, saves, ability checks, skill checks, weapon dmg) for several minutes.

In addition, the direct target of her attack, Ned, is nauseated with despair for the upcoming round.

Can you all give me your actions? I"ll also need that Will save from Selia.

Got a family medical situation happening, folks ... can't do an update this evening.

Besides, i'm still waiting on Selia & Ned.

Shadow Clock, Top Floor, Round 2 Continued

Selia begins another casting as her ant chomps on the wiggling Stalker again. Then, the ant begins fading from sight.

Ned whips around and fires several arrows at the stalker, practically pinning his body to the floor.

Round 3

Nich's stroke misses its target but the thing is already dead.

Lleidr can tell that the collection of auras moved from the SW corner towards the west, off the ledge! The auras are gone now.

To your collective relief, the demon fades from sight. But your feeling of victory is short-lived.

Quickly, in your midst, a nightmarish foe appears. This creature’s upper torso is that of a comely woman with cat’s eyes and sharp fangs, while her lower body is that of a massive serpent. She wields an antiquated longspear, which looks to be from another age of the world, with deadly poise and grace. Her face is hidden under a horrific golden mask, entwined with serpents, and her torso is covered by a metallic, shimmering garment. Around her neck, she wears a medallion exactly the same as your friend, Nualia - it bears the Sihendron rune.

Even more disturbing, there are actually 7 of these horrors occupying the same space.

"These? These are the proclaimed Sandpoint heroes?" Her mocking laughter is melodious but cold. "If you couldn't even save Nualia from me, what chance have you of protecting an entire city?"

Seven barbed points of the longspear lash out and smash into Ned's armor (15 dmg). I need everyone to make a Will Save, and then Ned to give me a 2nd Will Save as well.


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