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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 912 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Got a mini-vacation , guys. i'm going to be offline till Tuesday evening, 8/5. looks like there's been no posts since this morning, so i've got no updates today to publish.

Hmm, Lleidr is saying sundown today, Nich you're saying sundown tomorrow. I think you also meant sundown today but i'm not sure.

Sounds like you're going for an 8 hour nap in the tower, then?

Sandpoint's only a few miles away. You could be there by mid-afternoon.

Yes, Ripnugget has indicated that your quarry, the demon-worshipper, is somewhere below ground, inside this island.

Ripnugget volunteers in a low growl, the words slithering from yellowed broken teeth, The horse was knocked out, and dragged by many warriors into the courtyard ... So, holy man, you wish a place to spend the night, yes? Yes, we can manage that. Here, you could spend the night atop the tower yonder. No one will bother you, and if you lack faith, post a guard. Atop the tower, you would be out of harm's way.

But, at first light come morning, you leave, right? And, never fight us again?

So, where will you go to rest?

OK, so where to, guys? What's your destination?

Ripnugget: Describe, eh? She's tall, a regular longshanks, right enough, like you. She's blessed by holy power, and has the scarring to prove it. And, one of her hands has been changed, looks like a great claw now. Very pleasing to the eye, for a longshanks.

The goblin chief is giving you a toothy grin, presumably at the memory of this person.

Ripnugget: There! You have all you need from me. Leave my presence, leave my hall, and leave us in peace. I have given all that you've asked, and if you be of a right nature, you will act with honor, humans and ... looking at Hakak otherwise .

Ripnugget: The only prisoner IS the horse. I never wanted that thing here in the first place. Please, take it.

You want the demon worshiper? She's yours. (gives directions to staircase you've already located). That's all I know.

Leave your people be, is it? That's easy enough. You've murdered my tribe. How would I ever pose a threat again? We bein' lucky to survive against the other tribes.

[Noon-time, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 5, Thistletop]

Moving back towards the great hall, Ned shows disgust at the notion of trying to reason with these creatures.

Nich and his summoned pack rush to engage the chieftan (NOTE - the goblin in the skull mask is dead. the skull symbol just shows that his HP was brought down below his negative hp threshold).

Jubrayl orders the goblin commando facing him and Hakak to drop his weapon and to kneel.

As if to further the point, Hakak roars a challenge at the same goblin, but his swing misses his target.

Selia runs over to the east door. "It must be barred. I cannot open it."

Lleidr moves back towards the great room as well, readying a spell should the goblins continue to resist.

A total of three goblins pour out of the south-east door into the great hall, one of which is heavily wounded. All of them freeze at the sight of their feared chieftan on the verge of surrender.

Ripnugget motions for his tribesmen to stop, and they freeze in their tracks. "You wish to find a demon lover, yes? Very good. You wish to take the path they did? We can show you."


The abandoned PCs are Selia, an oracle, and Jubrayl, an aasimar paladin.

equinoxmaster wrote:

I'm gonna join, give me a second to make a character

would you please consider running one that's been abandoned? Please???

We've got 2, but let's carry this over to the Discussion tab

In the current image, the Warchanter is SW of the throne and NE of the nearest column to the throne.

Hakak Bloody Axe wrote:
I wasn't trying to start another battle, I just attacked this commando because came after me even after his leader called for parley.

Small correction on the sequence of events - the commandos moved, the warchanter did her thing, and then Chief Ripnugget's action was last.

Looks like we're still missing Nich's action. I'm not sure what he's planning to do with all those dogs. Pretty cool action ... that really turned the tide of battle. I thought you guys were probably goners before he summoned.

Hakak Bloody Axe wrote:
So I still have a commando attacking me?

Yes, he stands in place of his wounded comrade, in the square directly north of you.

There are 2 dead/dying goblins adjacent to you, Ned. The eastern hallway appears empty (NOTE - it's a bit off the grid because of a problem i had with image resizing, that's why there's some black bleeding over into the north edge of the hallway).

[Noon-time, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 4, Thistletop]

Ignoring his fatigue from a long day, Ned delivers a furious assault , but again fails to wound his adversary.

However, the goblin is so distracted by the ranger, he's taken down by a newly summoned supernatural canine, who's able to rip into the villain's back, and rend his flesh. The goblins in the foyer moan in dismay at the sight of the dog.

The goblin face-planted onto the floor in front of Nicholae is similarly dispatched by another holy beast. At the sound of barking in the hall, the goblins exhibit a shudder of fear and disgust.

The third dog snaps and tears at the massive gecko bearing Ripnugget. The lizard works its snout, delivering a series of loud snorts.

Calling up on divine guidance, Jubrayl lashes out at Ripnugget, and his weapon nearly knocks the chieftan off his mount.

Hakak delivers a massive blow to the commando pinned up against the wall, and yet, still he stands.

Selia slides over a few feet and fires at one of the goblins running down the eastern hallway. From the darkened hall, you hear a yelp of surprise.

Lleidr rolls right though the midst of the two goblins in the hallway, winding up south of the pair. However, the goblin nearest Ned catches the magical dagger on his own sword and wards off the halfling's thrust.

"Back to the tower, boys! Move it!" The lead goblin in the foyer snarls and curses, and both remaining goblins beat a retreat back to the east door at the base of the watchtower. (NOTE - they're using withdraw actions). The remaining goblin inside slams the door, and you can hear something sliding across the back of it.

For those of you inside the hallway, you see a goblin appearing out of the south-east door, howing in dismay at this sight of his chief so besieged, not to be mention the sight of mangy dogs in the middle of a place they assumed was forever secure.

The heavily wounded goblin commando slides by Hakak (again, full withdraw action). With a fearless precision, his partner takes his place, and slashes again at the raging half-orc. But, Hakak's parries are on point and the blade never comes close.

The warchanter steps up to the wounded goblin and, with a prayer in their hateful tongue, heals the fighter of his worse wounds.

Dismayed at seeing himself surrounded, Ripnugget guides the gecko forward, and it leaps onto the column, riding it straight up towards the ceiling , and then across the room. It scuttles back down another column, winding the pair back down to the floor (Withdraw action once again).

Over the baying of the dogs, the Ripnugget speaks. "You've come here for revenge, Men of Sandpoint. I get that. And you've had it. Let us lay down our weapons, and stop acting like animals. Parlay with me, if you would prove yourselves better than murderers and thieves."


We're missing Lleidr's actions this round and i'm not sure how to adjudicate the dogs yet, so it may be tomorrow before I can post an update.

Nicholae Szabo wrote:

any ideas on position the dogs? They also get an attack.

did you want to go ahead and roll attacks for them or would you rather me do it?

Ned Rodan wrote:
did Ned's attack hit?


So .. it's looking a little grim tonight guys. This is like a cliffhanger, waiting to see how the fight's wind up.

[Noon-time, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 3, Thistletop]
Ned lunges forward and slashes at a wounded goblin, but the critter mad dances prove a bit too fast for Ned.

Nicholae steps back, closer to Hakak, and begins whispering a sacred chant.

"Your surrender or your lives, fiends." With this heroic cry, Jubrayl flings himself forward in a charge towards one of the gobln archers, who nimbly dodges the attack and laughs in return.

Hakak joins his friend in the charge, narrowly missing his prey. Only ducking at the last instant saved the goblin from decapitation.

Selia steps back to give her companions more room, and lets go with another shot from her crossbow, but it seems she missed.

Lleidr pops back inside the hallway, delivering a blow to a goblin rushing up to attack Ned.

The two remaining goblins in the courtyard are in a real fury, and they surround the ranger on two sides, stabbing and stamping, their mouths foaming in anger. Despite Ned's best efforts to parry, they land 2 blows (7 hp dmg).

The door at the end of the east hallway opens (not sure if this was obvious to you or not, but this door is at the base of the 2nd guard tower). "You be seein' good, Ribba. We be making jerky outta them longshanks tonight!" You can see two goblin faces, their eyes glinting with a fell light inside the gloom. One goblin rushes out, while his companion holds the door. "Hey, me first!"

Nicholae's goblin opponent follows him, charging headlong at the pentient cleric. Two steps into his powerful charge, he trips over the giant gecko's tail and goes spinning, lying splayed out in front of Nich's feet.

Those of you in the throne room can hear several goblins, marching and singing, on the other side of the south-east door. It sounds as if they're about to open the door and start spilling into the room.

The goblin commandos drop their bows and draw their swords, closing in on the massive half-orc. (NOTE - the one East of Hakak draws via his Move action, 5' steps West, and attacks; the one North of Hakak does Aid Another: 2 dmg total).

You can see the goblin warchanter moving behind the commandos making arcane gestures and sounds. He ends up in front of a door on the east wall.

Chief Ripnugget kicks his gecko and speeds across the room, trying to surround Hakak (7 dmg from his nasty looking short sword). "End of the line, boys. Drop yer blades and we'll kill you quick-like. Keep fightin, and it's gonna get real ugly."


Nich sounds right to me, about the arcane bonus.

Hakak Bloody Axe wrote:
Hakak will charge the goblin straight in front of him.

It looks like you're referring to the goblin on the north wall, since the chieftain is too close for you to charge.

I probably won't be able to get an update out this evening, as i'm spending an inordinate amount of time getting software installed on my new PC.

However, Hakak is one lucky barbarian. You feel a passing spasm of giggles from the spell, but nothing else. (NOTE - you cleared the DC by a mere 2 points!).

[Noon-time, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Surprise Round 2, Thistletop]

Rushing towards the foyer, Ned slams into Selia's assailant, stiking him down.

Nicholae's swings prove a bit too slow for his adversary, who nimbly dodges the cleric's blows. He steps back, to provide a tighter defense for the group.

At a signal from Hakak, Jubrayl works with his friend to bring down their mutual opponent (Aid Another, +2 to Hit for Hakak)

Hakak rips the poor goblin devil from chin to its knees, slaying it and then goring it again before the body hits the floor.

Selia steps back, retrieves her crossbow, and fires at the goblin closest to her, but the shot bounces off the creature's tough leather armor.

Lleidr dashes out in front of Ned, and finds goblins on two sides! He stabs at one, managing to nick it with the magic dagger.

Holding tight to the huge gecko mount, Ripnugget kicks the lizard, who shinnies down the column and scuttles across the floor; the chieftan's blade then smashes into Nicholae (8 dmg). "I can't wait to add your hands to my collection, boy. We'll make stew from the rest of you."

The goblin commandos fire at the paladin and the half-orc to no effect. The arrows sail over Hakak's head.

The chanter's words change and take an oddly measured tone (Hakak, Will save, please).

Both of the remaining goblins in the foyer gang up on Lleidr, one of which manages to strike the halfling with his crude short sword (4 hp dmg).


that was weird .. i didn't see Hakak's reply when i made that last post.

Jubrayl will continue to press forward; Selia will withdraw, and try to attack from range.

We're just waiting on Hakak and then we can continue ...

[Noon-time, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 1, Thistletop]

Lleidr deftly steps back out of the room and steels himself for whatever may be approaching from the party's back.

Ned looses another arrow, which slams into a column behind which hides a grinning goblin. Ned also hears the door swinging open; it's from the eastern passage in the foyer behind you.

Nicholae furiously parries with an opposing goblin and lands a blow, eliciting a squel of pain from the creature.

Jubrayl tangles with the same goblin Ned fired at, but with the same result. This goblin appears stronger and more skilled than his more common bretheren.

Hakak joins his friend, and smashes into the goblin fighter, his axe laying the villain low in an instant.

Selia calls upon her deity for strength, and steps into the courtyard. "There are more goblins approaching, my friends, from the eastern passage!"

Near the throne, a gobln warchanter tries to rally the tribe with a chant in their foul tongue. The words are difficult to interpret but the rousing song no doubt appeals to the violence deep within these miserable creatures' dark hearts. Even so, there's a visible pall among your opponents and you all sense that this tune is not quite enough to dispel the effect of Hakak's entrance.

The chieftan chugs down a dark brown elixir , and with a loud, 'Hrah!', leaps onto the giant gecko at his feat. Rider and mount shimmy up the column immediately in front of his throne (10') in the air. "That traitor, Gogmurt! He sent no sign. I'll have his head for this, along with these longshanks'!" (NOTE - he's 15' in the air).

The two surviving commandos hold the line, and draw bows. One arrow flits over Jubrayl's head, the other buries itself into the column in front of Hakak, mere inches from his torso.

Another goblin rushes towards Jubrayl, but only manages to bash at the paladin's thick shield.

Nicholae's opponent has similar success; the cleric proves too much of a challenge for the pitiable creature.

"Longshanks! Gogmurt was right that letting them in here would be trouble" Three goblins come streaming out of the eastern passage, with weapons drawn. Before they can engage Selia, Lleidr launches Elyrium's Fang, and wounds one of the goblins. However, one of the goblins delivers a powerful blow to the cleric, who cries out in pain.

NOTE - I'm treating Lleidr's attack like a readied action, so his initiative order is now immediately before the goblins.


Yeah, looks like i goofed ... i had forgotten that a charge was OK. But since his attack missed, that's OK.

Yes, a re-roll would be just fine.

BTW, you might not recall, but Shelelu mentioned Ripnugget the goblin chieftain to you a few days ago in town (many months ago in real life!). There should be a link to a google doc with the info she knows about him.

[Noon-time, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Surprise Round, Thistletop]

This large throne room is decorated with hanging furs along its walls, mostly black-and-red striped firepelt skins, various dog pelts, and in some cases, what look like horse hides. Four square timbers support the ceiling, their faces studded with dozens of iron spikes, with the lower reaches decorated with dozens of impaled and severed hands in various stages of decay. To the northeast, a wooden platform supports a throne heaped with dog pelts and horse hides. Dog skulls adorn the armrests and a horse skull leers over the throne’s back.

Several goblins are standing, entertaining a regal figure slouching in the throne, who is petting a massive lizard, equipped with a saddle and bridle!
Ripnugget and Stickfoot

As you burst inside, the laughter is replaced with shock in a flash. The Fang of Elyrium flies through the chamber and plunges deep into a goblin's chest before returning to Lleidr's outstretched hand. The goblin falls down dead.

Ned fires over Lleidr's head, causing several goblins to duck behind a column.

Nicholae rushes into the chamber to engage an enemy (NOTE - can't do a charge in the surprise round, but you can attack normally next round).

Hakak slams the doors into the walls, bellowing his challenge to an audience of now-quaking goblins.

Jubrayl rushes in, and engages a foe lurking behind a column near the halfling.

Selia hangs back. "Uh, guys, a door just opened back here ..."

There are several exits out of this chamber: 2 on the east wall, 1 to the north.


Hakak Bloody Axe wrote:

Hakak will move into the room slamming both doors into the walls their hinged to. "I think I may have heard you all talking of our might a moment ago." Hakak holds out his great axe "Blood Bringer and I just want to make sure you've got all your facts straight."

[dice=Intimidation check]1d20+9

You're trying to make them Shaken?

So, if you guys are bursting through the door, you get a surprise round to 'do something'. Keep in mind, that's 1 action. Ned, you've readied a bow, so feel free to fire away! Anyone else wanna fire a ranged weapon, go ahead. Or you can move; a charge action however, will have to wait till the first round, since that's a full-round action.

Back in business w/ maptool!

The double doors are not trapped, as far as you can tell. Cracking the door a bit floods the inner hallway with flickering light from torches ensconced upon the wall, along with the deafening noise from the celebrants.

It's hard to get a good view of the room from such a limited vantage, but it's huge. At least 20' or more to a side, with at least half a dozen goblins or more.

NOTE - I'm still having an issue getting Maptool up and running, but i'm getting help from their forum. I'm hoping this is resolved soon.

Jubrayl: Blasphemers! We will soon rid Golarion of their foul presence.

So this hallway dimensions are 10' east/west, and 15' north/south. You're at the south end. I should have been plainer.

In lieu of an image, here's a map-less update. This shouldn't be terribly difficult to envision, but let me know if you have questions.

The double doors open into a stuffy hallway, but rather large for goblins. The grand hall is 10' wide and stretches out for 15', the walls decorated with more decaying heads of horses and dogs. The hall is otherwise empty and stops at another pair of doors.

The laughter spilling out from another pair of double doors ahead is louder now, and more distinct. You can easily hear what all the commotion is about now. The raised voices are undeniably goblinoid, where some kind of celebration is in order.

"Do that play again, but you know, start with the half-orc idiot in the village, " comes a commanding shout.

There follows a sound of exagerrated footsteps and then a raspy voice. "Duh, I'm stupid, but let me smash you with my rusty axe and scare you with my pimply face. Uh, follow the leader." Loud guffaws erupt from behind the door.

And, then another jester chimes in, with a high pitched, wavering voice. "Oh, I'm a sneaky master assasin, I am, watch me shoot my bow. Oops, sorry friend." The first gruff voice yelps, and then more goblin laughs echo through and into the hall.

The 'half-orc' voice now chimes in again, but adopts an elderly, scratchy tone. "Help me off this death bed. I can shuffle over and fight these strong goblin warriors. Oh no, my cane." Something clatters to the ground, which is followed by giggles and clapping.

Then a pair of different voices pipes up. "We're holy warriors ... bravely praying under this table. Huh, is our god is real?" This gets a thunderous reaction, and the walls echo from the applause and laughing within.

ugh ... i'm having technical difficulties. I've installed Java 7 on my new PC, and now Maptool won't load my old campaign file. Do you guys know if you have to still keep to Java 6 in order to run Maptool? I thought that issue had been resolved awhile back.

My apologies guys, the restore was much slower than expected. It finally finished late yesterday, but I'm still installing software. I'm going to be out of town all day today, but I should have an update for you Sunday.

Got the new machine today, and it's gonna take a day at least to restore all my files. Then, i've got to re-install software and make sure all the Windows updates are in.

Let's pick back on Friday. I'll have a map-less update posted before then, however. Most likely, by tomorrow evening.

My PC died yesterday, and it's going to be a few days before the next one arrives. It's got all my maps on it, so it'll probably be Weds before I can resume with the updates. Sorry guys!

Just a minor correction to something Lleidr said. The 'first' courtyard isn't a courtyard; it's an entry hall, with a roof although with a dirt floor. Horse and dog heads are mounted along the east wall, and a pair of harpy wings on the south wall.

You don't notice anything unusual or noteworthy about these double doors. You can hear faint laughter and shouts, in goblin tongue, some distance ahead.

FYI, I keep getting hard driving imminent failure warnings on my desktop PC, so there's a chance of a delay this weekend, or whenever this thing kicks the bucket.

OK, enough waiting ... here's # 1776 for the 4th of July.

Jubrayl: Looks like someone tried and failed to keep the other goblins out of the pickles.

Guys, we need 3 more posts today in Gameplay. Then, for the 4th of July, we'll be at a highly appropriate 1776 posts.

[Noon-time, Thistletop, 7th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop]
This storeroom is half-filled with crates, barrels, and large sacks of grain. A small hole has been chopped into the lower side of one of the barrels, allowing pickles and brine to drain out and giving the room a singular stink of vinegar.


Presumably, some of you have fruit or a few other minor edibles which would suffice.

I can't do an update on the map, cause I'm not sure where you're going next.

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