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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 1,035 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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I'm officially on vacation now. I might post a new turn tomorrow, but if not, I'll start up again on 11/9.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone !!!

Orik nods and bows. "Will do. Don't worry about that bridge ... I watched those green wretches rig that trap many times." Orik and Lyrie walk past and head towards the stairs.

Orik sighs. "Don't think they've come across that ripe bastard, miss. You'd better drop your stuff. These folks mean business."

Lyrie relents, relaxes her arms, and spills the scrolls across the floor in front of her feet. Her wand falls atop the mound of velum. "Please don't hurt him, mister, OK?"

Orik scoffs. "Nah, I'm afraid my loyalties don't run that deep, Your Lordship. This place has always gnawed at me, if you follow. Besides, you don't need a diviner to see which way the wind blows. You've made it this far, and I daresay, you've dealt with the goblin-folk upstairs. Like I said, I ain't dying to defend this place. But, if you feel any better, here."

Orik flips his sword around, handing Ned the hilt. "Take it and my oath of friendship, and help me out of this ironmongery." His shield clatters to the ground.

Lyrie glares at Orik as he drops his weapons and gear, and then at all of you. "Where's Tsuto? If he's hurt ... what have you done with him?" She's close to tears.

Before you begin the search and taking away equipment, Orik protests. "Hey, if you take my gear, I can't help you beat the boss. Weren't you lot the heroes of Sandpoint or are you simply thieves?"

"Of course they're thieves, Orik. More capable than common rabble, perhaps, but thieves nonetheless." Lyrie says, and then points to Ned, "If you want information about what lies ahead, Elder, tell your friends to parlay with us as civilized men. Harlots from Magnimar suffer better treatment than this."

Lleidr can see a number of faint auras radiating from both figures. Orik's mail has a glow to it. Lyrie carries several scrolls and a wand, all of which display auras of various hues. However, you do not see the presence of any poison.

Guys, I'm gonna be busy the next few days. It's going to be Sunday before I can update the game. sorry for the delay.

Orik shakes his head. "Burnt it about a week ago, in that ghastly chapel."

Lyrie says, "He became a burnt offering to Lamashtu. His ashes still reside in Her temple yonder."

"Eh, I can't rightly say, as this is as far downstairs I ever been." Orik volunteers. "You have to pass that ghastly chapel and the map room. Lyrie here knows more about it than me."

Lyrie shows a pained smile. "You won't find Nualia here. She's exploring the ruins below. Thassilonian ruins. Yes, that's right. You're inside an ancient work of Thassilon, preserved for millenia.

"Oh, don't look so surprised. Surely you all knew your friend, Nualia was behind all this? She told me all about you, how you had forsaken her, abandoned her to a shrunken life, adrift in Sandpoint. But, I'm sure you all had good reasons."

Orik gives you all a quizzical look. "You're all friends with the boss? Well, then, sounds like we're all on the same side in this business, after all. I mean, if you want to attack Sandpoint again and really burn it down, who am I to get in your way?"

Lyrie nods. "You won't find it so easy to fend off the second assault. Nualia and I found a being here with near god-like power, a prisoner from Thassilon. Surely, you've felt its presence. You're too late to save your town. But, " she bows her head, "I will do what I can to aid you, if you will spare my life."

Jubrayl doesn't sense any hint of deception from Orik. "Hey, I kinda like Sandpoint, and never really cared for their plans for the place."

He gently lays his sword & shield down on the floor. Lyrie drops her wand. The eagle flies without resistance to Selia.

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 11, Part 1, Thistletop Level One]

Hakak and Nicholae continue guarding against being taken from behind. Other than the sound of fighting to their south, there is no other noise.

Using his shield-arm to keep Jubrayl at bay, Orik wheels around and points his blade right at one of the mage’s throats. “Drop the wand, Lyrie. It’s over. We’re outnumbered, and let’s face facts, our boss is nuts.”

He gives the aasimar a wary nod from the top of his shield. “I yield, Your Holiness. Spare our lives, and heck, if you lot got money, I’ll fight with you instead of against you. I ain’t dying to defend this place.”

Lyrie’s identical faces are consumed with fury, but with effort she regains composure. “Very well, Orik. It is pointless, as you say.” The triplets coalesce into one frightened looking young woman.


Yes, the ceilings are maybe 8' high, but Lleidr's small size would accomodate this.

Sorry, yeah, man, go for it. I'll get better after Halloween, I promise.

Nich and Hakak are up next, but given the layout, I can't imagine you'll have much to do in the battle.

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 10, Part 2, Thistletop Level One]

Ned’s arrow bounces off the face of Orik’s large shield.

Selia’s summoned eagle appears again behind the female mage. It thrashes wildly in the confines of the corridor, but the mage is wily enough to step aside just in time.

Jubrayl’s onslaught catches Orik offguard and the mercenary is throw back by the aasimar’s advance. Orik yells above the clash of battle, “Hey, I can’t blame you for being upset, but every man needs his daily bread, right? Yes, I was sent from here to intercept you in the Hinterlands, and then to give instructions to Tsuto, who was in Sandpoint. I didn’t lie to you, though. I was just relaying what I was told.”

Lleidr opens the door which apparently was hiding the vinegar stink you noticed earlier. Dozens of ratty cushions, lumpy pillows, and rumpled dogskin furs lie heaped in the south half of this chamber, which smells of a nauseating mixture of vinegar and rotten flowers. It appears the room is empty of any inhabitants. You recall that several of the goblins you fought earlier in the final confrontation with Ripnugget were female and bore this same stench.


So, next actions are Ned, SElia, Jubrayl, and Lleidr.

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 10, Part 1, Thistletop Level One]

Nich and Hakak take position in the back of the party, alert for any intrusion into the room.

In the hallway, a door swings wide on creaking hinges, and out steps a familiar face. (NOTE – bonus points if any of you recall meeting him around this point: old post )

“Hullo, well, this is awkward. Enemies of my employer in front and a lovesick maid to my back. Not a good position to be in. Might as well get this over with.” Orik’s grim visage betrays a sense of unease.

“If they’ve hurt Tsuto, they will pay!” the cloaked lady says, stepping behind the broad warrior.


[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 9, Part 2, Thistletop Level One]

Lleidr retrieve his blade from the chapel floor and returns back to the common room.

Ned races down the southern passage and finds that it turns to the west for about 30 feet. The trio of identical ladies are knocking loudly at the first door on the north wall. Four other doors are spaced evenly throughout the hall. NOTE – it’s hard to see from the map image, but there’s doors to the immediate north & south of the female mage, as well as another pair 10’ west of her, and a door at the very western end of the passage.

Jubrayl follows behind Ned, with Selia trailing and chanting a familiar liturgical prayer.

I now need actions from Nich and Hakak.


Sorry for being so late with an update ... i had a massive job app i had to finish last night, and after that, i was wiped. i'll get an update after dinner this evening.

Ned, you still there?

And, i meant to mention something else, and forgot about it. When Ned and Lleidr returned the way they ran, the room 'D14' had a map of Sandpoint on the wall. I didn't go into details about the room contents either time, cause you guys were doing full moves, but that particular detail was obvious upon your return.

Just to clarify - they/she did 2 move actions: standard move and open the door.

Got some good news ... one of the players from a prior Skype/Maptool game has graciously agreed to take over Selia and Jubrayl. You should see a post from him in the Gameplay very soon.

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 9, Part 1 epilogue, Thistletop Level One]

Nich's strike falls short, however, Lleidr’s dagger pierces the veil of illusion masking your prey; now only 3 cloaked women remain. With the door swung wide, the ladies run down a passage and disappear around a corridor. A single voice continues to shout, “Orik! Orik, hurry, the hounds are dead and their killers are here.” From the gloom, you hear fists pounding on a door. Arcane light emanating from the women spills across the corner.

I need actions from Selia, Jubrayl, Lleidr and Ned.


Yes, the grapple removed one of the images.

oh yeah, you're right. Sorry, Lleidr.

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 9, Part 1, Thistletop Level One]

As Hakak and Nich sprint into the chamber, the cloaked ladies in perfect unison open the door, and attempt to run down the hallway. Nich and Jubrayl each get an attack of Opportunity.

Jurbayl attempts a grapple (which triggers an AoO from the lady). Several daggers appear from multiple cloaks as the paladin reaches out (1 hp dmg). His arms reach out and his hands latch onto thin air, causing one of the figures to vanish.

Nich – free AoO if you wish to take it


[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 8, Part 2, Thistletop Level One]

Lleidr races down the hall, and his diminutive primate familiar snatches up the lady’s hissing cat. The spell in effect appears to be Mirror Image.

Selia does a double move into the room with Lleidr.

Jubrayl takes a 5’ step, then moves into the room, also next to the cloaked mystic veiled in illusion. He readies a strike should she act with hostile intent.

Hakak, Nich, you’re next!


You're not sure what magical effect is at play here, if any.

Nich, you are unaware of any religious significance to this group's appearance or behavior.

They run in unison across the first room you explored, stopping in front of the middle door on the south wall. Once again, the group simultaneously reaches for the door handle.

"Orik," a single voice cries out. "Orik, get up here. We have company. Hound-killing company!" In perfect synchronization, the group cranes their necks backwards and their faces all betray an identical grimace of apprehension and fear.

NOTE - So, that's the NPCs' actions. Next up are Ned, Lleidr, Selia and Jubrayl. And, then a new round, with Nich and Hakak acting.


And, i forgot to mention, they're followed by a small, white cat.

The women look like this.

Nich, you can reach this group of identically cowled humans, all apparently dark skinned humans, of a lithe female shape. They're opening the door, intent on pushing through.

"So sorry," comes a single voice, although the mouths all move in unison. "I don't think my boss wants me to stick around with you lot."

Nich has a free attack, if you wish to take it.


[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 6, Thistletop Level One]

Hakak delivers a killing blow to the emaciated wolf-like beast, and its flesh dissipates into the same type of foul mist as its brother. NOTE – let’s assume Nich stands up now.

From outside the chapel, you all catch a glimpse of a small group dressed in matching cloaks in a near run, passing by the double doors. The cloaked figures go straight south.

Crossbow at the ready, Selia runs outside the chapel, shouting, “Stop! Who are you?”

Jubrayl follows, and stands ready to attack, should they come near.

leidr and Ned are close to rejoining the party, but as they near the chapel, both spy a group of identical cloaked figures yanking upon the same handle on the door lying at the end of the south passage.


FYI Got an upcoming vacation: i'll be offline from 10/30 through 11/9.

I need actions from Hakak and Nich to proceed ,but my guess is that Nich will keep using full defense while prone.

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 5, Thistletop Level One]

Hakak’s swing proves a bit slow for the beast, while Nicholae still clutches his shield for protection.

Again, the beast’s fangs rake the Nich’s shield, but otherwise, the cleric is unarmed.

Jubrayl’s axe bites deep, eliciting a gush of black ichor from a new wound, which spatters the stone floor. The unnatural gore puddles and then evaporates in a dark fog. The beast appears terribly wounded.

Selia fires another crossbow bolt, but to no effect.

Lleidr and Ned reach the bottom of the staircase, and are looking into the map room. The southeastern door has just shut in front of you. There’s the faint sound of quickened footfalls beyond, but those fade away.

NOTE – refer to the prior image; no movement was done.

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 2, Thistletop Level One]

Hakak’s sword smashes into the hound’s hide. Its corrupted flesh resists the blade, leaving a smaller wound than you’d usually expect.

Nich deftly uses his shield to fend off the beast’s ravages.

Snarling and yipping, the black hound hammers against Nicholae’s shield, but to no effect.

Jubrayl’s axe rips into the hound’s flank, who lets loose with a horrific yell.

Selia takes out her crossbow and moves into the chapel.

Lledir and Ned are about 1/3 of the way back.


Yeah, sorry, I assumed axe at first, but then re-calc'd your damage based on your sword and then forgot to edit the description. So even though I said 'axe', it really was your sword. sorry about that.

You didn't miss .. you hit ! but, your weapons aren't proving as effective as they should be.

ah, too late .. i did your attack for you

Selia restored 7 hp to Nich

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 2, Thistletop Level One]

Sprawled upon the ground, Hakak carefully lifts himself up, assuming a defensive posture (no action received; AoOs miss). Swinging his axe, the half-orc delivers a terrific swipe of his axe, but the uncanny hides of these creatures absorb much of the damage.

Nich hews the head off his opponent. Its body crumples to the ground and begins to dissolve in a black mist, disappearing into the shadowed buttresses above you.

Seeing its companion perish, the remaining hound turns on Nicholae, its eyes glowering with murderous rage. Its muzzle smashes into Nich, getting under his shield, delivering a terrible wound (10 hp dmg), and knocking the cleric to the ground.

Jubrayl runs into the unholy chapel to engage the hound. His axe swing is too slow to catch the beast.

Selia runs up behind Nich, bestowing a holy touch. Nicholae feels some strength returning.

Lleidr and Ned have both run atop the nearest guard tower, when the panic subsides. Both take a deep breath, wiping the sweat off their brows. Your legs are still wobbly, but the terror has passed.


uh oh ... Hakak's gone MIA. he hasn't posted anything since nearly a week ago.

sorry, busy weekend

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 2, Thistletop Level One]

Hakak shrugs off the effects of the hound’s bite. But his attack fails to connect, as his foe cavorts about in a fury above his head.
Nich also suffers no other effects from the bite, and lands a blow. However, the beast’s hide is hardly nicked.

Hakak’s hound reaches down and tears into the half-orc again (13 hp dmg). Its tail whips out fast like a snake, curls about Hakak’s ankle and sends the warrior crashing to the floor. The second hound reaches down to Nicholae with a snapping maw, but ends up with a shield slammed up against its face.

Selia fires another arrow, which goes right to the beast’s heart. Amazingly, it bounces off the animal’s hide, leaving no more wound than a bruised dimple. The hound howls in surprise anyway.

Astonished at your plight, Jubrayl calls upon the power of his god. With divine strength, he lands a mortal blow upon your opponent. The hound still fights, but the fell light in its eyes is dimmed and its feral face is drawn by fear.

Ned and Lleidr are still running; at this point, they’re up the steps and are running past the horse stabled in the goblin’s courtyard.

NOTE – no image update since the tokens haven’t moved (with the exception of Ned and Lleidr).

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Round 1, Thistletop Level One]

Braving the unearthly howls, Hakak rushes into the evil chapel, swinging at the emaciated, dog-like creature. The monster displays an uncanny knack for sidestepping the half-orc’s blows.

Panicked, Lleidr flings down his weapon and runs off, hanging left and rushing through several doors, and ends his movement at the foot of a staircase heading up.

(NOTE – I’m going to assume Nich takes a 5’ step backwards, casts, and then steps up to Hakak) Nich casts a spell, and draws his blade, now empowered to banish these abominations back to their abyss.
The closest beast gnashes and snaps at the cleric (6 hp dmg, and make another Will save please).

The second hound bounds out of the darkness, weaves behind a set of column, and hurtles into Hakak, clamping down with powerful jaws (5 hp dmg, and I need another Will save from you also).

Ned has also panicked and is racing up the newly discovered stairs with Lleidr. A quick note on the rooms you two passed: the first one is a small chamber covered in crude drawings featuring many goblins. The larger room looks like some kind of meeting or planning space. (NOTE – the panicked condition assumes a random path and also neither of you are holding any weapons).

With a shout, Jubrayl charges into the room, but the evil hound merely dances above the paladin’s blade.

Selia steps forward with a shot from her crossbow; the shot sails through the chapel.


Selia's will save: 13
Jubrayl's will save: 25

I need Will saves from Ned, Jubral, Selia and Nich

[Morning, Thistletop, 8th Day After Goblin Raid, Thistletop Level One]

Stone fonts containing frothy dark water sit to the north and south of the eastern entrance to the room, and twin banks of stone pillars run the length of the long chamber. At the western end, shallow stairs rise to a platform about two feet off the ground. The walls surrounding this platform are lit by hanging braziers that emit glowing red smoke, giving the place an unnerving crimson lighting that throws the bas-relief carvings of countless monsters feasting on fleeing humans into lurid display. A black marble altar stone, its surface heaped with ashes and bone fragments, squats before a ten-foot-tall statue. The sculpture depicts a very pregnant but otherwise shapely naked woman who wields a kukri in each taloned hand and has a long reptilian tail, birdlike taloned feet, and the snarling head of a three-eyed jackal with a forked tongue. The left kukri flickers with fiery orange light while the right one glows with a cold blue radiance. Nicholae immediately identifies the chapel and statue as dedicated to the worship of Lamashtu.

Racing from their airy perch, a pair of emaciated, hairless canines race towards you. They exhibit a strange feel of menace and cruelty. As soon as the doors crack open, both let loose with a horrific, wailing howl which chills the blood. The noise echoes without ceasing into the hallway and rooms beyond. (Need Will saves, please!).

Hakak, Lleidr, then Nich are up first; then the hounds, then Ned, Jubrayl and Selia. The eastern hound is 10’ in the air (but in melee range of Nich and Lleidr); the western hound is partially covered by all the columns, and is also 10’ in the air. They are both flying towards your group.


which direction are you guys moving?

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