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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 1,511 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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You guys doing anything special in town before heading out again? I'm assuming you're going to Foxglove Manor, but please let me know if you're going somewhere else.

Relaxing after a long day running the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko looks at the chest of money dubiously. "I never knew the Hambleys personally, but I can store the money in my father's house for safekeeping. I'll make some inquiries, Nicholae, and if nothing else, maybe Father Zantus can use it for charity?"

BTW, Nich is feeling much better after the anti-plague antidote. Horran and Lettie Guffmin are especially grateful for your help. "I knew in my bones that yesterday's sunrise was going to be my last. It was terribly cruel to be strapped up on that pole feeling your life slip away from you. And all the while, those horrible ghouls were running about gnawing on the bodies of relatives and friends. And the horses! You shoulda' heard them cry. It would break you."

Horran comforts his distraught wife and pulls her into an embrace. "That's all over, Lettie. These good folk have seen to it. We've naught to fear now." He looks at you, his face asking the question unsaid, whether the farmers really are safe now from this nightmare.

It was a fun show, although I wish he'd do a little more music from his last few albums, or even 'Run Devil Run' in its entirety, instead of so many Beatles songs. The Beatles are great, but I never need hear 'Hey Jude' or 'Let it Be' ever again.

Just curious, to whom will you return Hambley's savings?

Nich, your divine magics cure the ghoul fever from the farmer couple, but you're feeling none too well the next morning yourself, and your symptoms are exactly like the victims you rescued.

Sorry I was out yesterday. I was out late after work because I took my kid to see a concert about an hour away from us. He wanted see some obscure dude from Liverpool.

Now that my hearing has returned 24 hours later, I'll post a quick update.

the chest contains Hambley's life savings, 3400 sp, divided neatly into bags of 100 coins a piece.

Yeah, there was a link in the prior page w/ the letter. can someone point it out to Selia?

I probably won't have an update tomorrow, folks. We'll pick back up on Friday.

Nice catch, Ned. Yes, Hambley's body also has a key, one appropriate to the coffer's lock.

The key from the ghast is a couple sizes too large for a small chest. I went ahead and pre-emptively made a traps check for Lleidr. The chest appears to be harmless.

Other than Hambley's desecrated body, nothing else in the house is noteworthy except ... a loose floorboard in the bedchamber. Underneath is a stout wooden coffer with a keyhole. The lid appears locked.

I need Perception checks please, unless you're just gonna take 20.

Yep, please update your characters right now. I'm not a fan of delaying new abilities.

You find one other poor soul stuck up like a scarecrow, Lettie's husband, Horran Guffmin. Otherwise, the fields are empty. Like Lettie, he is also sick, and he appears close to succumbing to ghoul fever.

At this point, it's mid-afternoon.

Oh, before I forget .. welcome to 5th level.

At this point, it's early afternoon on a gloomy autumn day. Where to next, folks?

Selia, just pm'd you.

The key bears a heraldic symbol of a unique flower surrounded by thorns. Just pm'd Ned.

Holy energies billow forth once more from the besieged cleric. Two of the ghouls collapse at once, their animating life force dispelled before they hit the ground. The remaining two screech in pain as the channeling rips and tears at their corporal bodies.

Ned and Lleidr make short work of them, and soon all 4 of the ghouls are dead.

Can someone give me a KNO Local check?

That is correct.

Uhhh, Nich, you're kinda surrounded by ghouls at the moment. Did you check out the last map?

The ghast is dead. Your sword nearly slices his head off, and the key slips right off his neck and into a pool of putrid black entrails and goo gushing from the wound onto the ground.

let's say he attempts to crawl away and that gets him an AoO from the wolf and Ned.

You took total damage = 9 hp. I think Ned finished off the one you attacked previously. But your channel ended up doing over 20 points of damage total to all those ghouls.

What's your action for this round? You're not paralyzed.

Hard to say, but it's pretty common for 1 or 2 to drop from a PBP shortly after starting. The start of this adventure is in a bit of a lull, to be honest. It really gets cooking in short order though ... so I'm still hoping that it ain't dead.

The ghast is knocked to the ground by the force of the wolf's assault and yet the monster still struggles. Lleidr's arcane bolt slams into the creature, but Ned and Selia's attacks both miss their targets.

The ghast crawls away from the wolf looming over him (NOTE - does the wolf get an AoO for this if he's doing a withdrawal full round action?).

Howling in unholy unison, like a chorus of the damned, three ghouls surround Nich, trying to rip him to pieces. "He burnsss, his words burn. Rip his throat, tear his tongue!" Nich suffers 2 wounds (2 + 7 hp dmg plus I need you to make a total of 4 Fort saves).

At the same time, another ghoul runs to the rear of the party and lopes after Selia, biting and slavering. "We asked nicely, but if you want to be rude, you won't be so pretty when we get you back to His Lordship."

Hambley Farm

Next up:
--next round --

True dat! I'm probably going to run this as a Skype/Maptool game, if in fact, this PBP is dead.

No, the 2 inside the farmhouse are dead, the ghast with the key around his neck appears to be running towards Selia. That's the token to Ned's immediate NE.

Guys, I think this PBP has died already. It's been Tues since anyone has posted anything. I'll give it another couple of days, but it looks like there's no real interest anymore.

Ned makes short work of the last ghoul in the kitchen. Lleidr fires an arcane blast at the approaching ghast, the one with a keychain dangling from his neck. Nich and Selia frown and begin sacred chants to summon forth the power of their deities.

"Join us, beauty, join us, as my master commands." the ghast runs towards Selia, taking a passing swipe at Ned. The remaining ghouls from the barn begin running towards the party.

Nich moves in front of Lleidr (NOTE - hope you don't mind I had you do a standard move action in order to max your channel) and lets loose with a burst of holy energies, directed at these spawn of anathema.

Hambley's Farm

Next up:


then the ghouls, then Nich

I think you guys have a pretty good idea about who is behind these murders and this march of the undead. But, I'm curious what you think may be the motive.

Just waiting on Ned ...

Nich, do you want to hold your channeling until more of the ghouls are closer?

Remember for next round, you're blessed!

You deliver an impressive volley of attacks, keeping the ghouls from exiting the desecrated farmhouse. The ghoul coming around the back is hit with a volley of ruinous acid, and then he takes off howling an unearthly scream towards the barn.

Ned's opponent has fallen down dead, and Nich's assailant is nearly there, too.

However, from the darkened kitchen's shadows, an evil presence emerges. A ghoul stronger and standing straighter strides forward, its eyes glinting with foul purpose. From it's neck dangles an ornate key.

The eyes of the ghast bulge in surprise upon finding Selia and he exclaims in a raspy voice. [b]"He said. He said you would visit me. His Lordship. The one that unmade me said so. He has a place for you. A precious place. I’m so jealous. He has a message for you. He made me remember it. I hope I haven’t forgotten. The master wouldn’t approve if I forgot. Let me see… let… me… see…"

"He said that if you came to his Misgivings, that if you joined his Pack, he would end his harvest in your honor." [\b] He retreats back into the shadows, and comes through the house's backdoor.

Three more ghouls stumble out of the barn into the afternoon sun, one grasping the hindquarters of a horse ridden with maggots. Nich's opponent attacks with teeth and nails, but the cleric's stout shield proves redoubtable.

Hambley's Farm

"Aww, no. I forgot the metaclamps. Hang loose, guys. Keep an eye on my cart. I'll be back in 5 minutes, tops." He shouts at you as he takes off towards the north door. In a moment, he's gone.

The pair of security guards pass you by and exit through the south door. You're alone at last and the door to area #30 is just a few meters away.

Oops, I left Selia off the map by accident. She's 10' equally behind both Ned and Nich.

The note has Selia's name written on the outside.

Backing out of the kitchen at the approaching noise, a pair of ghouls dressed like ragged peasants, burst out of the cloud of flies and through the front door. A third ghoul emerges from the back of the home and is lumbering towards you.

"Fresh flesh will ease the hunger. We must tell our friends!"

"Look, their faces still move, their eyes still blink. What a feast."

They seem simultaneously fascinated by Nicholae and repelled by him. Far behind you, at the road, Lettie Guffman screams in horror at the sight.

Tactical Map


I'm going to assume there's no objections towards continuing forward. Your tags all scan correctly. If you refer to QT's readout, you've got 3 locations that have the information you need. The first one, area #30, is up first.

Unfortunately, the guy in front of you, the real maintenance tech, is in a hurry and walks right past aiming for the far end of the wide corridor. "These coolant leaks in the security hangar are a nightmare. I bet we're taking the last shuttle back to Market City tonight. Third time this week for me! How about you? You guys new here? Don't think we've met."

A pair of security guards exits area #29 and walks in behind you, keying something into a shared datapad and laughing. Otherwise, the passage is empty.

You're looking into the kitchen, and the first thing that you notice is a cloud of black flies inside the house. They're swarming above a corpse.

Carved into the dead man's chest is a familiar rune. There's barely enough left of the body to be recognizable: it's Farmer Hambley.

The next thing you see is a small scrap of parchment, pinned to the man's tunic. Then, you hear footsteps coming from deeper inside the house, towards the kitchen.

Oooh, live D&D game? Details, please!

d6 Star Wars is rules light relative to Pathfinder. If you click on my name, you should see a link to the 2nd campaign. In that campaign's Discussion tab, there's a link early on to a rules primer along with the character sheets.

The game is literally just beginning, and my guess is that will last about 6 months.

Grrr ... I just had the 2nd of 5 players drop from my d6 Star Wars game. Any of you interested in taking over for 1 of the 2 PCs?

One's a Brash Pilot, the other is a Gambler-type. I even made up a really neat Star Wars crawl for this adventure.

I don't get why there's so much attrition with PBP. Is it really that difficult to be a player in a PBP?

Lleidr, you really don't remember the Black Ice Star Wars adventure? If you'd like to play, come on over.

The sled glides across with the whine of its repulsor field echoing in the empty vastness below you. Disembarking is simple enough, and you've entered a lounge-type area (#44 on the map). Various informal meeting areas and conference rooms are arranged on either side. Dead head is the exit on the south wall.

A lone security-type mans a workstation next to a blast door here, watching a flashing display as a worker in similar coveralls as your own, scans his ID. the door is bathed in blue light, and the guard nods. With a gentle whoosh, the blast door glides open, and the man pushes his anti-grav dolly brimming with equipment through.

The maintenance man turns at your approach and smiles. "Perfect timing. I saw that work order come through just now. Glad you're here already .. I could use the help. This won't be an easy job."

The guard points at the scanner for your maintenance passes (don't worry ... they're pins attached to the uniforms you pilfered).

Hawra actually mentioned a Lt Pora to one of you during your ambush-like interviews. Pora is 2nd in command here, and Hawra acted hostile and a little paranoid when mentioning his name.

"Work orders? How about giving me something difficult to do. Yeah, sure, the order'll be there by the time you pick up the hardware."


You're at the shaft, some in tech maintenance uniforms and others hiding in the refrigeration cases, ready to cross on one of the railed sleds, when an alarm begins ringing over the public com. Red and orange lights flash, and after a few moments, about a dozen security personnel pack into two sleds and skid across the shaft.

" ... major explosion in the weapons lab, several personnel are wounded ... "

" ... one of Hawra's drills?"

" ... Lt Pora one of the casualties .. suspicious if you ask me ..."

They race past you and exit north, into another main corridor. The chasm is deserted, but according to QT's readout, there's another lounge directly ahead that should have guards.

Where are you going next?

Farmlands Map

A sight familiar to all of you comes into view.

Of the two structures, the barn is the larger. It's an L-shaped building, constructed around a 12' tall stone head, canted slightly to the left, depicting a helmed warrior, his face a stern model of determination. Moss has grown over much of the weathered stone. Among the locals, this is the well-known 'Stone Warrior', which Hambley simply incorporated as a support for his barn.

The air is cold and clammy. The door to the barn hangs ajar. Oddly for a farmhouse in the middle of the day, there is no visible activity.

OK, that makes sense. Can you or someone give me a Computer Prog & Repair roll for that work order?

So, here's what I'm going to do folks. Unless someone else posts an alternate idea for a plan by tomorrow morning, I'm going to assume you're doing 2 things:

1) given your interest in the gun, that you're overloading that AT-AT blaster, and rigging it to explode ... I'll need a general MEC check here from any one of you.

2) during the commotion, you'll be disguised as techs and headed towards the security area across the shaft, with the rest of the party hiding in oversized equipment containers. I'll need a Sneak check from one of you to pilfer the maint. uniforms.

If one of you comes up with something else, then I'll hold off. I'd like to get things moving again soon, though.

Sure, that sounds doable.

The Heal check was simply to identify what ailed this victim based on her symptoms. A Cure Disease should do the trick or the 2 saves, as Nich described.

"Yeah, the energy flow could stand to be a bit more stable, and the gun has to stay stationary when energized, but a little more tinkering and we'll have it figured out."

Alrighty guys ... let's get this story moving ... what's your plan?

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