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Sajan Gadadvara

ziltmilt's page

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Round 1 - Continued

Selia begins a summoning spell.

Parthen steps forward behind Kibb, the panther companion of Jakardros, and augments Selia's defenses while she is occupied by spellwork. (+2 to AC for 3 rounds).

Kaven rounds the bend. "The infamous Mammy Graul? We may be in trouble here! Her powers lend themselves towards necromancy, so I've heard tell."

Armed with only a spare short sword, Vale makes a couple of swift strokes and chops down the zombie ogrekin nearest Mammy.

"You've done it now. Kunkel was the apple of my eye!" Mammy gives Vale a hateful look.


Round 2 -
Init Order:


Mammy & her boys


Graul Home, Mammy Graul, Round 1, Part 1

Nich's Searing Light briefly imbues the roof with a flash the intensity of lightening, and one of the zombies disappears into wisps of smoke and ash.

"Damn, there goes Hadge. Them other worthless boys o' mine better get in here, or I'll have their hides!" Mammy yells.

Ned follows, and runs in between the ogre-kin undead, delivering a blow to the monstrous Mammy (NOTE - none of the multiple images disappear).

Seething with anger, Jakardros runs through the hall, and winds up in front of one of the zombies. Shelalu follows, and takes up a position in the northeast corner of the room. "That's quite the dance partner you've found, Neddie!"

Lleidr hunkers down near the table and lobs a magic missile towards your enemy.

One of the zombies slides in between Nich and Ned a bit, and tries to hit Ned, but his outstretched arms prove too slow. The other zombie punches and tears at Jakardros.

Mammy's immense bulk rises off the groaning bed and floats towards the southwest corner. "Cursed man, wither and perish!" The ghostly hand flies towards Ned, who dimbly dodges the necromantic effect much to Mammy's consternation.


Next up:

Round 1 - continued


Since this is the last post for until 9/24 or 9/25, let's get actions from Parthen and Selia, which I"ll post when I return, then we'll pick back up with Round 2.

Nich, can we get your action?

Don't forget to also check out the link for Mammy. And, don't be surprised if you fall in love.

I think i should apologize now for any psychological scarring as a result of sharing the picture of Mammy Graul.

Opening the western door floods the hallway with a putrid, nauseating odor that's a cross between a charnal house and broken-down sewer. A shrill scream erupts from within at your intrusion.

"You boys, help your Mammy now! Those idiot boys outside let trespassers plumb into the house!"

The cloying stink of this room is nearly overwhelming. Buckets of filth are stacked against the walls, fat ravenous flies lazily circling their rims. The room itself is dominated by an immense bed, its ratty sheets stained beyond hope. A huge easel sits next to the bed with a palette of various shades of brown and red paint. The sources of these morbid pigments—several crushed organs and ragged stumps of flesh—sit in receptacles next to the easel. A set of brushes made with human hair jut from a broken skull by the easel, while a comb made from a human mandible sits on a small oak bedside table nearby, its teeth clotted with thick strands of greasy black hair. The bodies of three horribly deformed men dressed in ragged finery are propped up in huge open coffins against the far wall, their mouths sewn tightly shut with lengths of hair.

The deformed, broken corpses lurch forward, putting themselves between you and their Mammy. One has a vestigal third leg protruding from his hip, along with three black arrows sticking out of his chest. Another has an extra nose emerging from a rotting right cheek, a hunched back, and his head is split by an axe bearing the sigil of a black arrow. The third fellow's deformities are hard to determine. He must have died from being trampled and is now little more than a shambling fleshy bag of broken bones and mashed features that flops about.

Most startling of all is Mammy Graul, an incredibly corpulent monster with stringy hair and bald patches. To better hide skin splitting from mounds of colliding fleshy rolls, she wears a huge red curtain as a shroud, and her bed creaks out in anguish as she shifts her massive form to regard you. In truth, multiple Mammy's occupy the same bed, doubtless some form of evil sorcery she has mastered.

Surprise Round:

Somehow already aware of your presence, Mammy directs dark magic towards Vale. A ghostly hand near the door gently smacks the ranger and he flinches from the attack, looking drained. The zombies shuffle forward to block entrance into the room.

Init Order:


Mammy & her boys



The tiny skeletons are all female.

Woo hoo! 100 pages!! Hard to believe we've been at this now for what, 3 years now?

Unfortunately the storage room is mostly refuse, with one intriguing find: several collections of small bones, which are various ogre-kin, very young upon death. Can I get a Heal check from someone on these?

Folks, FYI, I'm on vacation at the end of this week. I'll be offline from Friday (9/16) at noon until sometime on the next Sat night (9/24). Hopefully, we can make a little more progress in the Graul House before then.

After several cautious minutes exploring this place, you're adapting to the smell. The sickened feeling has worn off.

The western door in the north passage opens into something of a storage or maybe a place for refuse. Broken, shattered pieces of furniture, lamps, pottery, etc are piled atop one another and shoved into the corners.


Making a Perception check on your behalf (your GM is being generous here), Lleidr notices something exciting on one of these fetishes hanging from the ceiling.

One of the pieces of 'art' incorporates several finger bones, one of which is still wearing a jade ring.

You find nothing dangerous about the northern door, but after opening, the foul odor is nearly overwhelming.

This filthy bedroom contains little more than a lumpy mattress heaped with twigs, mud, and hopefully little else, although the stink of sewage in the room indicates otherwise. Dozens of humanoid fetishes crafted of bits of leather, straw, corn husks, twigs, and bones hang from cords throughout the room.

There's no other apparent exit other than the door you used.


OK, disable device check, please, to keep that door shut.

Hee hee .. that's a wicked idea!

The disabled trap hanging above the west door holds as you pass underneath. You've entered a stuffy windowless hallway, L-shaped, with several different directions:

- door in the south wall

- a staircase leading up

- door on the north wall, at the north end

- door in the west wall, at the west end

- another west door, this one on the northern hallway, next to the staircase.

You find nothing dangerous/deadly here; nothing detects as magical.


They both flop to the ground.

Making a perception check on your behalf, you find nothing untoward, other than the grisly collection of skulls. Nothing detects as magic.

The only exit other than the door you entered would be the boarded windows. From the dining room, you had a door to the west.

This simple room is strewn with “toys,” some of carved wood or bone, while others appear to be little more than partial animal carcasses. Old bloodstains mark the walls; some resemble crude, childlike paintings and feature images of dismembered horses, a ridiculous grinning horned devil tossing children off a cliff, and a big lake with a black reptilian monster sprouting tentacles from its back. Bookshelves rest against the wall, but instead of tomes they hold skulls of all shapes and sizes.

Inside, you see two young ogre-kin at play, but only 1 seems to be having fun. The crying was evidently coming from a hairless and pale
bloated thing with malformed, stumpy legs and a wide mouth filled with ragged teeth. Before you opened the door, he was apparently in mid-crawl towards his companion, tears rolling down his cheeks.

The other child looks almost human, although his arms are bent in funny ways, as he holds aloft a pair of skulls that the crawler is reaching towards. He was mid-dance, but stopped, and now both are staring at you, mouths hinged wide open.

"Did Mammy send y'all?"


The -2 penalty made no difference whatsoever to your disable check. The trap still fails to spring. Nothing detects as magical in this room (other than the wonderful ambiance), and you find no poison either. However, you can hear child-like voices coming from the north-east door. One voice is pleading and crying; the other is mostly harsh, grating laughter. You hear nothing from the west door.

I should take the opportunity to ask for a marching order. Even though he's hardly armed, Vale is chomping at the bit to get back at his tormentors and wants to be in front.

Which door folks?

Hope you're feeling better, buddy. Hang in there! And I hope you're getting all the help you need.

BTW, Nich, you made your Fort save and you are not sickened by the kitchen room.

The next area appears to be a formal dining room. There are 2 additional exits:
- an east door, near the north wall
- a west door, almost directly across the other door

This dark room stinks of putrefying flesh. Eight wooden chairs with grinning bleached skulls crowning their backs circle a monstrous four-foot-high oak dining table covered with a crude tablecloth of crinkly human leather. The centerpiece of the dining table—a rotting human head, its stringy red hair thankfully draped over its mutilated face—serves as a gathering place for a host of buzzing, bloated flies.

The hidden switch inside the door is connected to a scythe, attached to coils of tightly bound rope, set to cut into anyone opening the door. In fact, you see 2 more scythe traps, one hanging above each door.


It appears you stopped whatever may be triggered on the other side of the door. Do you wish to proceed?

I need to modify 1 thing I told you earlier. Lleidr found a switch on the door in the upstairs room on the west wall; the switch is hidden inside the door itself, and connected by stout chain to some mechanism that lies on the other side of the door.

Just the door that you opened, the one in the north wall of the upstairs room.

The north door leads to the landing of a steep staircase, made of thick, moldering planks.

MAP - ground level

MAP - basement

In the basement, you can see beyond the bottom of the stairs, a short passage featuring opposing doors on the north and south walls as well as a door at the end of the passage, on the west wall.

Yes, sickened characters are at -2 for all attack, dmg, saves, skill and ability checks.

So, 1 person opted for the north door. Unless there's disagreement I'll post an update later today accordingly.

Making PER checks on your behalf, you notice nothing dangerous about either door, nor are there any sounds, other than the normal noises of a house settling.

Outside however, the sky opens, and a steady rain begins to beat on the walls and boarded windows.

Yep ... anyone else hear banjo music?

I should point out that there is an upstairs in this place ... pretty obvious from the outside and I wasn't sure if I mentioned that before.

We need Fort rolls from Parthen and Nich.

Shelalu and the three rangers are sickened as well as Ned and Lleidr.

I forgot to mention exits out of this room. There's 2 not counting the east door you entered.

- North wall has a door in the corner (near Nich)

- West wall has a door near the north wall (also near Nich).

Kaven blushes a bit. "Yah, OK, you got me. It's kind of embarrassing, but I got the mark in exchange for discounts on the gambling barge."

This musty chamber smells of blood and week-old meat, and is thick with clouds of fat, greasy flies. Thumb-sized cockroaches dance along the walls, floor, and ceiling. A thick butcher’s block sits under three cruel-looking cleavers that hang on a rack above. Bloodstained smocks of thick leather, one still dripping fresh gore, hang on bone-spur hooks by the door. A crockery platter of severed fingers and toes sits on a rickety old table next to a dried sinew basket overflowing with hacked-off hands and feet, all sporting stubs of congealed blood where their digits once were. A family of lucky rats gorges itself on the red stumps.

I need a round of Fort checks from everyone to avoid being sickened by the smell.


This letter?

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Lamashtu's symbol doesn't match up with this 7 pointed rune, and you also got confirmation that the rune was representative of the 7 virtues of rule from ancient Thassilon, but is also interpreted as the 7 great sins: gluttony, anger, greed, envy, etc. You got all this from Brodert Quint, a visiting sage residing in Sandpoint researching a Thassilonian ruin in town, the Old Light, which features a lot of similar looking symbols.

Kaven moves to cover it up with his other hand, then relaxes. "It's just something I've had for years, a symbol to show my love of the stars."

So, what's the party doing? Going in the sidedoor? Waiting out the Grauls? Going back to town? Disabling those traps you found? Going in the front door?

Can I get a round of Perception checks folks?

Found a really interesting link I figured you folks would enjoy ...


BTW, that sound you heard is from the side door; there was no sound from the front door. Was afraid I was being confusing.

Jakardros: "Pah, I won't cower in the barn with some wizard. If you're set upon entering that foul den, I will come with you. Even if that makes us all fools."

You hear a faint sound, squeaking as if from vermin, coming from the other side of the door.

Ah, sorry, no nothing detected as magical in the barn. The room of cages & webs features a floor carpeted in the bones of various animals and humanoids - humans, gnomes, even a few elven skulls are scattered about.

The front room where you found Hograth, Jeppo and Sugar features a crude still with liqueur that smells so strong, it's almost nauseating.

Porch: This moss-encrusted, decaying farmhouse slumps drunkenly at the edge of the damp forest clearing. Rickety steps crawl up to a porch covered by a huge eave held aloft by thick pillars of pine. These timbers are decorated with crude carvings of manticores impaling children with their tail spikes and women being ripped apart by wolves. The carvings look like a child’s work, but the subject matter grows more gruesome and depraved from one depiction to the next. An unsettlingly large rocking chair of lashed wood and bone sways erratically in the breeze at the far end of the porch under a vast menagerie of wind chimes composed of decidedly humanoid bones. The house’s windows have all been boarded up with thick timbers, although it’s unclear whether this was done to keep intruders out or imprison whatever things make their home within.

A host of ants march happily away here and there on the porch, many the size of a grown man’s thumbnail. A moth the size of a shovel head clings to the porch ceiling, watching you with alien eyes. The scent of bad meat, urine, sweat, and decay wafts now and then from between the cracks in the boarded-up windows.

There are a couple of cunning traps in the porch. One is an array of spikes on a rack hidden in the ceiling, triggered to release upon touching the door. A pair of saw blade are also tucked under the porch's floorboards, ready to slide upward at the slightest touch of the door.

Side Door: You find no sign of traps or anything noteworthy on the side door.

Quick update: What Parthen meant was that he's voting that you all go back to town with the prisoners, for safety.

Not sure if that changes what you've already decided.

Oh geez, I forgot to mention the cat's happy reunion with Jakardros! Not sure i follow you, though. You want the cat to go into the farmhouse alone and lead the remaining ogre-kin outside?

You can tell it hardly wants to leave Jakardros' sight now that they've been reunited.

I forgot something about the NPCs! I have a google doc, linked in the Campaign tab. In fact, I've just updated it with details from your newest acquaintances as well as links to image files.

I'll do a better job from here on, adding to this as needed.

I put together an image of the outline of the house, with the assistance of Selia's Light spell and vision. There's a small line across from each window, all of which are boarded up. The 2 doors are denoted with a crude 'D'


Sounds like the party's in agreement to proceed to the farm house. Just need to know the point of entry. Again, there are 2 obvious doors to the home:

- front porch on the south side

- well-worn path leading to a side door on the east side of the home

Chances are this property will be listed soon, and with the way home prices keep going up in this area, you don't want to miss your opportunity to provide a place for your growing family.

Yes, it's far too damp to attempt a window entry.

Actually, the windows are all boarded up, but you could try to smash through, pry board loose, etc.

There's quite a few boarded up windows:

- 3 on the east side, 1 near the side door

- 4 on the north side, 1 of which is towards the back, on a tacked on room

- 2 on the west side (the back of the house), also on this addition to the home

- 3 on the south side, with 2 on the front porch, and 1 on the room addition at the back of the home

There's also and upper story, with exactly 2 windows, both of which are on the west side of the house, exactly 10' apart

Jakardros shakes his head. "You'd be a fool to come back to this place, unless you fancy winding up on their dinner table. Help us out of here, back to the village. We need to take back Fort Rannick."

Shelalu gasps. "Then the Fort has fallen? How ... ?"

Kaven nods. "Whatever we do, let's do it now. We can explain what's happened later when we have more time."

Shelalu offers an idea. "Let's put it to a vote. Myself, Kaven, Lleidr want to storm the Graul house now. Parthen, what do you think? You're probably the smartest one here.

"Nicholae, Jak, that's two who want to leave. Selia, you're wanting to wait, right? "

Shelalu then nods to the third former prisoner, a dark-skinned fellow, who has yet to speak. "Vale, you've been awfully quiet. What's your vote?"

Vale points towards the barn entrance, in the direction of the house. "I want to go in that house and kick their collective asses. Besides, I think they hid our gear in there, and I'd hate to lose my beloved battleaxe forever."

Shelalu smiles. "So, that leaves it up to Ned and Parthen: either storm the house now or leave/hold out here. I wish we could simply burn the place down, too, but it's been so wet lately, you'd have trouble getting a match to strike today."

Jakardross nods. "I think the mother is a witch or sorceress of some kind. Probably has the house jinxed against fire or some such." my defense, it has been raining a lot lately!

Setting the house on fire would likely prove very difficult given the amount of recent rains. In fact, you haven't had a day of clear skies since you left Magnimar.

If you do decide to enter the farmhouse, remember there's 2 entrances. A wide front porch on the south side, and tracks suggest that the it's little used. A side door on the east wall showed signs of traffic.

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